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An Assessment of the Lemun Russ Battle Tank by Nathan Oldacres

29 Jul

The Leman Russ is a veritable cornerstone in many an Imperial Guard army. Its large profile, thick armour and (most importantly) large guns make it an impressive, and useful, unit on the table. When assessing the Leman Russ’ potential impact on a game it is first necessary to determine whether or not a Leman Russ would synergize effectively with the units you have already selected to comprise your army.
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Some Tactics by Andrew Ovel

26 Jul


I feel a lot of time is given over to discussing very complex levels of tactical thought, and how to out think your opponent’s equally complex plans. However it doesn’t seem so long ago that I was more concerned about getting the rules for moving and shooting right, let alone planning how best to counter an opponents complex multi outflank pincer manoeuvre!


In this piece I was hoping to cover some of the really basic tactics (and I mean really basic) that I think some of the more experienced gamers take for granted and go unmentioned, but for new gamers could be invaluable. I learnt my tactics the best way through experience and an unforgiving opponent; watching your gloating older brother exploit your mistake to the fullest is a really good way to remember your errors.

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Episode 13: Daemon Special

24 Jul

An amazing Ku'Gath conversion from the recent Throne of Skulls

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An Assessment of the Imperial Guard Chimera by Nathan Oldacres

21 Jul

The Chimera is the Imperial Guard’s most commonly used armoured troop carriers. These ubiquitous vehicles are extremely durable and practical, caparable of mounting an array of support weapons. From within the armoured confines of a Chimera, an embarked Infantry Squad can utilise the hull-mounted firing points to unleash a lethal fusillade of shots into the foe, protected from all but the most destructive reprisals.’
– Imperial Guard Codex

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Episode 12 – Battle of the Chumps Tournament

18 Jul

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Grey Knight Dreadnaughts ‘Rise of the Coffin Dodgers’ by Gary ‘The Voice’ Percival.

16 Jul


Dreadnaughts; they’ve been round in one form or another since the very first edition, and while the imagery for me has always been a very cool one (hands up who used to pretend to be Ed 209 on the playground?!?..Anyone?) the actual av12 dread in a game of 40k always underwhelmed for me.


But lately the tides have been turning and I as well as others have been seeing and using more and more dreads in various marine based lists. Riflemen dreads (i.e. 2 twin linked auto cannon) are the most common cause of this due to their cost effectiveness and ability to pop light tanks or turn their hand to anti infantry duties as the game sees fit, Blood Angel Furiouso Dreads (usually with the infantry shredding blood talon option) have also been a common sight in the past year, but the main cause as I see it is the preponderance of mech lists in general, where a dreadnaughts can gain cover or slip under the target priority radar much easier than before.


With the advent of the Grey Knight book however the humble dreadnaught in my opinion has really been dialled up 11 and the proverbial knob ripped off.


And here’s why:

Gets My Goat – Grey Knight Codex by David Lane

13 Jul

“In the grim darkness of the future, there is only war”. This is the mantra that has guided 40k fiction for decades now. However, on review, I can only assume this is because “In the grim darkness of the future there are only increasingly poor life decisions and baffling levels of managerial incompetence” is, while more accurate, somewhat less snappy.

Gets my Goat will be a semi-regular column that picks apart some of the ins and outs of the 40k universe and its fiction. I will say from the start that I am a casual fan, so if I do question anything that has some semblance of a logical explanation please put me right, I will be happy to know there is reason to the madness.

So without further ado I will move onto the topic of the first “Gets my Goat”. The Grey Knight Codex.

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