… And the Hive Mind Took a Bit of a Beating! by Mark Perry.

16 Nov

… and the Hive Mind took a bit of a beating!

Following up on my pre-OW XVI report which I posted on the 29th October entitled ‘The Evolution of the Hive Mind’, I am now back and had a week to reflect on the tourney. I have a great time, played some real nice players, but boy oh boy did I struggle with my Nids.

Just to remind you, this was a 3 round tournament with 2 objective and 1 table quarter missions, with extra VPs available. Objective wise you needed to win by more than 2 points to claim a win and so there were going to be plenty of draws with VP being the decider.

Matchups? Well I got the pointy end of the stick. Round One Grey Knights, round two Mech IG, round three Mech DE. Could it have been any worse? Probably not. Let’s look at each game in turn:

 1 Grey Knights. Three Objectives.

So, a Grandmaster list. His Paladins were scoring (as was his Dreadknight) and mounted in a Landraider Crusader. Game came down to a big fight in the middle of the table on the third objective (we safely each had one other held). My zoanthropes were singularly unable to kill his landraider – only immobilising it about turn 5. In the meantime, it happily moved 6″ and raked my army with assault cannon, bolters, melta every turn. Due to the massive failure of the zoeys on T2 and T3 I had to divert my flyrant and carnifex over to deal as well, to their ultimate loss.

Paladins are quite impossible to kill! I put a wound on every one (wound allocation FTW), including the Grand Master but never quite enough damage to thin them out. Relying on rending is not always the best, as wounding on 5s still gives them that 2+ armour save.

SITW? No real effect. One perils (and passed the rerolled invul), but generally casting continued throughout. It appears that 10 or less on 3d6 is not a massive deterrent!

Lost this one 15-19 on overall points, so reasonably happy. Lost a stealer squad early as I misjudged the charge range of the Paladins from the Land Raider, but overall didn’t make too many mistakes. Zoanthrope failure really cost me as if I had popped that Land Raider T2 or T3 then we had a real game on. Tervigon made the one objective safe, spread the FNP love around nicely and tied up the GrandMaster in CC to the end of the game.

2 Imperial Guard, Table Quarters

So, a slight grumble here. I was into deployment with my IG opponent when it was announced the table pairings were wrong and so we needed to re-start. I was on the same table, but then got a worse IG list than the first one! 3 vendettas, 4 hydras, psyker battle squad and worst of all Officer of the Fleet for my reserve army. I was then off balance from the start and deployment was not great …

There was a huge piece of terrain down one side, which was line of sight blocking but would take me 2 turns to get round when I stuck my head out. I was screened from most of his army but some movement allowed both stealer squads to be trimmed down dangerously. When the reserves came in, I tried a two pronged attack to try and bottle them in the middle and then let me clear up table quarters behind with the tervigon. This worked on one side, but when my flyant and stealers charged the Demolisher they killed it but were then in the open for 3 vendettas and 4 hydras to say hello to!

So, T4 and still 3 vendettas on the table. Why? Stinky zoanthropes again. If they managed to pass their psychic test and actually hit, then I rolled 1 for pen. Fantastic! Tervigon and hiding stealers managed to ensure a draw on quarters but lost badly again on VPs. Again, even average rolling on the Zoeys and I could/should have brought down 1-2 vendettas and then game on. Eventually killed a vendetta only by charging it with my carnifex.

Tervigon was again fantastic and the mycetic spores worked really well as a screen from the hydras. Just a shame about the contents! Gargoyles losing in CC to the PBS and then running as they were outside of synapse and forgetting to shoot my devourer gants on dropping in were perhaps the low points!

My opponent was well in control though and while I made him work the whole game my list wasn’t optimised for a big mech list. He was too good to be playing on table 13 that’s for sure!

3 Dark Eldar, 4 objectives

So, two draws, still on table 13. Surely I was in for an easier run now. No, a fully tooled up DE list. Ravagers, raiders, venoms – an absolute mass of shots, wounding everything on either a 2+ or 4+. He was only there it appears as he hit a mech IG list himself the previous turn that predictably ended badly for him. So, could I scrape a draw …

Lost the roll to deploy, so ended up with no LOS blocking in my deployment zone. Hmmm, not a good start. Stuck some stealers as far round the corner as I could and dropped the flyant behind the gargoyles, behind a hill. Cover save? Who cares. You take 20+ cover/armour saves in the first two turns and those 6 wounds aren’t lasting long. Dead HQ and gargoyles before the reserves even turn up …

Then the tervigon came and things looked up for a while as I took control of a table quarter housing two objectives, but again the really poor zoanthrope shooting resulted in no dead vehicles from 2 turns of shooting and me back in a hole. I caused more damage from the ripper tentacles on the spores!

Devourer gants arrived and shot at his reaver jetbikes. 42 S3 shots, 1 bike down – and they’re now in charge range.

Turn 5 – his shock-prowed raiders then tank shock onto both objectives I hold and I don’t have enough big hitters in range to kill them in a turn to stop them being contested. Totally beaten, but at least not tabled and the tervigon was still looking pretty healthy.


Apart from the round two pairings, the tourney went really well. I had 3 real nice opponents, all of whom I would be more than happy to play again, but not with the same list! Working through my list:

+ Plusses

The tervigon was fantastic in every game. He got into combat in 2 of the 3 games, so a temptation to give him crushing claws in future for the extra attacks.

The mycetic spores were really good, even if their contents were lacklustre. Having placeable cover, especially when deployed in their lines is really good and the 6″ range ripper tentacles actually came into play. Worth the points, just a shame you can’t deploy them empty like SM drop-pods.

– Minuses

Those zoanthropes! Their 3+ invul is great and the added synapse was also worthwhile and almost worth keeping just for that. However, their tank killing was not even unreliable it was almost non-existent. A third zoey in each brood may have helped but there’s always the fear that, as they drop in 18″ range, they can easily be tied up in CC – while they may survive for a few turns they are unlikely to ever win a combat.

Reserves. While the OOTF didn’t help, the reserves came on in reasonable time. The units starting off on table though took far too much damage and the flyrant never had chance to earn his points back. Either start off with ¾ of your list on the table or all reserve I think. Having 600 points on the table to start with put me on the back foot and arguably not much more than if I gave them a free table to start with.

So overall the list idea is not dead. Being fearful of scatter I started off the flyant and especially gargoyles on the table, but there is no harm in walking them on rather than DS as normal reserves. This is certainly better than leaving them to be shot up by DE …



6 Responses to “… And the Hive Mind Took a Bit of a Beating! by Mark Perry.”

  1. Doujan November 16, 2011 at 13:54 #

    Hi Mark. Chris here, your round three opponent. I think reserving everything could have worked for you, it definitely would have made my target prioritisation harder. As it was I had three or so of your units I could put firepower into each turn and I could pretty much take you on peicemeal.

    If its any consolation our game forced me to think the hardest all weekend, my game vs leaf-blower doesn’t count as I just got blown off the table!

    All the best with the nids.

  2. Mark Perry November 16, 2011 at 20:13 #

    Indeed! I overestimated your ability to move and shoot when deploying those stealers for sure. Good learning curve for me!

    I think my best ability is playing hard until the very last turn – just need to work on turns 1 and 2 ….

  3. Digital Unicorn November 17, 2011 at 23:59 #

    Yer bad luck will punish those zoans. Just think through all the dice rolls they have to go through to damage a vehicle. Psychic test, balistic skill, strength, damage chart, cover (potentially)

    Well done regardless tho, it sounds like you had a great time despite getting some awful match ups.

    • Badboy November 18, 2011 at 15:14 #

      Nids are finished or there needs to be some radical changes to current lists,

      • 40KUK November 18, 2011 at 15:25 #

        Nids aren’t finsihed buddy, it is true there are perhaps other things that need to be looked at on the top level and the are a finesse army to be successful with. That however is not the only reason people play nids – they are a very fun, challenging, difficult to paint;) army. It is important that we look at them both in a tourney aspect and a more playable aspect generally which is why they aren’t finished.

  4. Gary Morris November 19, 2011 at 12:39 #

    I agree with 40KUK here. Any army can beat any other army, FACT. There is no such thing as an automatic win in 40K. To believe so invites a canny opponent/dice god to step in and ruin your afternoon.

    Maybe Mark will consider now playtesting a few units to replace the Zoans, this may in turn cause a few changes elsewhere in his list. This is the constant evolution of the army list we all have. It is impossible to create a single list and say ” I am done now, nobody can beat me”. Apart from being highly improbable the main focus of the hobby is to enjoy the game. I have not played Tyranids in such a long time that I look forward to getting a game whenever it does occur. And I am sure there will be a little something in there to make me think ” Oh no! I better deal with…….”

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