Resin addicts unite – A precursor to the new show segment “Forged for Battle”

6 Aug

Land Raider Achilles “Thunderchild” from my Raptors SM army

There is a question that has split gamers ever since their introduction to the Warhammer 40,000 universe and that is where does Forge World, its models and their rules fit into the general gaming community whether that’s in general pickup games at your local store to tournaments and everything in-between.
My goal is to is to discuss the effects using these models will have and do have on tournaments, how to integrate them, how do they benefit the game and discuss the individual units/army lists and the tactics and strategies you can utilize with them.

So quickly what benefits do I believe they bring to the table?

Well I’ve always been of the opinion that what expands the game can only benefit the game and that no one does that better than Forge World who truly bring the 41st millennium to life and its that bringing it to life that makes this the game for me.

By creating more unit options for existing armies as well as new variation army lists you are encouraging a greater diversity in any gaming environment. This is especially true in tournaments where it can be said that a lot of armies can be very similar. So surly a set of rules that can help shake that up is a good thing?
A second advantage is for the players who gain the opportunity to use some of the fantastic models available from FW, and allow them to use themes that just don’t cut in in the normal codex’s, such as the Ork Dread Mob who can take squadrons of Deff’ Dreads as troops!! (Thankfully they don’t score) and Traitor Guard.

What format will we be using on the show?

As an irregular segment with a lot to cover it will be varying from show to show, the plan is to alternate between:

A unit count down, usually covering three of the top 3 units for a given race and some tactics for them.

An army run break down, a look at one of the alternative lists available.

Ideas of incorporating FW in to tournaments

Q&A section from listeners

Hopefully we will cover a wide range of different aspect that FW brings to our games in easy to digest chunks but we will always be looking to improve.

What we won’t be covering
As with most things related to this podcast we will be tackling this subject in a positive light and with a focus on the rules and incorporation of the units, so with that in mind we will not be discussing  2 areas 1)The costs of either the models or the rulebooks you need as this is a subjective topic as some can and some can’t afford them much like everything else related to this hobby, and 2)Accessibility of the rules.

With that in mind I’m really interested in feedback and questions regarding the use of FW in your games or events and your opinions on what impact you think it will have positive or negative, any experience you have had will also be great to hear as well, any tactics you think that would open up, how it would change the meta, literally anything to get a wide range of opinions so please contact me at:

Look forward to hearing from you Leon “Boomstick” Smith


8 Responses to “Resin addicts unite – A precursor to the new show segment “Forged for Battle””

  1. Leon David Smith August 7, 2011 at 13:27 #

    Until Dave proof reads the material you send him! and sorts out how he wants email sent in for this, please post comments here or email me direct at boomsick_40k@hotmail. com

  2. Digital Unicorn August 8, 2011 at 08:10 #

    This sounds like a great segment, can’t wait to listen to it. Unfortunately I’m in the ‘can’t afford’ category so I probably won’t be contributing, lol. Still always fun to live vicariously.

  3. Leon Smith August 8, 2011 at 09:43 # (need to learn to edit properly myself)

  4. Mark Perry August 8, 2011 at 14:06 #

    Interesting … I’ve always felt that FW-only units were OP; the Achilles pictured being a case in point. Armour 14 and immune to melta! I don’t think I’ve seen an underwhelming unit yet.

    • Leon David Smith August 9, 2011 at 02:34 #

      Hi there, i think the Achillies is one of the exceptions to the rule that FW units are underpowered or balanced but in itself i dont think its game breaking and if FW didnt have any competative options then why would anyone even look at them from a gaming point of view. Yes its immune to lance and melta but there not the only options you have to fight it, the biggest issue is the changes to your list to counter it. The Achillies is 90Pts more than a monolith for similar protection (could be argued not as good) and yes it has some better features but in essence if you can deal with a monolith this is not to far removed.

      Im pretty sure this unit will cause a lot of debate and will hopefully cover it early on in the show.

  5. Frontline Gamer August 9, 2011 at 14:58 #

    Interesting article Leon (its Jody by the way). I’m with you one of the things I always liked about Forge World stuff was that it looked cool and gave further options to the game. However it was the looking cool thing that was most important for me. Thing is looking down the list of options on their webstore and there are clear biases towards certain armies and this is a problem that plagues all of the 40k range really now. Certain things are more popular and get more ‘love’ if you will leaving bigger disparities between the armies in terms of choice and options. FW is a business though and isn’t in the business of balancing 40k, that’s GW’s job and therefore I’d be cautious about FW being good for the hobby in terms of teh tournamnet scene, but in terms of your general hobby they make nice mini’s that add centre pieces to your army so what’s not to love?

  6. Franco August 9, 2011 at 21:37 #

    I look forward to hearing this stuff dude. FW is the one area of 40k I know really very little about, and would like more of a gateway into it. Hopefully your segment will provide that.

    • 40KUK August 11, 2011 at 10:57 #

      Yeah, I am looking forward to doing the segments myself. In actual fact I am pretty much a novice, knowing virtually nothing myself, so will be playing the layman. However, with certain tournaments allowing a certain amount of Forge World point limits such as the assault turn 1 drop pod that Sharan came up against at Brighton Warlords it is perhaps somethingw we all need to think about.

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