Killswitch Zone; Logan Bomb 1850 pts by Alex Harrison

11 Dec

Not too long ago I spoke about Logan and how useful he is within a Space wolf army. Well now I have decided to expand that by providing a list for you all to have a flick through. I wanted to create a “Logan Bomb”, which is basically a hard unit utilising Logan’s abilities within a drop pod. This unit would not only wreck havoc when it lands, but continue to be a nuisance throughout the game.

First of all lets start with the HQ choices. Logan is of course our first pick, but what else can we use, bearing in mind we can have up to 4? I want some Psychic defense in this army, as the Drop pod would be the best way of getting that hood up close, so a Rune priest is getting a slot. Living lightning for the extra shots & Jaws since you will be in a good position from turn 1 to drop those pesky nids or crons down the hole. Chooser of the slain is also a good choice to make sure your hitting those targets reliably.

Next, I want this squad to take on even the hardest of firepower, so in goes a Wolf Priest with Saga of the Hunter. When landing, by carefully positioning your models, utilising cover and potential wrecks, your unit could have a nice 3+ cover save to use when your opponent starts opening up its Plasma guns on the unit! The Wolf Priest also makes the unit fearless, meaning Logan can concentrate on giving his unit preferred enemy in your opponents turn for when you get assaulted. The extra power weapons from both these guys make the unit fairly deadly.

Next up we look at the Elite slots. I still want the advance to be rather scary, but I also want some quick support from Logan’s unit. In comes 2 Lone wolves with Chainfists, terminator armour & Storm shields to advance & harass my opponent. A unit of Wolf scouts with a Wolf Guard with Combi-melta & fist, and a Meltagun in the unit means extra psychological threat from behind your opponents lines, as well as support for Logan’s unit. If Logan and his boys gets tar pitted, the extra bodies could help pull them out from a long combat i.e. 30 Guardsman with a Commissar.

As for our Troops, I’m going to go a bit light here and take 3 units of 5 Wolf Guard with Cyclone terminators & 1 Combi-melta marine in each. These boys advance and hold objectives further back, whilst still retaining fire support to the rest of the army. On top of this, a unit of 10 Wolf Guard with 2 Cyclone Terminators & a Combi-melta marine. This unit advances along with the Lone Wolves, hitting the centre of the board to hold the objectives further away from the army. The unit can handle itself well in combat with the support from the Lone wolves, whilst again retains a solid firebase.

Finaly we have the Heavy support. 2 Units of 5 Long Fangs with 4 Rockets in each for the backdrop of our back board firepower. Then we come to the bomb itself.

5 Long Fangs with 4 Multi meltas in a drop pod.

So that’s the army, how does it work? Logan, the Rune priest, 1 Combi-melta wolf guard, the Wolf Priest & the unit of Long fangs with multi-meltas fill up the Drop Pod and pod down turn 1 on your opponents flank. It then splits fire on landing using Logans relentless, firing a potential 5 melta shots & a living lightning at 2 targets due to Split fire from the Long Fangs. The unit should try be cautious and not delve too central, try and hit a flank where your opponent cant bare his entire firepower on you, utilising terrain, the drop pod itself and wrecks to hide your models or at least get a cover for the 3+ cover save.

Next turn, you can then split fire again after moving, but this time you can then assault one of those 2 targets of your choice. This means you could potentially shoot at 2 rhinos, only pop one and assault that one unit inside, or pop a Land raider whilst Logan shoots his storm bolter at another unit, only to then assault that unit Logan targeted. This will draw a lot of your opponents attention away from your advancing Lone wolves & Wolf Guard. This is the units biggest strength and will keep you opponent guessing. The squad has enough equipment to deal with almost anything, so should disrupt most gun line armies, or my favourite, ruining Necrons “hide in a corner and use night fight shenanigans to keep us alive” plans.

Currently, I have convinced Brad over at (another blog I post on) to take this list himself, so it will be good to see his results.

Here is the list laid out for those of you who wants to see it put together:

Logan Grimnar: 275pts

Rune Priest: 110pts

Living Lightning, Jaws & Chooser of the Slain.

Wolf Priest: 110pts

Saga of the Hunter.

Lone Wolf: 85pts

Storm Shield, Chain fist & Terminator Armour. 

Lone Wolf: 85pts

Storm Shield, Chain fist & Terminator Armour. 

5 Wolf Scouts: 85pts


5 Wolf Guard: 140pts

Terminator with Cyclone & 1 with Combi-melta.

5 Wolf Guard: 140pts

Terminator with Cyclone & 1 with Combi-melta.

5 Wolf Guard: 140pts

Terminator with Cyclone & 1 with Combi-melta.

10 Wolf Guard: 300pts

2 Terminators with Cyclones, 1 with Combi-melta (Joins the Drop pod), 1 with Combi-melta & Power fist (Joins Scouts).

5 Long Fangs: 115pts

4 Rockets.

5 Long Fangs: 115pts

4 Rockets

5 Long Fangs: 150pts

4 Multi-meltas. Drop Pod.

Total: 1850pts

What are people’s thoughts? Potential ideas for fine tuning this army would be greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned for more list ideas & tactics soon



10 Responses to “Killswitch Zone; Logan Bomb 1850 pts by Alex Harrison”

  1. Tom December 11, 2011 at 13:40 #

    I really quite like this although I think the Wolf Priest isn’t necessary and the points would let you add a bit more firepower to your Long Fangs for even more shooty overkill.

    Do you have a plan B for when you come up against some Grey Knights with Warp Quake active?

    • 40KUK December 13, 2011 at 01:14 #

      You know the weird thing I have noticed about Long Fangs is that it is what you expect of them that can make them frustrating. In my Wolf army I originally had 5 missile launches, but by doing so I expected something out of a 140 point unit and thus 420 if I take three. With the amount of cover and the fact that they are static they aren’t guaranteed to. So I have dropped to 4 missiles and count anything they do as a bonus, but if they don’t or I lose them at 115 points it isn’t the end of the world. In fact at times I have even considered dropping down to 3 missile launchers per squad – if it wasn’t for the pack leaders divide the fire ability I might have already done it. D

      • Tom December 13, 2011 at 20:44 #

        I ended up going the opposite way and added Lascannons – maybe because I play a lot of people with 2+ saves all over the shop and daren’t take Plasma Cannons, ( I roll 1’s like you wouldn’t believe).
        It’s worked out fairly well for me to date, you just have to give yourself as many fire lanes as possible, and/or try to make your opponent come to you through some open terrain.
        I understand the value that missiles give but it really ruins a Draigo wing players day when you start one shotting his Paladins from 48 inches away.

      • Digital Unicorn December 14, 2011 at 12:33 #

        Dude, count urself lucky!
        115pts buy SM a Dev squad and 1 and a half Missiles! 140 point is only 3! And they can’t split fire.
        Try having them do nothing and cost 150pts minimum.

        Cannot wait til I get to them on my blog.

  2. Killswitch December 11, 2011 at 13:48 #

    The Multi-meltas still have a 24 inch range, so perhaps dropping midfield is a possibility. Another possibility is simply not dropping at all, relying on a slow but purposeful advance raining down long ranged firepower against your opponent rather than putting them under pod pressure.

    p.s. Don’t know what’s wrong with the post, seems the list is a bit spacious, something wrong with the HTML Dave?

    • 40KUK December 13, 2011 at 01:15 #

      All sorted now dude, was a code issue.

  3. Bradimus Prime December 11, 2011 at 16:09 #

    Everyone knows what I’m running at Caledonian now lol, Your all still going to get your asses handed to you anyway :p

  4. Steve December 12, 2011 at 21:16 #

    could you consider giving a pf melta WG to the scouts? at the moment theyre an expensive meltagun maybe in a good position.

  5. Bradimus Prime December 12, 2011 at 23:38 #

    Steve, there is a PF/Combi Melta Wolf Guard attached to the scouts,its one of the Wolf Guard from the 10 man pack.

  6. Jck April 1, 2012 at 08:07 #

    Hi there,

    I was thinking about quite the same regarding creating a Logan Bomb. I was rather pleased when I discovered I was not the first to do so. But, uhm…

    -Logan (Terminator)
    -Wolfguard (Terminator

    fill the Pod pretty much already. As a Terminator-Armour takes two slots in a Drop Pod I wouldnt see where to put those Wolf Priest- and Rune-Priest-Guys. Unfortunately…

    Just a thought though.

    See ya

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