The Voice Speaks by Gary ‘The Voice’ Percival

18 Oct

Well heeeeello!! Gary here and as you now know Dave has got 40kuk up and running as a proper blogging site now and has persuaded me to write a regular weekly article myself ( I say persuaded…some of you may have seen me limping for the past week…)

So I’m sat there wondering what I shall do my weekly blog on, tactics? Fluff? Tournament reviews? I cant decide, then it hits me, n a pique if hubris – Ill do it on myself..yeeeeah!!

So I’ve decided to call my weekly section “The Voice Speaks” and it will literally be about anything that cropped up in my hobby world each week and I shall wax lyrical (and maybe even a little waxing unintelligible too) in a online diary of pure bloggishness.

So this week – well 2 things really the Team Tournament at Maelstrom and Grey Knights:

I went to the team tourney at mealstrom at the weekend – now I didnt play- but dam I wish I got a team ready in time! Me and three mates won it last year and I really enjoyed the different format to most other tourneys ( incidently. We not only won the tourney but got the best sportsment award too – a double whammy that im very proud of to this day). This year the event was even bigger with double the amount of teams. The pairing system was much more refined and it all went very smoothly.

Congrats to the Seal Clubbers for their win and thanks to the Overlords guys for letting me get a game in when one of their member had to go early – even if it was with Tau. I shall definitely be brow beating the guys into getting a 40kuk team together next year.

Next Grey Knights

Frankly I’m sure the interwebs is getting a little sick of GK talk, but like it or not those silver buggers made one hell of a splash when they came out and are here to stay for some time.

5th Edition seems to be about fire power and lots of it – either the dishing out of it of avoiding it so you can get close and do your thing. With GK that seems to be done with the mobile and cheap Razorbacks and long range Rifleman Dreads with fortitude keeping them for getting disrupted ( Ie Shaken or Stunned) and its hella scary. So with these benefits and the way 40k meta is – gk have quickly gone to the top of the pile.

So the problem I’ve got with all this is “The Build”. Now by this I mean the army list with a few variations that seems to be the “go to” list. Now I’m not saying everyone uses it, but its the one that turn up near the top most of the time. Its the razorback/dread spam with assassin back up as has been used by Chris Green, Josh, Andy Oakam, Alex Harrison and even me. The problem I have with it is its boring to play with and against and gets a bit dicked over in kill points if your first turn goes bad . Just ask Mr Grint last game at Starsmash, guard vs grey knights and I get the first turn. My first turn resulted in one stunned vendetta, that was it!!! and I knew I had lost at that precise moment – my lofty dreams of a podium finish evaporated as the guard return volley got 5 killpoints and my prediction was complete. The game was decided in the first 10 minutes – how dull was that?

I needed a new plan:


So ive decided to go with a new approach starting from Octoberfest next week. I’m going to go with a balanced approach which isn’t too kill point heavy which will allow me to compete against any army in any mission weather going first or second.

Grand Master – sword – pykatrope grenades, 3 servo skulls, incinerator – 210
7 puryfiers – 2 psycannons, 3 helbards (one on squad leader), 2 hammers – 204
rhino – 40
venerable dreadnaught – twin autocannon, pybolts – 195
strike squad, hammer, psycannon – 120
razorback, lascannon, searchlight – 81
strike squad, hammer, psycannon – 120
razorback, lascannon – 80
interceptor squad, hammer, psycannon – 150
landraider, multimelta, extra armour – 280
dreadnaught – twin autocannon, pybolts – 135
dreadnaught – twin autocannon, pybolts – 135


Now I’m not going to give the game away just yet, but needless to say its got much less kill points in it – 13 compared to the usuall 18 or so and I havent seen anyone use a list like it. So, so far its ticking both box’s for me.

Ill take it to Octoberfest and then discuss it in more detail.

Until next week.


9 Responses to “The Voice Speaks by Gary ‘The Voice’ Percival”

  1. Embolden October 19, 2011 at 05:46 #

    Certainly a different approach to what I’ve seen!

    1 quick question – why not Terminators if you’re going down the Landraider route? They would be a tough nut to crack and not much more than a squad of Interceptors and they would be a third scoring unit?

    • The Voice October 19, 2011 at 08:23 #

      hi thanks for the reply – basically i didnt go for termie’s because the only thing i could drop to be able to afford them would be the purifyers – and frankly purifyers are better if you ignore the scoring matter (and thats why i have a grand master, puryfyers:
      shoot more
      are better in combat (more attacks and have cleansing flame)
      are not reliant on the landraider for transport
      can outflank in thier rhino if i want.
      are fearless

      if i wanted to drop the interceptors – id have to also find 70+ points… 🙂

  2. Digital Unicorn October 19, 2011 at 07:48 #

    The tiniest bit of niggling advice. Put the searchlight on the purifier rhino. U can still use it to light uo something even if its not in range of its weapons and that way you have 3 nightfight rolls instead of 2 for those Lascannons.

    Good article mate, always fun to here about you, lol.

    Btw lads, I saw his foot, don’t EVER cross Dave, the mans a monster.

    • The Voice October 19, 2011 at 08:14 #

      cos i can only afford one search light – you put it on a troops transport so it can start halfway up the board and light somthign up turn one. The purifyiers rhino is an elite choice and so would be comming on from a board edge and probably out of range 😛

      • Digital Unicorn October 19, 2011 at 12:41 #

        You see, this is why I don’t write list building blogs, lol. In my defense, iv been writing loads of crowe lists, so to my sleep deprive mind, they are troops!

  3. thetayne October 19, 2011 at 08:54 #

    Hmm, I’m not entirely sure it’s a new approached, looks more refined than scratch built. Your core has three dreads and two razorbacks supporting your forces. Regardless, I hope its fun to play with and against. Winning is fun, but if it’s become a bore as you say it has (and I totally agree, some builds don’t have the fun factor) then changing your game is definitely the way to go. Good luck!

  4. Charlie St. Clair October 19, 2011 at 10:19 #

    I firmly believe that while ‘the build’ – netlist style lists are a great place to start, it’s important that this is then tweaked and refined (or sometimes drastically changed!) to better suit your playstyle.Building a list is one thing, but it is in the playing of that list that the true variation comes out, where some options suit you better than others.

    As such, I’m glad to hear you’re now evolving this into something that works much better for you 🙂

  5. Tim smith October 19, 2011 at 10:26 #

    Good article mate, nice and simple so should have a good life span. Look forward to hearing your weekly ramble 🙂

    How’s the foot??

    • The Voice October 19, 2011 at 10:49 #

      It looks like a blind builders thumb :S

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