The Voice Speaks by Gary Percival

10 Nov

OK well- after a furious weekend play testing here’s my quick run down of the Necron codex:

Storm Lord – great for the meta game as it helps vs guard and grey knights – also phaeron means he can go in a big necron warrior unit, making him more than useful for 2 turns.

Zahndrekh (or andrex as I call him) – Like a lot – Swiss army knife of a character.

Obyron – Your only real beat stick special character- very nice at going through troops units.

Szeras – Not bad actually, cheap as chips. Another character which screams “take a 20 man warrior unit”..when combined with the phaeron rule and an orb

Orikan – not that great really, his special isn’t reliable enough. You can use him to help with Ctan Worldscape shenanigans as the board is difficult terrain first turn but it isnt great and thats a 400 point combo to do that.

The traveller – I like, with the preponderance of mech in today’s game having a lord that can both possess and then rip apart said vehicles is nice

Trazyn – by far the best back ground, kills hordes very nice and scores. But I cant see myself using him, but then that’s a personal thing. He’s solid enough and tricky, but you really need to take him in conjunction with some units that im not a big fan of (lychguard etc)

Basic overlord – nice,hard, solid with some nice combos and tricks (phaeron, tachyon arrow, mindshackle scarabs) Works well in a command barge.

Destroyer lord – T6, 2+ save and a preferred enemy s7 monstrous creature weapon? yes please. put him in wraiths crush your enemy’s forces before you.

Royal Court – the breakout unit of the book – think wolf guard or warlocks. able to lead other units or combine to make a unit of their own. a lot of the “tricks” of the codex are found here. Personally I found 125 points for 15 s5 ap3 bs 4 staff of light shots to be my fave.

Necron Warriors – take in units of 5 (to score) or 20 for phaeron/orb blocks, to be a total pain.

Immortals – again 5 to score or 10 to be offensive. the tesla option if you want to keep mobile. the gauss if you have phaeron or actually want some ap.

Command Barges – Very pimp – good at wrecking meck with a war scythe lord

Ghost ark – not that good, as warriors (who are the only unit that can take them) should either be in reserve (at 5) or forming a living tide of tin (at 20) and so cant fit in it. So the 115 point price tag is a bit much for the repair rule. One idea I had though was for a combat royal court to steal the ark to use as a combat threat (as its open topped) only warriors and characters (inc royal court) can get in one so its useless if you have any assault units that need a ride.

Night Scythe – a weird transport. useless for combat troops despite its speed as if you destroy it the unit goes back in reserve. Handy for scoring units as this actually protects them from then being picked on. Has a nice gun.

Death marks – a very 6th ed unit i think. Isn’t that great at the moment, but rapid firing sniper weapons that wound a specific unit on a 2+ can be ok used right.

Lychguards – i actually like them. What I don’t like is the fact there is no real reliable way to get them in to combat so they then seem a waste of points. I think at I2 they may be a bit over priced too.

Praetorians – awful, simply awful. Avoid. a terminator price tag for non of ther resilence, 1 attack and a short range gun. If they had more attacks, combined with their speed, i dont think voidblades would have been a bad option. But as it is…..well put it this way, i brought a box to make the staffs in to my converted crypteks.

Ctan shard – has the possibility of getting very pricey, but the Writhing Worldscape rule is worth its weight in gold. I took one and enjoyed using it.

Flayed one packs – an odd one. but they are your only out-flankers/infiltrators. Personally i think they could work deep striking with a destroyer lord with orb and when they are 20 man strong. If you take storm lord you can make them not scatter. Resilient enough to then take the shooting phase to the face and then hitty enough to take on anything in the game as they have a lot of attacks to deal with units while the lord can deal with armour.

Stalkers – Your only walker – with a nice gun and nice buff. I think they have the same problem vindicators have though – only one weapon. That first weapon destroyed result and its just so much moving terrain.

Wraiths – Amazing. 2 wounds with 3++ save and wound allocation and fearless. I can see a lot popping up as they deal with a range of threats well. You can get round thier low initiative with whips. good with destroyer lord.

Scarabs – Take some.. no no. don’t argue. just take them. if you’re that way inclined take 30…they are that good. A bit susceptible to s6 weapons but used right they are devastating.

Tomb blades – used em, didn’t like them. A bit of a turkey unit. i suppose a small squad can be used as late game contesters but thats using up a valuable scarab slot.

Destroyers – not BAD, just not great. a bit expensive for what they do. but preferred enemy means that i think they get better in 6th.

Doomsday arks – nice model. truly awful fire support for its points as its so easy to avoid and only has one gun of note. so again it suffers from “vindicatoritis”

Annihilation Barge – Nice, cheap, resilient, shooty. The ap ‘-‘ hurts it a bit in today’s mech environment but at its price I don’t think people will mind. I can see 3 happening in some lists.

Monolith – got a massive nerf – but who wasn’t expecting that? very useful however mainly for its portal able to bring things out of reserve and across table (unlimited range). Has a battle cannon and can fire in 6 different directors. I like em.

Doom Scythe – an odd one again. Massive damage potential but a life expectancy of one turn. Can see them being more popular come 6th with the alleged way flyers change.

Spyders – a very good utility unit. Combat, resilience and wound allocation makes for a good bodyguard for some characters. Also they can repair like a techmarine and bolster the scarab units (which as i mentioned before, im a big fan of)

Hope this helps peeps.

The voice.


5 Responses to “The Voice Speaks by Gary Percival”

  1. Thomas Meer November 10, 2011 at 09:17 #

    Great rundown dude, thanks for taking the time to go trough every unit. Other (shorter) Tom will be trying some small proxy list against me during the next few weeks to decide whether he wants to get them or not for the GT.

  2. Mike November 10, 2011 at 10:06 #

    Very concise summary. Like it.

  3. Nick November 10, 2011 at 11:54 #

    Hey! A positive take on the Codex, it’s quite nice to see.

    Regarding the Ghost Ark, I can’t remember the Codex saying that you can only take it with 10 or less warriors. So it can always follow behind and regenerate your tide. If you’ve got a 5 man deckchair unit as well, their Ark could follow your Tin Tide. Now you’re regenerating 2-6 models a turn.

    Nearly 500 points, but could be fun.

  4. Chris Swaine November 10, 2011 at 17:59 #

    Yep Good run down.

    The Wraiths really jump out to me. Maybe the best unit in the Codex (in current 5th Ed rules anyway). The night syth “back in reserve” rule is the shizzle for a 5-man warrior unit (if only DAU working like this) .

    • Digital Unicorn November 10, 2011 at 18:26 #

      Then Sypders, they look bomb.

      I’m already sick of hearing Solar Pulse Crypteks and The Stormlord.

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