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Another Cry For Help by Gary ‘The Voice’ Percival

30 Nov
Hey Gary,
I’ve had vague thoughts about a Vanilla Marine list based around three land speeder storms and three assault based scout squads (perhaps more, and not necessarily 5 man as they could combat squad where needed).
Aside from that, I’ve not gone into HQ’s or anything; feel free to see where that base can lead.
Graeme “Tayne” Nicholls

We will rise again …. Evolution of the Necrons: Blog 2: “Storm of the Lord” by Matt Kirk

29 Nov


Since my first blog and my first rag tag list I have managed to get a fair few games under my belt with everybody’s favourite robots of doom. Straightaway it seemed to me like the HQ choice/s in any army was going to be critical. In the current list I am running I am taking the Stormlord with a barge and Varguard Mephistoron – who then steals said barge.

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Episode 32: The Imperial ‘Leafblower’ Guard Special

28 Nov

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Read on for show notes:

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Tayne’s Musings: Playing the Underdog by Graeme Nicholls

26 Nov

I like old armies. If I’ve achieved nothing else with my posts on this site, that much must be clear. I have written about Dark Angels and Tau, and just started that flavour-of-the-month army so frequently seen, Chaos Daemons. I thought it’s about time I shared what it is I enjoy so much about them.

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20 Things to Fix in the Space Marine Codex part V by Digital Unicorn

25 Nov

Hello Chaps, no witty intro this week, were discussing something far too serious for that. It just wouldn’t be appropriate. This is literally the honour of the Imperium were dealing with, not some measly neophyte troop squad. The very heart and soul of every space marine chapter. The embodiment of the emperors will! Paragons of virtue! Masters of the ancient traditions!! Champions of Valour!!! Guardians of our eternal souls!!!! The pinnacles of dedication!!!!! GLORY! GLORY! WHAT A WONDERFUL WAY TO DIE!!!! GLORY! GLORY! WHAT A WONDERFUL WAY TO DIE!!! GL…

Sorry, I don’t know what got into me there, I think I’ve been watching too much Band of Brothers. Anyway…(cough)… HQ choices! Yes, that’s it. We’re still on those and were moving onto one of my first loves, The Chaplain. To avoid getting dragged into another escalating extolling of their virtues, ill skip the part where I explain why I love these guys and just get right into the meat of the article.

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Mephiston; ‘None Can Stand His Wrath’ by Alex Harrison

24 Nov

He is a god. No one can stand before his might. Yes, Mephiston is everyone’s lover boy, but how does he fare nowadays?

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Franco’s Foc’d Up 40k: Tau Deployment Part III – Dawn of War by Franco Marrufo

23 Nov

So time to wind deployment up this week and talk about the final type from the core rules: Dawn of War. Next time I’ll go on to talk about how I go about building a list, and what variations I’ve tried as my list has developed from one thing to another. Now I don’t game in the most competitive environment in the world to be honest, but the lists I use and tactics I employ regularly has me smashing folks up on my local scene, and not embarrassing myself at national tournaments. The good news is that I’m nothing special as gamers go, so anything I can do you can do better no doubt. Takes a bit of practice and a bit of patience, but I reckon anyone can regularly pull in the wins with a decent Tau army played well. You might not get all the glory you can get from playing Grey Knights, but you’ll certainly feel more pride in your accomplishments.

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