The Voice Speaks by Gary ‘The Voice’ Percival

25 Oct


So what’s been shaking this week?  Well the biggest thing was that the 40kuk pod cast descended on to Octoberfest, a big team/singles tourney daaan saaaaff. You could enter as a team of 5 or on your tod and then it was a normal 1750 tournament but the positions of the team members got taken into account to work out the team trophy at the end too. So you ended up with the overall winner, best general, best painted, best sportsman and best team.   If Dave has pulled his finger out then you know the 40kuk guys won the team event huzzzah!!! And if he hasn’t, I just spoiled it, lol.

Frankly, and I won’t belabour the point – I had a blast, even if I did succumb to the odd moment of fist biting, nausea inducing frustration at some of my luck. But still, I came 9th with the experiment list I popped up on the last blog, all in all not a bad showing.  As a pod cast we came 3rd, 4th, 7th, 9th and 24th out of 60, I think you’ll agree that that’s not too shabby.

I also like to shout out to the guys we went drinking with on the Saturday night. I both love and loath you in equal measure as I write this……

Anyway – as said I came 9th after 2 monstrously, mind bogglingly unlucky games (ok ok, in the second I did scrape some generalship points back with some snazzy hail mary moves, but I still lost). Ultimately i think my list idea has legs, it did what I wanted and did it well when the dice kept to the law of averages. What didn’t help was one tenant we keep saying on 40kuk.

So how did the list itself work? Well, the premise of the list is that USUALLY it is able to take on all comers by going first or second using various combos and the grand masters grand strategy rule and these are the devices/tactics I use:

Grandmaster and purifiers go in the landie if I need a deathstar type approach (making them scoring to spearhead into enemy held objectives)

The landraider used as a “screen” if I’m playing s7/S8 spam (long fangs hydras etc) while I plink off key units with the lascannons and autocannons.

Strike squad goes in the landraider during objective missions vs tyranids as they have trouble dealing with these.

Using counter attack vs hordes with the purifier grand master combo.

Grand strategy makes venerable dreads, interceptors and purifiers scoring in multiple objectives.

If going second vs a gun line (especially in kill points) I use grand strategy to make these same units outflank (hence why purifiers have a rhino)

If I need an uber alpha strike the same units can scout-meaning I’m getting 4 psycannon shoots each on turn one rather than 2 (out the top of the rhino in the case of the purifiers)


Now as you can see this shows it to be fairly flexible and I enjoy using it, and this is by no means an exhaustive list of what can be done with it, it’s just the more common patterns I’m finding I’m using.

The problem I had with Octoberfest was one of my own making and that this: I DIDN’T READ THE POXY RULES PACK DID I!!??!!  At Octoberfest it wasn’t a matter of holding more objectives than the enemy for the max win, but a matter of holding them ALL. Combined with almost no standard missions that all used multiple objectives and I was finding I had to use grand strategy all the time to make as many units scoring as possible. It meant the army never really got in its stride, but it performed admirably never the less. I like its synergy and bar its total failure in the last game to even so much as glance a predator or razorback at range turn one pretty much always did as it was told. In hind sight however I should have probably taken the battlewagon orks.. ho hum.

Lastly this week. Necrons!!!! The pictures have gone up and the mothballs taken out of my Necron case. I have literally been waiting for this moment for years.  I’ve been finding I’ve been getting a little power armour overloaded of late and really want a xeno race for my next army, so one of my first 40k loves will do nicely thank you.  Looking at the rumours the Stormlord may be the first on my list of tryouts and on the painting table. I keep saying I want to do an army “right” and never get round to it – ie a well painted competitive army – I want it to look cool and play hard,; very much like Mr Tim Smiths armies, but I never seem to have the time to commit and complete. Necrons, im definitely going to do it with the Necrons…promise.

Ps- as Dave mentioned last episode I shall be doing a list building section on the podcast now, so if you need any help or are just curious if a certain theme or idea is doable then give me an email. I can’t promise you it’ll win all the time, but hopefully at least it will give you some solid ideas.

Until next week.


4 Responses to “The Voice Speaks by Gary ‘The Voice’ Percival”

  1. Rollover October 26, 2011 at 12:58 #

    How many times have you guys advised on the show to read the rules pack, tut, tut, tut

  2. DaBoy October 26, 2011 at 13:11 #

    I’m not sure your list has staying power. By the sound of the podcast Guard are on teh wane in your country as they are here. The list would be nasty against guard, but I don’t think you have the same punch as other Grey Knight armies at 1750, let alone the claiming powers.

    • KirstySharpe October 26, 2011 at 13:21 #

      I don’t think that is the point though of Gary’s blog. It would seem Gary is trying to make a list that is a little bit different work against the best players. From what I have heard on the show, the guys are fans of the best lists but also encourage free thinking. xx

  3. Digital Unicorn October 26, 2011 at 13:38 #

    Grey Knight power builds don’t have that much longevity, purely because they’re boring.
    The cookie cutter henchman lists beat face but, they just get so drab after a while.
    I really hope we start seeing more GK like this.

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