The Voice Speaks: Necrons 101 (0010101)

3 Jan

Ok so I lied, this isn’t a Necrons introductory course/blog, but I’m not one to let a good binary joke go to waste.

Today I shall wallow in my hubris and wax lyrical about my new list or in fact “lists” as I have two that I’ve been gradually play testing over the last few weeks; though ill also digress on to a rules query and bang on at length about why wraiths are great.

“Why two lists” id imagine id hear you ask. Well the simple answer to this is: Because the Royal Court rule is as hazy as last Friday night.  The rule reads “Before the battle each member of the royal court has the option of being split off from his unit and being assigned to lead another unit……..Only one member of the royal court can join each unit in this manner”

Now many people have said this means one court member only per unit in the army’ much like wolf guard in the Space Wolfs codex. However (as I and many others see it) there is nothing to back this up. In the Wolfs codex is strictly forbids it. In the Necron codex it just talks about the royal court in question splitting a member off to lead a unit, and, if you have 2 courts you apply the rule twice therefore having 2 court members per unit. This seems very simple to me and adds nice utility and combo’s to units which are far from game breaking in this age of Paladin deathstars, 15 point assassins and psyker battle squads. For the record, unless an official faq overrides this I will be ruling it this way for the 40kukgt as it seems pretty clear cut to me.


But I digress. On to my list(s).

With the royal court ruling:

The Traveller, in command barge with gauss cannon – 245

  • Lord, war scythe, mindshackle scarabs, reserection orb -90
  • Cryptek – eldritch lance, solar pulse – 55

Overlord, war scythe and mind shackle scarabs in command barge with gauss cannon – 195

  • Cryptek – abyssal staff, veil of darkness – 60
  • Cryptek – eldritch lance, solar pulse – 55

10 Pyrrhian Eternal Immortals – Tesla carbines – 170 (veil and lord go here)

5 warriors – 65 (one cryptek with pulse here)

5 warriors – 65 (one cryptek with pulse here)

6 Wraiths – 2 whip coils and 2 particle caster – 235

6 Wraiths – 2 whip coils and 2 particle caster – 235

7 Scarab bases – 105

Annihilation Barge – 90

Annihilation Barge – 90

Annihilation Barge – 90


List without the ruling:

The Traveller, in command barge with gauss cannon – 245

  • Cryptek – eldritch lance, solar pulse – 55

Overlord, war scythe and mind shackle scarabs in command barge with gauss cannon – 195

  • Cryptek – eldritch lance, solar pulse – 55

5 warriors – in night scythe – 165 (one cryptek with pulse here)

5 warriors – in night scythe – 165 (one cryptek with pulse here)

5 warriors – 65

6 Wraiths – 2 whip coils and 2 particle caster – 235

6 Wraiths – 2 whip coils and 2 particle caster – 235

10 Scarab bases – 150

Annihilation Barge – 90

Annihilation Barge – 90

Annihilation Barge – 90


Basically after much play testing I’ve come up with these observations and tenants:

  • Take solar pulses, you need them to get in range for your 24 inch guns and assault units before they are gunned down-take at least one
  • Command Barges rock harder than a bag full of boulders… and one with the Traveller in doubly so.
  • Scarabs are a very cool tool, not a unit to base your whole army around however, already the counter scarab tactics are making the scarab farm moot. You need to be throwing them forward turn one with the rest of your aggressive stuff- take some, but don’t go nuts.
  • Twin linked tesla destructors give me a fizzy feeling in my tummy – take lots.
  • Wraiths are the epitome of a workhorse unit, there is nothing they cannot hurt shy of 10 man paladin units – take at least one unit and profit.

You might note I’ve dropped the monolith(s) now, which is not to say I don’t like them, cos I do, it’s just as I’m using the wraiths now I’m finding that you really need to give your enemy an overabundance of targets to shoot his s8/s9 anti tank at and multiple barges are a good way to do that as well as crank up the return firepower.


While we are speaking of wraiths, I’m noting in some circles people aren’t really liking them and I’m not sure why. I can only assume they are not using them in a correctly built list. As I mention, by taking wraiths and multiple mechanised options you really stretch the enemy’s anti tank thin, with having to deal with 12 wraiths (who you want to insta kill if the fail their 3++), 3 barges at the back and 2 barges driving down your gullet with cover saves you can really cause and opponent some serious target priority problems -this is quiet aside from the scarabs that you might be wanting to insta kill with the same weapons too and the fact they are trying to cope with 2 turns of night fight.


The wraiths excel at killing and being in the right place at the right time, they can be used as amazing speed bumps, tank killers or even big guy hunters (I’m looking at you mephi), they are resilient, fast, dangerous and most importantly, reliable. When was the last time you failed a charge cos you rolled a bad difficult terrain test? Exactly.


As for the lists they both do the same thing really but with a better scoring presence in one and a better mech/ranged fire power aspect in the other. It’s a tossup really which I prefer, but having only 3 x 5 scoring models can lead to a very bipolar style of play in the second list. What I mean by this is where by the aggressive elements are much more aggressive to make sure the scorers never get close to the action and the support stuff tends to play a bit more conservative to keep the squishy warriors alive. The immortals being so mobile in the first list however does allow a degree of freedom and fluidity to my battle plans that I enjoy.


Anyho, this is by far a complete run down of the army and my plans with it, I shall no doubt be tweeking the tactics I employ in the coming months starting AFTER the Caledonian uprising in Jan. I shall be taking Deathwing to that as I am the world’s slowest painter, even of Necrons.


Till next time.



12 Responses to “The Voice Speaks: Necrons 101 (0010101)”

  1. Charlie St. Clair January 3, 2012 at 11:50 #

    Sounds like a similar list to what I’m now running Gary, though thanks to the wonders of airbrushing, zenithal hilights, and a week long holiday it looks like it will have taken a week of mold-line removing and gluing together followed by a week or two of painting tops to get it finished 😀

    I’m curious as to what you’re looking to use for wraiths, that’s the one thing I’ve got to come up with and create.

    I’ve been running just the single unit of wraiths so far and found them lacking, but have had nowhere near enough games – so a few outlying average breakers are making me seriously doubt them when I shouldn’t be doubting them. Things like failing 6/8 invulnerable saves vs DE, or failing to hit at all multiple times – I’m sure once I get more games in with them though my faith in them will be restored.

  2. The Voice January 3, 2012 at 15:57 #

    For wraith im using the bodys of the preatorians but holding the warscythes – then a good friend of mine Andy Oakam is making pretty cool snake like tails for them. The one with a particle caster gets a pistol arm and the ones with whip coils are getting “somthing” which will look whip like. Im sure they will see me through untill the proper models arrive.

    As for the wraiths in game, all i can say charlie is to keep with them. But far an away they have been the unit that has been my mvp more times then any other; yes somtimes a flurry of bad 3++ saves can lead to them dying with a whimper, but thats why i go with 2 units now. They are like lone wolfs – you take 2 because one will always be a bit sh*t and the other will be amazing….

  3. 40KUK January 4, 2012 at 03:14 #

    Wraiths are the new ‘it’ units in 40k for me. They should be the internet darlings now

  4. Nathan Martin January 4, 2012 at 21:56 #


    I’m not realy feeling the Anhialation barges, can I ask which interpretation of the rules you are using? Are you rolling to hit and re-roll with the 4 shots and then rolling a single D6 to arc out to nearby units or are you rolling a D6 to arc for each of the 4 shots. The rules says after the initial shot has been resolved roll a D6, given that it has 4 shots I think you can make an arguament for 4D6.




    • The Voice January 4, 2012 at 22:39 #

      Hmmm. ive been rolling only one dice i must admit…. but four…..dont temp me frodo!! lol

      to be fair i think its just one dice – though i may be wrong. For 90 points though they are a steal. They are like better, cheaper rifle man dreads with more armour and less range.


      • Nathan Martin January 4, 2012 at 23:04 #

        I tried one once but blazed away at a Rhino for 6 turns without doing squat because of the AP-. Having said that, I am phenominally unlucky, I’ll have to try it again.

        Thanks Gary


  5. The Voice January 4, 2012 at 23:07 #

    To be fair i doi have 2 minimum and they will always go round in packs 🙂

  6. Charlie St. Clair January 6, 2012 at 02:30 #

    I’ve been playing one die, the very mention of 4 dice and BOOM away goes Gary, and out comes Percy ;)!

  7. Kaelarr January 6, 2012 at 17:21 #

    Lets face it though, we all have those games where no matter what you do, that rhino will not f*****g die!!

    And id be astonded in the arc was more than 1d6.

    • 40KUK January 7, 2012 at 04:02 #

      It isn’t, but please, please, please do not tempt Gary otherwise Percy will come out x

  8. Charlie St. Clair January 8, 2012 at 03:08 #

    It’s too late… Gary is dead… LONG LIVE THE PERC! 😉

    • The Voice January 9, 2012 at 19:47 #


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