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Episode 36: Blog Wars Tournament… and is Saint Celestine the Best Character in the Game?

24 Dec


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The Armchair General by Mike Foulks

22 Dec

Apologies gentle readers. I have been a bad blogger. I have gone away on holiday without leavings you an update. Through the miracle of technology though I am able to bring you my latest musings from the sunny sub tropical island of Madeira.  I’ll keep this one brief and hopefully semi topical as a little change from my usual subject of learning from our mistakes, mostly because I want to get back to soaking up the sunshine with a beer in my hand!

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So, Can Tyranids Beat Dark Eldar by Mark Perry

20 Dec

My main bugbear in running Nids at present is that any half-decent Dark Eldar list is almost a win by default against my Tyranid army.  Playing for draws as your best hope against DE is a bit of a chore and I’d like to at least start the game on a level-playing field. Hiding behind builidngs for 4 turns and hoping he can’t find me is not the reason I decided to play Nids after all …

While this might be extreme for tournament play, I  decided to work through a strategy as to creating a Nid list that can stand up to it’s xenos tormentors!

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Episode 35: A Little Bit of Cheating

19 Dec


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To Fluff or Not to Fluff by Andrew Ovel

17 Dec

To Fluff or Not to Fluff?

Can you have a game where both players win?

Ever won a game, and felt like you lost? Ever lost a game and walked away feeling happier than if you had tabled your opponent?

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Tayne’s Tau Tactica: The Sky Ray, by Graeme Nicholls

15 Dec

Ok guys, in what’s fast becoming a regular blog feature here, I’m apologising for this post and the last being late. This one is completely my bad, personal reasons yadda yadda yadda, nowt interesting or thankfully upsetting, just a lot. The other one? Well… my guess is a gremlin ambushed the system. I mean, that’s the only way they’d be posted late, right Dave?

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We Will Rise Again… Evolution of the Necrons: Blog 3; “Amoebic State… the beginning of the list” by Matt Kirk.

14 Dec


Having talked about my HQ choices a little bit in my last blog I thought I would do the decent thing in this blog and share my current list in all it’s juicy goodness.

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