Dragons vs Robots… Coming Soon to a 40k Game Near You! by Dan Lynch

9 Jul

Disclaimer: Just want to say that I’m neither a very good painter, nor the best converter! This is for simply the awesome factor/inspiration for better modellers 😉 This is intended to be a series, though time/money obviously constrains this.

So. Eldar Exodites. Space wood elf hippy dragon ninjas. Call them what you will. These guys are the Eldar that saw the Fall coming, or at least didn’t like the depravity and decadence of their fellow Eldar; they were generally ignored and made their escape before the birth of Slaanesh, and so largely escaped the Eldar’s annihilation. They settled on uncolonised planets, and many of the Eldar home/maiden worlds, and are generally seen as somewhat more… ‘rustic’ shall we say than those upon the Craftworlds, they live in the forests and jungles of their worlds, harnessing the environment to their needs.

So there we are, with a summary of who this is about. However, it wasn’t this that inspired the project; this duel by Mike McVey is stunning to say the least; the simple image of Eldar riding dragons is more than enough to create an instant ‘awesome factor’. It occurred that this would be an absolutely stunning army when fully converted, a near entire army of dragons should be enough to make any opponent think twice! Coupled with an inevitable fight against Necrons, the battle truly would define Dragons vs Robots in 40 terms.

The first thing though, was to see whether the the project would be viable in terms of being actually viable, regardless of things to be bought. I figured that all that needed to be done was to mount as many figures on dragons as possible, and simply count them as jetbikes. Whilst this probably won’t be allowed in ‘real’ tournaments, I’m sure the local GW wouldn’t have a problem. In addition, any ground troops taken would also have to be converted to look a lot more basic (though a full army list will be looked at in a later segment) units such as Swooping Hawks are unlikely to be seen upon an Exodite world, a.) to the fact that Exodites don’t have aspect warriors as such and b.) it is unlikely that they would be in possession of highly advanced micro anti-grav wings 😉


It came to the conclusion that for the dragon mounts, the plastic Dark Elves cold one knights are absolutely perfect, relatively cheap, and contain riders’ legs that can built upon. The first problem encountered was that the WH Fantasy legs used a relatively flat base for the original torsos to be placed upon, whereas the Eldar guardian torsos use a ball and socket style joint. The first thing was to file down the ‘ball’ of the Eldar torso. Once stuck to the Dark Elf legs, as you can imagine, it was looking pretty messy. A simple ‘belt’ of green stuff around the dodgy join hid this rather well, and considering this was my first ever use of it, it didn’t come out looking that bad… (there is a reason for his odd posing, keep reading).



With the rider now, well… riding… a modified shuriken cannon was added, to represent the Eldar jetbikes allowed to take these weapons; oh the wonders of light-weight Eldar technology!


Here is a standard rider, shield taken from the Col One kit for added effect of the ‘Dragon Knights’:



Here we have a finished six man squad, with two shuriken cannons, the rest as standard. All are mounted on Scibor 40mm bases.


So there we are. A finished prototype squad. I intend to get the army converted first, then start painting them up. The idea is to have something which no Exodite army has done before, the narrative will be that they have been colonised by the Imperium, and are taking back Imperial cities as a result: thus the theme will be cities of death painted in Ulthwe colours. Further squads to come include:

  • Swooping hawks played as Guardian troops with the Forgeworld Eldar corsair kit.
  • A fully kitted out Seer Council – Farseers and Warlocks on dragons. How’s that for a deathstar unit?
  • Fire Prisms – Ideas include converting/adding WH Fantasy wings and a head to the tanks.


Re-read the disclaimer at the top before commenting 😉 hope it’s given people some inspiration!




2 Responses to “Dragons vs Robots… Coming Soon to a 40k Game Near You! by Dan Lynch”

  1. Robsolo July 11, 2011 at 02:29 #

    Really liked this, very thorough and different to anything we have seen before.

  2. LooBravo July 11, 2011 at 02:30 #

    Great article – I’m looking forward to the follow up.

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