Another Cry For Help by Gary ‘The Voice’ Percival

30 Nov
Hey Gary,
I’ve had vague thoughts about a Vanilla Marine list based around three land speeder storms and three assault based scout squads (perhaps more, and not necessarily 5 man as they could combat squad where needed).
Aside from that, I’ve not gone into HQ’s or anything; feel free to see where that base can lead.
Graeme “Tayne” Nicholls
Well ok then Graeme let’s see where that takes us.  First off let’s get your building blocks sorted.
First off, let us consider the storms themselves. These start at 50 points and come with a heavy bolter as standard but have the option of heavy flamer, multi melta or assault cannon. With their average Bs of 3 the scout crew really need to be looking at either the heavy flamer (auto hits) or the multi melta (when it does hit, it hits hard) anything else is just either too expensive or a bit of a waste of the storms manoeuvrability (remember as a fast vehicle it can fire one weapon when moving 12 inches, this is very good combined with the short range of the multi melta and the heavy flamer)
Next you want these three land speeder storms with assault based scout goodness inside; well the storm can only carry 5 and there is little point having an assault squad without some kind of combat weapon in there – so let’s take 3×5 scout squads with a power fist and combi melta on the Sergeant and either pistol/close combat weapon or shotguns on the 4 others (a decision I leave to you – though either is good). This will give you a mobile scoring unit with the ability to both take on small infantry squads and vehicles. These come in at 110 points a pop.
Ok – so we’ve got the fundamentals in and we have spent only about 525 points. Next we need the most important thing in the Marine book – the Hq. More than any other Codex the choice of Hq really can dictate the makeup and tactics of your force. As the Storm/Scout combo seems to be going the evasive/combat route I recon Shrike is a good choice here.  The ability to have all your infantry have fleet of foot is very useful for assaulting units; which leads nicely on to……
…. a bit of support for our valuable but squishy scoring scouts. I honestly believe that the Vanilla Marines have the perfect set up for this available to them -the god hammer land raider with 5 thunder terminators inside. A great scary and combat effective unit with long range fire power if needed PLUS the added bonus of extra seats!!! The Vanilla Marines have a land raider that can carry 12 instead of the usual 10 – the practical upshot of this is you are able to keep the firepower but still take 5 terminators and an Independent Character.  The humble Librarian I think in this case with null zone and Gate of infinity I think (to keep with the mobility vibe we have going on here) and more importantly some psychic defence. The fact we can now move 12, disembark 2 fleet d6 thanks to shrikes ability and then charge 6 gives this unit a very nice threat bubble and utility. This all comes in at 575.
The next thing I want to do is round the scoring off a bit as really we only have 15 scouts to claim objectives. To keep with the scout theme that seems to be happening I’m going to add 5 sniper scouts as “The Deckchair” Unit; dependable and cheap.
Lastly we come to what I call the pivot point of list building – you’ve got all your core bases covered and you know if its going to be aggressive, defensive or balanced but now you have the last 20% left and it’s where you can spend points on tricks and units that really drive your core tactics or cover an inherent weakness.  This army seems to be quiet aggressive with manoeuvrability as key.  With this in mind first I’m going to get a thunder fire cannon, this has the triple bonus of adding to our deckchairs resilience if we have a ruin kicking about (reinforcing it to give a +1 cover save), giving us a nice option vs. hordes and infantry at range and more importantly messing with the opponents manoeuvrability so we can maximise ours (with the subterranean blast causing units hit to move as if in difficult terrain)
Secondly ANOTHER 7 assault terminators with thunder hammer and storm shields. Now these guys are here to fully take advantage of shrike’s ability to infiltrate a squad of his choice. So that’s 7 rock hard combat monsters with fleet of foot starting 18 inches away from the enemy…oh yes. Now at this stage I’m also wondering whether our librarian could be swapped for a chaplain too – as putting him in this unit sometimes would really make it a “must deal” target” as fearlessness would mean they are never running and the rerolls on the charge will be very scary. When not in this unit and instead with the terminators in the land raider the same applies but you have split your combat options a little more evenly across the board. You do lose null zone, gate and psychic defence though so this may come down to personal preference.
So what we end up with is this:
Shrike – 195
Librarian with gate and null zone OR chaplain – 100
5 Assault Terminators – 200
7 Assault Terminators – 280
5 Scouts, power fist, combi melta – 110
5 Scouts, power fist, combi melta – 110
5 Scouts, power fist, combi melta – 110
5 Scouts – 75
Land Speeder Storm, Multi Melta – 65
Land Speeder Storm, Multi Melta – 65
Land Speeder Storm, Multi Melta – 65
Land Raider, Extra Armour, Multi Melta – 275
Thunder Fire Cannon – 100
I see this playing very aggressively with the scouts and storms being used to pounce on and clean up scoring units on objectives that your thunder fire has softened up. Anything that is a bigger threat should have fleeting Terminators jumping up and down on them. It’s got a fair bit of tank killing too with melta and thunder hammers.
The Voice

3 Responses to “Another Cry For Help by Gary ‘The Voice’ Percival”

  1. Gary Morris November 30, 2011 at 13:11 #

    I think this looks like a great list. It needs to be played well however as the Storms and Scouts are very susceptible to any kind of attack. Strike fast and strike really hard!!

  2. Chris Green November 30, 2011 at 21:52 #

    That army list screams out for Vulkan, makes it much scarier and makes your alpha strike hit so much better.

    Obviously you’d have to ditch Shrike or the libby – pretty much 50/50 which one in my head. Psychic defence + gate (shame it doesn’t work with a teleport homer – that would be sweeeet) versus infiltrate and fleet on a termie block (but not as same time as Vulkan’s rules).

    Or just not bother with both and take some more long range shooting to suppress light armour to not kill the scouts.

    Vulkan – 195
    5 Assault Terminators – 200
    Land Raider of some variant – 265 ish

    3 Scout units in Storms as above – 175 each

    Thunderfire cannon – 100
    5 Sniper Scouts with a missile and magical elven cloaks – 100
    5 Devs with missiles.

    List splits nicely in three – scouts range forward in the speeders and wreck face, land raider (can be any variants, i originally had a redeemer and had 20pts spare) and the three static shooty elements find a nice ruin for the techmarine to fortify.

    • Digital Unicorn December 1, 2011 at 10:21 #

      My only problem with Vulcan in this list is that ur only twin linking like 6 meltas, 3 of which are 1 shot. Go full hog!

      Vulcan 190
      2x Sternguard + 2x Meltagun + 1 Combi Melta + Sgt PW + Rhino
      5 Assault Termies 200
      3x Scouts + Storm 525
      Sniper scouts 90
      Thunderfire Cannon 100
      Redeemer 265

      Devastators suck! This is such an aggressive list he’s not gonna have time to think about ur back field elements. And by the time he’s dealt with the scouts your slower more resilient forward elements will be there to wreck face.

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