The Nids Return – slightly battle worn by Mark Perry

2 Jul


Four rounds of tournament play and I survived … just!

As this is a blog rather than a battle report I will avoid going into each game and look at my reflection of the day as a whole.

Overall a good 9th place. I managed to claw out a result on objectives in essentially the last assault round of 3 of my games. Far closer than I would have liked, but pleased that I kept my composure enough to ensure I got a result.

Unfortunately my fortuitous play rose me to the heady heights of Table 2 for Round 3, which is not where I really wanted to be!! With the speed and aggression of a top player I really felt rushed and made a number of mistakes I hadn’t made elsewhere that day. This was the night fighting mission as well and I only remembered this in Turn 3 after my opponent had sent both of my trygons back to the tea-tray of shame! No hint of gamesmanship here as my opponent had genuinely forgotten as well, but this mission was one of the reasons I took the list I did and I felt pretty annoyed with myself. Let’s be honest, I would have lost against his dual lash CSM anyway, but at least I might have made more of a game of it. He did though do me the massive dis-service of losing his last game against Eldar – I was hoping to at least come away saying I only lost to the overall winner!

Lessons learned – general

  1. Tournaments are great fun. All my opponents were really great guys. There is nothing to fear – go and play.
  2. Remember the special rules of the scenario – that night fighting omission, for instance, really cost me.
  3. Objective placing is often more important that you might think. Try to read ahead and see where the game is likely to end up, rather than just planting it in the same place every time.
  4. Don’t get carried away in combat and forget the mission objectives. You can win without killing a single unit in an objective mission you know!
  5. If you are unclear of any special rules or a move your opponent makes then ask – don’t be too intimidated to admit you don’t understand.
  6. Don’t be rushed – if you need a moment to decide on a key decision then take time to consider. This is not considered slow play as long as the rest of the time you move through the turns at a decent clip.
  7. Use the breaks between games well – take a walk, drink plenty and keep the food going down. It’s a long day!


Lessons learned – Tyranids

1        Just because you can outflank/deepstrike doesn’t mean you have to! Certainly where I can march a unit of stealers onto an objective in cover Turn 1 then it’s worth starting them on the board.

2        Be patient with reserves. If the right units don’t come on, play the patient game and hold those units you have in cover until you can mount a decent charge.

3        Use Shadow in the Warp – it’s a good weapon. Look to angle SITW units around to get those psykers within 12″. I had a pesky tooled out farseer 13″ from my zoanthropes dropping fortune and doom.

4        That AG on the trygons is really worth the points – the S7 (and the initiative boost) on the charge really works against hard units. If you have two of them try to get them to work as a pair – opponents can kill a lone one, but if you get both in CC …

5        Shrikes didn’t do much to be honest and the zoeys were also less than useful due to a distinct lack of tanks overall. Another time though for them. Stealers were great but by sitting them on objectives I am taking away their offensive capability.

6        Gargoyles on the other hand played pretty well. I struggled sometimes to keep them in synapse, so might look at running parasite with them instead to give them good synapse as the shrikes have it anyway – parasite can then always break off for CC.

7        Stick a bloomin’ great post-it note on the table with “scything talons = re-roll” scrawled across. I forgot this more times than I remembered it!


I do feel a change of list coming on after this. I liked the ability to totally change the angle of combat and manipulate vehicle facing with deep striking, but felt I lost something by having to use the stealers as deckchair units. I need to free them up from the objective sitting role and use them at what they know best.

Flyant? Still unsure at 1,500 points. I will though give him a try sometime soon …




3 Responses to “The Nids Return – slightly battle worn by Mark Perry”

  1. digital unicorn July 2, 2011 at 22:59 #

    Great report Mark, sounds like u had a great time! 🙂

  2. ShawnyT July 3, 2011 at 10:31 #

    I’d second that… great read.

  3. BadBoy July 3, 2011 at 10:34 #

    Good read, your experience does show how important it is to practise and know what the whole list can do to have full effect.

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