The Armchair General by Mike Foulks

22 Dec

Apologies gentle readers. I have been a bad blogger. I have gone away on holiday without leavings you an update. Through the miracle of technology though I am able to bring you my latest musings from the sunny sub tropical island of Madeira.  I’ll keep this one brief and hopefully semi topical as a little change from my usual subject of learning from our mistakes, mostly because I want to get back to soaking up the sunshine with a beer in my hand!

Those of you going to tournaments this year will hopefully be enjoying a little break right now during the christmas lull. If you commit to a lot of tournaments then with life, work, girlfriend, drinking buddies, cheeky games of dreadfleet etc it can be pretty hoard to make real progress with an army. This lull period right now is the perfect time for it.

Myself, I submitted my list for the Caledonian Uprising tournament in January this week. I will be playing deathwing but had been finding in my practice games that the list I was running was a bit static. My solution was to throw out the venerable dreadnoughts and cheif librarian ezekiel in favour of 2 ravening squadrons. It leaves me with 6 bikes and 2 attack bikes that need to be stripped, fixed up with appropriate wargear, painted and based when I get home from my holiday and I am not a fast painter so it will be a bit of a stretch.

Why go to all that trouble? Because once done, the hard work you put into miniatures is there to stay. It doesn’t matter how often you end up using models that you add to your army, they are options for you forever more and who doesn’t like having options?  There is also something immensely satisfying about finishing a unit in time for the big day.

My advice is that if you have the time, say a relatively empty month between army list submission and a tournament you have signed up for, push yourself a bit. Add a new unit into your normal list that you have fancied for a while but not bought/assembled/painted yet. It will help you stay tactically sharp, give you the sense of achievement of adding to your army and it will actually push you to put paint to plastic. It is also not bad training for real world time management skills. Think about it, are you someone that puts “proactive person” on your cv and waits for the chance to prove it or do you actually go out there, set yourself a goal and achieve it?


2 Responses to “The Armchair General by Mike Foulks”

  1. BadBoy December 26, 2011 at 16:56 #

    If it was me though, I’d playtest first before buying the models… in case thet don’t work out or suit your style.

  2. Embolden40k December 30, 2011 at 09:05 #

    I have also submitted my list Caledonian Uprising and have lots to paint!! This time of the year is great, with the bank holidays I have managed to get quite a bit of painting finished which has been nice! Now to play test!

    I think entering tournaments is a great way to encourage yourself to paint if you don’t really get the painting bug, like myself, you feel the rewards of painting by moving some pretty things you’ve painted round a table for 5 or 6 games at the end of it.

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