The Evolution of the Hive Mind by Mark Perry

29 Oct

While I have previously posted on my thoughts following the last tournament outing for my Nids, I decided to take them to Open War XVI for an outing. Due to potential spoiler alert, I am not posting this until after the Tournament but am writing this in advance as it is about how the list if formed at this stage and not yet about reflection on the tourney.

First thing are the differences between the two tourneys. There is a lot of quarter claiming at OW, plenty of bonuses for killing stuff and the points increases from 1,500 to 1,750. However the main kicker to my list is that special characters are not allowed. So no Parasite of Mortrex and no Doom of Malantai.

The plan of my list is essentially the same as before in that I want a fast/outflanking/deepstriking army and not play the walk of doom across the Board. Also, over the past 4 months, I have become increasingly paranoid about running into tooled up Dark Eldar or Grey Knight lists. All that poison, force weapons etc make those MCs with no invul saves a real problem. So, I’m going to leave my dual trygons at home …

First thing for my list is an HQ; this really shapes the Nid players game. I want a fast list and so that means a Hive Tyrant with wings. As I am planning on a number of mycetic spores I want hive commander for him as well. Also, never run a flyrant without a nice gargoyle screen. I looked at a tervigon but decided to take one as a troop and have him outflank with Hive Commander …

So, onto troops. I needed a unit of gants to make the tervigon a troop and at least 2 units of genestealers. The stealers had to have toxin and I decided at the last minute to stick a Broodlord in there. If anyone wants to take a beefed up Wolflord or the like then I had a route for taking them out the game. If I was going to run gants then I thought it best to make them worthwhile so a bunch of devourer-gants in a mycetic spore seemed nice. With 16 of them in the spore that meant 48 shots on the turn they drop, which sounds a nice anti-swarm solution.

So that’s 4 troop choices and the ability to spawn even more. What next? The list seemed short on tank killing and at 1,750 there was a high likelihood of running into a lot of tin cans. Fluff choice now, 2 broods of 2 zoanthropes in mycetic spores. They fit the fast moving theme, can kill Landraiders and when thinking about Grey Knights I liked the additional SITW bubble. That left me with about 200 points spare and this was where the most thought went into. Another unit of genestealers, ymgarl for the infiltrate tricks, 2 Hive guard with a prime bodyguard? I still felt vulnerable to big things so went wild and took a carnifex with dual scything talons in a mycetic spore! Risky sure, but if he gets into the back-lines I can use the Spore itself to give him a cover save and then go to work on rear armour the next turn. Rerolling all misses almost makes up for his awful WS3.

So, the plan. Flyrant and gargoyles to start on the board and move 12″ into cover. Stealers to infiltrate and take the centre ground. Tervigon will then outflank and spawn gants on arrival, essentially taking control of objectives/board quarters. I then had 4 spores – 2 zoeys, devourer gants and carnifex to be my hammer. If I timed their arrival with the stealers and flyrant then a good chance of a win, but if they attack in dribs and drabs then I’m in trouble …

While the lack of special characters has affected my list, I think that overall Tyranids are one of the least affected by this. No Mephiston, Ghazgull, Belial, the Baron etc. means that my MCs will often be the meanest things on the board. I still think a full DE mech spam or decent Grey Knights list (interesting to see if anyone takes Warp quake) will cause me some problems but overall my ability to affect deployment gives me a fighting chance against everything else and suits the spearhead type deployment of the scenarios. I think this is, for example, a good counter to Long Fang spam to quote one meta type.


One Response to “The Evolution of the Hive Mind by Mark Perry”

  1. Mike October 29, 2011 at 15:32 #

    I love lists like this. Coming at your opponent from strange angles is one of the best ways to get an interresting game though it sucks beyond belief if things decide not to show up when you need them…

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