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Episode 19: The 40KUK Grand Tournament!

29 Aug

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Basing Models by Andrew Ovel

26 Aug

Unsurprisingly, I like my models to look nice, most gamers do. I have not been blessed with an exceptional painting talent, but I do try to make my models look as nice as I can. Many tournaments ask you to use painted models, and award prizes/points for well painted and based models.

For many painting the models is actually more important than playing the game; my friend Guido just buys the models because he loves painting them; he doesn’t play the game, and he doesn’t want to. For Guido, and many others, it’s all about painting the models and improving their art. Guido makes, what appears to me to be, small works of art, his painting is of a very high standard but what impressed me most was the level of detail on the bases he had used.

I was genuinly inspired by the models he showed me, and particularly by the bases he had used (the £50 bill for all the new resin bases I bought is testament to that), and it made me want to do more with my own models. So I began to look around, talked to friends and searched the net for different ways to base your models and drawn up a short list of what is out there to use for those little black plastic discs:

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Set The Scene by Technically Terrain

24 Aug

The amount of terrain I’ve built over the years is huge – from  full in store dynamic Aztec worlds with fighting arenas to scratch built foam board ruined cities and  ridiculously large Dark Eldar towers with interlocking skywalks at 3 feet off the table, there was  lots of  failures and some successes. Ultimately  all  these projects get ground to dust and  tossed out after being bashed about in cupboards and thrown  on to tables to endure  a continual rain of dice and spiky plastic models.

We need it and we tend not to care much about it. The life of our terrain is mainly a miserable one. Whether built from sprues and bog rolls or purchased for a king’s ransom.  The end problems are the same; expense,  robustness, unwieldiness, imbalanced, and a multitude of others.  Above all it’s hard to get people motivated over it.  It’s just not that sexy to begin with.  There is no allure to it unless you go all out and really theme a table and even then there is not that personal attachment you get with an army. Terrain and boards can fall into after thoughts.

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Episode 18 – The Big Fight Finale!

22 Aug

Big Fight Finale

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Episode 17 – The ETC Special

19 Aug

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We will be putting regular updates on the Home Nations progress on our facebook and twitter pages.

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Sportsmanship: What is it Good For? by Dave Symcox

17 Aug

Back in the day, tournaments were filled with such chuckles and smiles that even Eddie Murphy’s laugh would have felt right at home.

Back in the day, tournaments were filled with greetings of such enthusiasm that an onlooker would have been forgiven for thinking that the room was full of long lost brothers meeting each other for the first time.

Back in the day, tournaments were filled with looks of such sincerity that even Oprah Winfrey would have blushed.

All of them false: a ruse that players followed and all players knew about; a silent pantomime played out to gain maximum sportsmanship points.

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Episode 16 – Toy Soldier

14 Aug

Gary 'The Voice' Percival (left), Nathan 'The Fat Angry Geek' (middle) and Josh 'The Master Debater' Roberts right at the Toy Soldier Tournament

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