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Sneaky Podcast Preview

28 Apr

Check out what’s coming up in future episodes:

Coverage of the recent Throne of Skulls Tournament that we attended, our new independent character “Big Fight’, where we are taking 16 independent characters and pitting them against each in combat; then discussing how best to use them in games.

We also have loads of interviews, including one with Gaz Jones the new UK no1 and our very own Josh Roberts, the UK Masters Champ who will be giving loads of tips on Deathwing, Orks, Dark Eldar and more.

We are also excited to announce a segment called ‘Operation Codex’; in which we will discuss the best tactics that we have seen at tournaments for particular units.

It all kicks off this coming Monday (2nd May) so be sure to subscribe to our feed so you don’t miss it!



The 40KUK Podcast is Coming…

22 Apr

Just a little something to whet your appetite. The 40KUK Podcast coming soon!

Check out the ad here:

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News From The Throne

17 Apr

Just finished great day at Throne of Skulls tournament, met some great people, had some great food and great games;  so overall I’d say the weekend was…well, pretty damn great!

Throne of Skulls Table

We will be covering  this tournament in the first podcast episode on 2nd  May.

They Say Friendship Can’t Be Bought…

16 Apr

So how bout a competition instead?!

Anyone who signs up to Follow Us On Twitter and send us a direct message  (be nice now) between now and 00:00 on 15th May will be entered into our competition draw to win a brand spanking new DROP POD!

No, not that type of drop pod!

So what you waiting for? The winner will be announced via Twitter on Monday 16th May. To the Twitosphere and Beyond…!

Join the 40KUK Army

15 Apr

We’re now on twitter so hit us up people!

We’ll be announcing news, titbits and competitions so it’s worth a follow

And So, 40KUK Was Spawn…

14 Apr

What’s Up People!

Welcome to 40KUK, The Tournament Podcast. If you’re looking for a podcast that covers the tournament scene then you’ve found your home. We’ve got loads coming up on future episodes, and I mean loads – with lots of input from many of the top players in the UK, covering tournaments, tactics, units and lists.

Watch this space…