We Will Rise Again… Evolution of the Necrons: Blog 3; “Amoebic State… the beginning of the list” by Matt Kirk.

14 Dec


Having talked about my HQ choices a little bit in my last blog I thought I would do the decent thing in this blog and share my current list in all it’s juicy goodness.

Before I do so though I offer a confession that many people reading this may share … that of a listaholic. I have to be very careful indeed to evolve my list after play-testing and revision because really that seems like the best and most reliable way to find out what works in different situations. As a listoholic though (and as someone who has “Battlescribe as top of their desktop shortcuts list) I generate a hell of a lot of different lists and could quite feasibly be trying a new list with new flavour for every game. To a certain extent none of this matters as long as I get enjoyment from it but on the other side of that if I want to actually improve my game it may not be the best way to do so. Evolution it is.



Imotekh the Stormlord, Command Barge (Gauss Cannon)

                Cryptek (Harbinger of Eternity, Chronomotron, Timesplinter Cloak)

                Cryptek (Harbinger of Despair, Veil of Darkness)

                Necron Lord (Mindshackle Scarabs, Warscythe)

                Necron Lord (Mindshackle Scarabs, Warscythe)

                Necron Lord (Mindshackle Scarabs, Rez Orb, Sempiternal Weave, Warccythe)

Vargard Obyron



Necron Warriors x 5

Necron Warriors x 5

                Ghost Ark


Fast Attack

Canoptek Scarabs x 6

Canoptek Wraiths x 3 (2 with whip coils, 1 with particle caster)

Heavy Support

Annihilation Barge (Gauss Cannon)

3 x Canoptek Spyders (one with claw array, one with gloom prism)


In the last blog I explained my reasons for the HQ choices, that based on their performance SO FAR they seem like they bring plenty to the list to make them worth their points. I am still not sure about the Stormlord as his abilities rely on a lot of luck but I can’t leave him at home as he has changed the game every time I have used him so far, in particular last game when a random lightning bolt shot a Storm Raven down and stranded a whole bunch of TH SS termies in front of my advancing firing line.

The command barge is always for Obyron (in my head I have now started referring him as O’Brian as I mispronounced it the other week and can’t get away from it) who has still been really effective between his sweeping attacks on vehicles and wrecking “deckchair” or weaker  units when he needs to. He is pretty squishy and needs to choose targets but the barge allows him to do that.  Another thing I have in the back of my head with him is to put him with the Spyders in objective games and use the mantle of teleporty goodness to make a very mobile squad of MCs that can contest and hold as well as deal out some nasty damage. I only realised recently that you can actually attach ICs to MCs as long as they are in a squad.  Pretty situational but it is a nice option to have.

My royal court is going to steal the Ghost Ark to make a weird tricksy little hammer unit … it is the mind shackles that do it. If I am careful how I assault I can make sure the right models take those leadership tests to see if they attack themselves with D3 hits which with any luck will mitigate a lot of the damage that will be at higher initiative than me (as well as boosting my own attacks but to me this really is secondary) allowing all my Lords to swing with their 9 x S7 power weapon attacks. This 3-MS combo is also a really nice against ICs or big MCs. The Stormlord also adds some wounds with his reroll reroll CC weapon. Before I have assaulted I have usually used template weapon from the cryptek and line weapon from the lord to reduce numbers of hordes and usually the unit is well on its way to wiping out the squad. The Ghost Ark and Veil (redundancy if the ark gets wrecked) make it easier to pick targets with this unit as well given that some PW heavy units could potentially eat it alive, although T5 does help mitigate a lot of that as well. Dante slaughtered a similar squad in my last game but that was partly because I was very silly with where I put my mindshackles … why wouldn’t you put it next to Dante?!?! … idiot!!

The monolith and the Ani-barge are there to add Dakka Dakka as well as by using the monolith to transport my warriors to objectives when needed. Incidentally I call my Ani-Barge “Seven-Shot-Sam” because it never seems to score less than 7 hits by the time it has done it’s rerolls and Tesla arcing etc….  has anyone else found this? … gonna get on it for next time and do some Math-hammer. This seems to work nicely because the best thing about night-fight is the fact that it forces the enemy to move forward and if the opposing army has any kind of large footprint (and if I have done my job right in deployment) they are going to arrive in range of my attacks in small portions. This is very good for monolith, barge, Ghost Ark, warriors to gun it down and my CC elements to finish it off, one wave at a time. Small parts of your army against big parts of mine = win. Night-fight is absolutely vital for this to stave off long-range shooting.

My “Canoptek-Wing” has never let me down. Wraiths frustrate the hell out of people when I start making loads of 3++ saves and soaking up heavy weapon fire. Scarabs “wind-up” by increasing numbers from the Spyders and then pick a target. I have found the scarabs really need a clear target and clear timing to work. I need to look at the list I am facing and pick the one or two things that those scarabs are going to need to bust or hold up .. usually vehicles and dreadnaughts (who scarabs find particularly tasty). Timing is really important because a couple of times they have been wiped out when they don’t manage to pull off their run move as nicely as I would like (I always roll ones for fleet!!) and I misjudge a distance and before I know it there they are in the open … all squishy and ready to be deaded by mass S6 fire. Before I charge them I usually have them hiding out of sight and always have them in cover. They are horrible when they get there against the right unit but as a close friend who I play poker with used to say … “it’s all about timing”. He usually says this after winning big pots with rubbbish starting cards such as 7-2 but that’s a whole different blog altogther.

The two warrior squads have lots of great things about them in my opinion. First of all they have the advantage of not being much of a threat compared to lots of other things in the list … so they tend to survive. Secondly they are always in reserve … so they tend to survive. Thirdly they don’t tend to jump to where they are needed till they are needed there thanks to the monolith … so they tend to survive. Fourthly … they score . That is what they are there to do. Is two enough? Probably not in the long term I guess but I have found that I haven’t really had a problem getting them to do their job even in mass objective games using the book missions. I may well increase their numbers or add immortals another time I guess but for the moment I want to see what all other bits of the list can achieve before I start prioritising. Basically … I wanna have fun with my more fruity bits.

What the army mainly seems to have going for it is a frustratingly  large amount of stuff which is tough to take down or impossible to because the opponent can’t see it. You can try and run at it to get into assault but what are you really going to assault? You don’t want to assault the royal court with most things, the wraiths can take some punishment even from power weapons, the spiders with their wound allocation shenanigans are no easy meat and the scarabs are gonna take you a while to chomp through. This is the army that sticks together (except maybe O’Brian) so counter-assault or dakka-dakka is never far away. Another thing I like to do is play with my deployment if I go first and put all of my fast moving troops on one wing, usually forcing an opponent to spread out. I then like to pull everything back to one side with all my fast units and wait .. O’brian can even move those Spyders if he isn’t in his barge. The whole purpose of the setup is to draw people in with small chunks of their army and prioritise targets that are in the 24″ range to smash with everything. So far it seems to be working but I will keep everyone posted next time.  

By the time you are reading this I will have written about a hundred more lists but hopefully I will be able to report some more about how that royal court are doing … really that is the part I am most interested in. On paper it looks like a fun way to play it that could be deadly but I am just not sure if in the heat of battle they are going to be worth the massive points input they take up. With the rez orb, several 3++ and 2+ saves and T5 they are pretty resilient but still … spending that amount of points on one unit makes me nervy. Still … whatever happens it should be fun to play and find out which is probably what it is all about.


In the meantime though …


We’ll be Back



5 Responses to “We Will Rise Again… Evolution of the Necrons: Blog 3; “Amoebic State… the beginning of the list” by Matt Kirk.”

  1. Arnold.P December 15, 2011 at 14:10 #

    Great article and I think an effective list. The only thing I’m not convinced on is the Monolith. In some ways it is actually worse than the old Monolith (which is the only thing in the dex that is). It just seems to me that it can be killed too easy. It has some cool points but at 200 points it can easily be taken out in one shot.

    • 40KUK December 15, 2011 at 14:37 #

      I think the Monolith is a real powerful tool and there are some awesome tactics you can pull off, especially in mission based games. The issue is line of sight. The Monolith is so big that it is pretty difficult to ensure that you have a cover save all of the time and it doesn’t have smoke launchers. That being said melta is not going to be as much as a problem as everyone thinks as getting close isn’t easy

      • Matt Kirk December 16, 2011 at 00:20 #

        You make some fair points about the monolith but so far I cannot bring myself not to use it. This list works differently in different missions and the monlith is an important part of those different approached.

        1).Multiple Objectives … I need to be able to shift warriors from “hiding” status to “active” status … teleporting troops so that they get the monolith as cover and sit on an objective works really well and with only 2 troops in this list I need that.

        2). Roll dice and tie … Come near my base then you are going to need to deal with this or I will battle-cannon your “a” and suck you into my glowing hole. Also …. my scoring units are hiding behind it here.

        3). Kill points – added extra dakka dakka but more imporrantly – even when dead its a nice mobile LOS blocking tool or cover save,

        I also have found that getting melta in range is difficult for my opponents because the monolith is usually to the rear of my army and if they have dealt with so much they can get that close to it then I am usually bang in trouble anyway. Having said that ,,,, I am learning to hate power of the machine spirit and multi-melta combinations.

        You could be right about it being not worth it in the long run but so far it is earning its way in the games I havc been played. Like everything else in this codex though … just gonna have to continue playing it and see how it rolls.

  2. BadBoy December 17, 2011 at 15:50 #

    I don’t think you are going to be seeing many Monoliths in the most competitive builds.

    • Matt Kirk December 17, 2011 at 16:03 #

      You could very well be right. Time will tell on that one. If I replace it in this particular list it would be for another ani barge and another troop choice which couldn’t hurt … but as I said, in the games I have played so far it has been pretty functional. Certainly food for thought.

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