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Episode 45: The Jolly Toys (not boys, or rogers) Outing Tournament

27 Feb

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Inspecting My Underwear: The New Style Death Stars by Dave Symcox

26 Feb


BEHOLD:  the time of the death star is over!

No longer do we see gamers at tournaments with an evil grin on their face and a horde of Wolf Lords, mounted on thunder wolf cavalry charging across the board, armoured with a 2+ save and saga of the bear to deal out death to whoever stands in their way.

No longer do we see our own Josh ‘The Master Debater’ Roberts, or Harry ‘Carry’ Allen with a plethora of Ghazghkull Thrakka loaded Battlewagons calling a Waaagh and winning the game in turn 2.

If you need any further proof, think about what happened to the Death Star at the end The Return of the Jedi.

Yet, I wonder whether a new death star has been born; or at least a vast extension of something devastating that already existed and has been given points to flourish.

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The Armchair General – Caledonian Uprising Tournament

24 Feb

Failure is the foundation of success, and the means by which it is achieved (Lao Tzu)




Taking a beating hurts!  I only started playing 40k again after a decade off last summer.  I’m not a great player by any stretch but after playing in 4-5 tournaments last year I approached this season thinking that 2012 will by my year!  Caledonian was my first outing of the year and it was not just a big field, but also an extremely competigive one.  Over a hundred of 40k’s brightest and best had the same plan as me to win 6 games and be showered with glory…

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A Space Marine Battle Report by Digital Unicorn

22 Feb


Hello all, another battle report this time, still deep in practice mode for this upcoming local event. This week I took a jaunt a few miles (40) and minutes (50 :-S) north to the fair town of Seaham. A charming little place that boasts its very own Independant hobby store, Games of War, a little bit on the nose for a war gaming store but, who am I to judge? With room enough and Terrain enough for 24 tables it is the venue hosting the Tournament and probably the largest space north of Nottingham, at least that I’ve heard of. Anyway, after some friendly chit chat on DakkaDakka with a few of the regulars and tournament attendees I arranged 2 games in advance and decided to make a day of it. In the end I played both at 2250 as that’s the level I’ve been struggling to find practice at.

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Episode 44:Some FAQ Talk

20 Feb

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Taynes Tau Tactica: the Forgeworld Update, by Graeme Nicholls

19 Feb


Tucked away in last week’s newsletter was an update to the third Imperial Armour book, the Talos campaign, bringing the Tau units within up to date. (What this means in terms of the next army book… no idea, it’ll come when it does regardless of what I postulate.)

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Black Library Card: Prospero Burns by Inquisitor Hardback

17 Feb


Hello children, my name is Inquisitor Hardback. Over the coming weeks (thanks to the trans-dimensional aural resonance of my psychic choir), we will be peering into several volumes from inside the Black Library, prior to your mandatory Meme wipe and purity seal-realignment. This time, we will be looking at Prospero Burns, another installment in the Horus Heresy series of books. Are you sitting comfortably in your restraints? Well then, I shall begin…

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