Killswitch Zone – Wolves and the ETC at 1850pts

20 Oct

So it seems that the new format introduces Special characters, and brings the points level up to 1850. Very interesting, as I have never played 1850pts before. Special characters will open an endless supply of new and interesting builds to take to the ETC. Builds such as Deathwing, Loganwing, Coteaz henchman spam,  Draigowing and many others have been opened up. This change will also see a change to the UK scene. Caledonian Uprising in January will be using the same format, and Rolling Thunder may also be applying this as well.

So what is the difference between 1750 and 1850pts? Well for one, it allows you take what I call “Upgraded units”. I for one find myself having to cut down a few upgrades here and there to make sure my army fits perfectly into 1750. None of us like dropping a whole unit because we are 5 points over, so it comes down to losing those juicy upgrades such as Dozer blades or Grisly trophies that we all come to love. For some armies, the extra 100points opens up a whole new play field. Tau for example, can now reliably fit in 3-4 troop units, whilst still retaining its massed firepower approach. Loganwing & Deathwing become much more reliable as you can now fit the right tools you need to make a solid balanced list. Others, we may simply see upgrades, such as Grey knights who can fit what they need at 1750 and still perform well, may simply add another 5 men to their squads etc.

So this leaves me in a tight spot, what I am to do with the new point’s level? I have always used my Space Wolves without Special Characters, as I feel that 1750 is a little bit too small to fit in the expensive characters whilst retaining a solid core of support units and Troops. Now, however, with the extra 100 points used towards those Special characters, my Wolves have a large door opened to them. One such list is a force led by none other than Logan Grimnar himself. These lists tend to be very slow, however makes up for that with massed firepower & a solid core of infantry, backed up by Logan who can provide buffs to the army.

Lets look at Logan first. He gives the unit he is with either Preferred Enemy, Tank Hunters, Relentless or Fearless. Bare in mind, this is per PLAYER TURN, so during your turn his unit could have Tank Hunters whilst in your opponents turn (if you know they have battle psykers) they can be Fearless. Very useful and interchangeable depending on the situation, what squad he is attached to and who you are facing. This makes him very dependable.

Next up is his Saga of the Majesty. This is often overlooked and people forget how useful it can be. By keeping your army together, Logan can make sure nerby units have a re-rollable LD 9 check for those situations where your really need your boys hanging around. This is very nice to have closer to the end game, and stops things like Fear of the darkness making your Long Fangs run off the board during the early turns of the game.

Now what about that nice big boost of +1 attack to all those around him? Well I for one love it, but when do you use it? I have found that most of the time, you will get jumped on as you will most likely be on foot. This means I try to keep it until I have either reached my opponents lines around turn 3-4 and are about to get charged by a lot of things, or just use it when a few units are charging during your turn. Try to get at least two squads into combat before you use it. Don’t expect to wait around and try assault with your whole army in one go just to benefit the mostfrom it, as that will almost rarely happen, and you could miss out on a good opportunity. Looking back on the game and realizing you haven’t even used it because you held back too long, is rather frustrating, so don’t do it to yourself. Some games the extra attack wont make a difference, others you may only need it for one combat, but at least your utilizing that ability to hopefully make at least one combat swing your way.

So what do we take to support Logan? I love the fact that we have all 3 Elite choice open to us rather than having to fill just one with our Wolf Guard. I tend to exploit this and always take 3 Elites either Lone Wolves to back up your advance, or Wolf Scouts to pounce on your enemy from behind whilst your main army pushes forward. There are also Dreadnoughts who can provide further firepower and support with their Str 10 fist, or the Iron Priests to give some solid support on their Thunder wolves. What ever you choice you go for, make sure it fills a role you need the most. There is no point in taking Lone wolves or Iron Priests in a rather combat orientated list, take Wolf scouts instead for disruption. If you have enough Anti-tank, consider taking some Lone Wolves to support.

Onto the Troops. These bad boys can be customized in however way you like. I personally like to take advantage of the fact that for every 5 members, you can take a Heavy Weapon. 135pts for a mobile Cyclone Missile Launcher is fairly handy, and with 4 ablative wounds to keep it going, you have a very strong, stable firebase which can move & fire, whilst still retaining its scoring capability. Adding to that we can take a special weapon or 2 such as Combi-meltas to prevent tank shocking off objectives, and Power fists on the Terminator to assist the unit in Combat. Next we still have Grey Hunters as an option, so taking MSU (multiple small units) in Rhinos can give the army so useful Melta support to push up with, or possibly popping them in a Drop Pod can keep your opponent under pressure. I personally like to take one unit of 10 to go with Logan. Two cyclones with Tank Hunters is very usful, and the rest of the unit can be equipped however you please. Remember that the whole unit benefits from his ability, so adding a Rune Priest with Living Lightning means that even the Priest gains Tank Hunter which is very beneficial.

Fast Attack gives the army the option for speedy melta (Land Speeders), quick combat support (Thunder wolves), or if your feeling daring, Sky Claws & Swift Claws. The way I look at our Fast Attack options is the same as our Elites, what do you need the most, and does it fit with the army in supporting it. Single Thunder wolves with Fists & Storm Shields bring great disruption, whilst Melta Speeders bring reliably quick melta support. I personally don’t look to the rest of the Fast Attack as they are fairly weak choices in comparison. Sky claws aren’t Blood Angel FNP Assault marines, and have a weak stat line to fill out any role, whilst the swift claws just don’t fill any role within a Logan List. Combat can be found elsewhere such as Lone Wolves, the Wolf Guard themselves or Thunder wolves, for cheaper and more reliable, whilst shooting can be found in our Heavy Support, Elites of Troops.

Finally we have our lovely Heavy Support choice. Long Fangs. Fill them up, what else is there to be said? Vindicators to blow your own troops as you advance due to poor scatters? No thanks. Predators with no other amour saturation? Hell no. Land Raiders to put your Wolf Guard in? Acceptable but we can take them as dedicated transports so why bother? Everything else is not even worth looking at, so lets just stick to our trusty Long Fangs. They are cheap, they are Space Wolf specific, and have split fire. What else could you want? Relentless Multi-meltas in a Drop Pod? Sure, you could go for that if you wish, but I personally don’t like the idea of dropping Logan and a few boys by themselves turn 1, only to get swamped and perhaps dir turn 2 L To each their own.

As for a list, I’m currently working on one. Still not entirely sure if I will commit to using him, but may have a play around.  I would love to hear how other people use their Loganwing, and what type of lists they are currently using/developing so please feel free to drop a comment on how they work out for you etc. Stay Tuned for more.



9 Responses to “Killswitch Zone – Wolves and the ETC at 1850pts”

  1. Digital Unicorn October 20, 2011 at 10:26 #

    Intriguing, theres been a lot of Loganwing talk lately, some on the show this week. Its pretty devastating when u get it right.

    Would you be going terminators? Or power armour wolf guard?

    • The Voice October 20, 2011 at 12:12 #

      i must admit the 1850 limit does make it a tempting option. Me and Bj were discussing it at the weekend. Id personally throw a drop pod in there on a gh squad just for that time you fancy throwing tank hunting melta, cyclone and living lighting doomsday unit into the enemy turn one….

      • Digital Unicorn October 20, 2011 at 15:10 #

        Going the Droppod route could be interesting, how about the Logan bomb along with a DDM? Put a shenanigan droppod on sumat else and then its a double threat, so Logan doesn’t take it all to the face. Takes up an elite slot though, but with some wolf scout squads u could really confuse his deployment. Bunch up in the middle? Die to droppods. Deploy normally? Get murdered by wolf scouts.

  2. Neil Gilstrap October 20, 2011 at 13:58 #

    Loganwing I think would actually be great for the ETC style of match-up selection. How I would then tailor my Loganwing would definitely then be directed towards the type of army I wanted to face. Loganwing-Missile Spam is definitely the strongest build out of it, imo, but due to the plethora of Wolf Guard, the modifications you can make to each squad can tailor the list in a lot of ways. Since Wolf Guard can take combi-weapons across the board, Storm Bolters, are a host of other useful upgrades, you can tailor very well to certain enemies.

    The worst match-ups for Loganwing is without question, Demons. You are almost all foot. Demons will eat you alive. 🙂 Battlewagon Orks are also a bad match-up due to speed + assault.

    Anyways, we’ve been running variants on the Missile Spam here for over a year, and here is what I have learned.

    – Include some “extra” terminator armor upgrades in your missile squads. TA is a 15 point upgrade for a Wolf Guard. However, statistically, the model is 100% (or twice) more survivable versus anti-infantry fire than a normal Guard with a 3+. less than twice the points for what amounts to, statistically, twice the models. He can also take missile hits.

    – Logan’s Tank Hunter will apply to Storm Bolters as well making them S5 versus vehicles which shreds AV 10 and will add damage to AV 11.

    – Storm Bolters just in general work very well for anti-infantry fire.

    – A plethora of combi-plasma actually helps to keep the MEQs at bay as well. Works pretty good.

    – Recommend a sprinkling of Chain fists for obvious reasons like Dreads and for just general assaulting.

    – The Logan-bomb also works decently well, probably moreso when you get to pick your match-ups.

    – To be effective, 26-27 seems to be threshold for how many missiles you need to really be that incredible anti-armor threat you are looking for.

    – Both Lone Wolves and Scouts work very well with this kind of list. Scouts shore up some of your movement problems plus add obvious threats. Lone Wolves add the ability to keep the opponent at bay.

    All I got right now! 🙂

  3. Digital Unicorn October 22, 2011 at 22:30 #

    Logan Grimnar, in a droppod, with something nasty, either some tooled up Wolfguard/Terminators or some MultiMelta Long fangs that use Logans ability and become relentless. Sometimes with some other HQs in there and combat boosters, runepriests, wolfpriests, that sort of thing.

    It all revolves around logans ability gifting and his 1 turn 1A bubble.

  4. Killswitch October 23, 2011 at 12:51 #

    The traditional Logan bomb involves Logan, Arjac, a Rune Priest and a multi melta lobg fang squad in Drop pod. Its pretty nasty but is a lot of points.

    Great points Neil. I peronaly like to keep the squads cheap but take more of them. Combi plasmas and storm bolters are nice if you have the poi.ts, but I find either the Lone wolves or Lgans squad more than capable to take on meq. I also advise taking around 20+ rockets to really get as much as you can out of Logan. The combi meltas also gives you anti tank shock capabilities, but this can be acheived with chainfists although more risky since its on a more expensive model. Ill post a list soon lads


    • Sgt Brisbane October 23, 2011 at 16:31 #

      Sweet, thanks for the response guys. I can see that being pretty gross. A buddy just tried this, actually, but he had heavy bolters. It didn’t work out as well as MM would have, I think, as it took him the entire game to take out two of my three Psyfelmen.

      • Killswitch October 23, 2011 at 20:16 #

        Well against Grey knights it has a less than likely chance of working, unless the wolves player gets first turn. Dropping down 4 multimeltas, 2 hard characters and a psyker with an additional shooting attack (Living lightning) can realy make a mess of things. The Priest can then go onto nulifying the Grey Knights powers from the turn go, which works well in a Loganwing army due to the large amount of firepower it can have (perhaps less so in armies with the Logan bomb).

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