Tayne’s Dark Angels: The Tournament (part 2)

16 Sep


The Games:

750 vs Grey Knights

First draw and my first thought is “typical”. My psychic defence arrives in the next list. Never mind, it’s 750, he can’t have that many powers, right?

His army consisted of five terminators, a strike squad hiding in a razorback, I think a brotherhood captain (not sure on this part, he didn’t play a big role in the end) and a Vindicare assassin. Our board had a large step pyramid in the centre blocking LoS, so deployment had me with a Deathwing squad on my objective and the command squad flanking right with Belial on board, Typhoon central to respond. He set his terminators to deal with my flankers, and his razorback flanking to my left. Finally, his Vindicare infiltrated to terrain on my far left, with clear sight to my objective sitters and Typhoon.

I began with moving towards the targets, Typhoon and objective sitters targeting the assassin, flankers flanking. The first turn was by far the bloodiest, the Typhoon launched two krak missiles and, one failed cover save later, the Vindicare was toast. Between both sides, eight 2+ saves were failed in the torrents of fire, including my apothecary failing his feel no pain. The game progressed with less damage, the Typhoon died after immobilising the Razorback, the terminators engaged in a fire fight that went left me with Belial and just two Deathwing heading for the final objective. The game ended with his strike squad and HQ charging over the central objective to my Deathwing but the HQ not having the distance to complete the charge. I won the combat, consolidated closer.. and we drew, as his captain stood to contest. Fun game, I love a close finish.

Lessons learnt? Psybolts are horrible, they will always outshoot me.


1250 vs Chaos Space Marines

My opponents list consisted of seven noise marines, eight bezerkers with a power sword in a Rhino accompanying a sorceror, eight plague marines with two plasma guns in a rhino, a defiler and six raptors. I kept one Deathwing squad back, hoping to Deathwing Assault close to the objective then run forwards to block, other than that we both deployed to rush forwards.

It began luckily for me with me stealing the initiative. My Deathwing aimed for four inches from the objective, scattered eight inches… to be four inches the other side of the objective. My luck held with one krak missile immobilising the Bezerkers rhino and a single shot destroying the defiler through cover. My opponent began a losing battle from here, but one moment swung the game. Second turn still had the objective in the centre, his diminished raptors attacking my advancing Deathwing (with Belial and Ezekiel on board) and his beserkers attacking the advance squad. His big mistake was doing the Raptor fight first. I cleaned up and consolidated, claiming the objective for myself before his beserkers could do the exact same thing back. He probably would not have lasted, not with Ezekiel and Belial hitting him next turn before they could strike back. I plodded backwards with the objective, my HQ’s detached for suicide charges, dying eventually but delaying his advance and securing the win, with bonus points for holding the objective in my deployment zone.

Lessons learnt? Order of combat is very important, it may not have won him the game but it certainly lost it. Also, independent characters are great delaying units, detaching and charging some fairly durable HQ’s can do just the job you need.


1750 vs Space Wolves

Last game of the tournament and I’m due to fight a relatively new player. His army had two large bloodclaw packs, a wolf priest, grey hunters, double dreadnoughts, skywolves, a Landraider Crusader, Vindicator and a pack of Long Fangs.

The game began slow and stayed that way, as my opponent was very indecisive and inexperienced. He asked me for advice several times and either had to reference his codex, or I requested he would when he began using a rule that did not sound quite right (I was often, but not always correct). I began with a mistake, sending the Deathwing  command squad up my far right flank where they contributed little. On the whole, this fight was disappointing. My opponent was lovely, but we only had four turns before time and I had to rush him for the entire last thirty minutes to get my turn four in. I did win overall, five kill points to three as I picked off units piece by piece.

Lessons Learnt? Beware slow players, he did not slow play me deliberately, but a nudging him into playing faster earlier would probably have made a better game for us both. Also, pay closer attention to deployement. Sending my Deathwing up a far flank was dumb, taking a major unit of mine out of the play for a lot of the match, I must pay more attention to the deployment of my units and how my opponent does/may deploy his.


So there we have it, my first tournament done. It was a small local affair with just twelve players, but fun. I played two new opponents, won two games and finished third place overall. More importantly to me, I had a lot of fun throughout the day. Definitely an experience to be repeated.


4 Responses to “Tayne’s Dark Angels: The Tournament (part 2)”

  1. Digital Unicorn September 16, 2011 at 18:55 #

    Great round up Tayne, iv thoroughly enjoyed all these posts, I hope they will continue! 😀

    • 40KUK September 18, 2011 at 16:23 #

      Yep, totally agree – in fact my favourite part of the whole series has been the refreshing look at Dark Angels.

    • Graeme Nicholls (@TheTayne) September 19, 2011 at 21:26 #

      Thanks. I’ve been testing some non-Deathwing builds in case I have to run without Belial at some point (or Sammael for that matter) but want to keep using the Dark Angels rather than some other powered armoured folks, so at least one post looking at that is coming up.

  2. Andy Ovel September 19, 2011 at 17:54 #

    I’m in total agreement with these guys, and I can’t wait to see how you get on at your next tournament; great work looking forward to reading more. 🙂

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