Gay for Sliscus – Webway to the GT by Paulie Wallis

8 Feb

Hey everyone, my name is Paulie and after following 40KUK since it’s early days I thought it was about time I started a blog. I already run the successful Dark Eldar forum The Dark City but my hopes for my little journal here will be a painting log to gear me up towards the event in March as well as general ramblings on all things Dark Eldar and 40K. I guess it’s time for the boring introduction part…

Dark beginnings… After playing Fantasy for a few years, I began 40k at the dawn of 3rd edition with the Dark Eldar. The twelve year old me had much fun painting the poor old models in delightfully thick paint and after over a decade of different armies and the obligatory ‘ZOMG girls and alcohol phase’ I returned to 40k with the Dark Eldar following on a year or so later. When I saw the new models I knew it was time to go home and finish what I had started.


Duke Sliscus The Serpent. As soon as I saw that name appear in a Warseer rumour thread I knew I’d found the leader and theme for my army, even if his rules and model were awful, I’d use him.

I like heraldric figures. I like renegades and rebels. I like space pirates. I like characters with force and charisma. I like pirates who’s personal colours are the flayed skin of an Imperial Admiral. I like debauchery. I like concubines. I like Ziggy Stardust. Turns out the Duke was everything I ever wanted. Oh and his rules are pretty good too.

See I like themed armies. I find it impossible to build an army without some form of back story or idea driving the army on. With the Duke at the helm I have a reason, a purpose. Instead of a simple Kabal I will be fielding the Sky Serpents, an array of renegades and outcasts, drawn to the banner and charisma of The Serpent. Realspace will never be the same again. Or so I hope.

In this, my first post I will show you a few pieces of the army that I have been working on. I’m a slow, slow painter and these pictures were taken months ago and the models basecoated but I want to show you where my ideas are going. Week by week I will be updating you all on whether my army will be anywhere near ready to fight at the GT – I took it to the Throne of Skulls in October in an embarassing state and hope not to repeat that. Well, on with the show.

Let’s start with the main man himself – Duke Sliscus. I wanted something original so opted to base him on Prince Yriel from the Eldar range. I then used a Warriors head, trophy hand and shoulder pads from the Hellions, Venom Blades from the Scourges, a Serpent from the Corsairs kit plus some other mish mash. He is still due a lot of work – a lot of green stuffing and the banner needs finishing too. Oh why I have I set myself deadlines…

An objective marker for the army using some rare and unreleased Slave Girls. I hope to do a future article based on ideas for converting pain tokens and objective markers.

This is the Haemonculus that I am currently working on, he comprises of parts from Urien, the generic Haemi, Talos kit, Flagellants and an Archon’s soul trap.

The idea of the Artiste is he acts as Duke’s head beautician and practicing artist, always on the lookout for ‘subjects’ for his next masterpiece. He will not be far from the Duke in the time of war and realspace raids as he curates his own impromptu exhibitions on the battlefield.

To suggest his artistic nature, he has three portraits on show, carried by the tendrils and limbs on his back. My original idea for these was to simply paint portraits on them with possible real life nods but that will be saved for another project in the army; instead I find him using his Shattershard to trap his subjects inside paintings or maybe something even more complex would be a lot more satisfying.

One of my problems is the ability to truly convey him as an actual artist as for now only the canvasses and blood dripping from a syringe to suggest a paintbrush are the only things that will help the viewer. Are stereotypes the way to go? Would a beret and palette establish his character or be too undeniably cliche?

That’s that for now with my army, I am currently working on some Wyches and Trueborn and hope to discuss some tactics and my army list with you too… I was about to finish the article off but it seems some new FAQs have appeared…


This came live at the time of writing so let’s see what this entails for the denizens of Commorragh….

No more dodge save versus exploding vehicles in combat – A lot of players were arguing that their Wyches recieved their 4+ invuns when a vehicle explodes in their face after using Haywires. Apparently their honed training and elite skill at dodging out of the way now escapes them when that Chimera explodes next to them.

Djin Blade cleared up – Again something some Commorrite rules lawyers were taking advantage of was using the additional attacks granted by the Djin Blade in conjunction with another special weapon like the Agoniser. GW says no to this, however you can gain the extra attacks with a normal close combat weapon. That’s a potential 9 S3 power weapon attacks for a charging Archon with Adrenalight.

Flickerfield only used against penetrating and glancing hits – This means that flat out zooming Raiders will no longer get a 5+ save when they crash and burn when flying into a manufactorum or the like and become immobilised. Remember Flickers are still used in the assault phase; my Razorwing has survived a last turn assault by 20 angry Orks this way.

Lance vs Quantum Shielding, who wins? – This is taken from the Necron FAQ and settles the debate on what armour value a Necron vehicle with Quantum Shielding will have when it takes a hit. I had a Necron release day game halted for 15 minutes to discuss this rule and thankfully it has been cleared up and the Kabal of Common Sense won. Lance trumps Quantum.


Thanks for taking the time to read my first article and I do hope you’ve enjoyed it, I’d really appreciate any comments and critique on the blog too. See you in the Webway…


6 Responses to “Gay for Sliscus – Webway to the GT by Paulie Wallis”

  1. Leon David Smith February 8, 2012 at 13:17 #

    I like this a lot, really looking forward to seeing the project compleate at the GT so keep it up.

    • Paulie Wallis February 8, 2012 at 23:02 #

      Hey Leon, we’ve actually spoken before on Warseer (Jokaero!), thanks for the encouraging words.

  2. Andy Ovel February 8, 2012 at 13:22 #

    Hey Paulie good article: Duke Sliscus was definitely the stand out character for me when I went through my copy of the codex. I had already decided that I wanted to collect an “old school” pirate Eldar force, and he fits that perfectly.

    As a bit of an expert on Dark Eldar I wondered if I could ask your advice on possible builds. I already started picking up a few bits last year, and planned to build the force up slowly (I have a box of Kabalite warriors, a Raider and an Archon for my force), but I don’t want to go down the Venom spam route, mostly because I can’t afford 15 venoms and the squads to go in them.

    So what in your opinion what would be a good army, or units, to collect for a “fun” army without breaking the bank?

    Now I’m aware that with GW this is a relative term, and my bank will be a bit broken (I’ve been in this hobby to long to think it would be any other way), but I don’t want to be haemorrhaging cash!

    Oh, and I’m looking forward to seeing the converted models painted up. 



    • Paulie Wallis February 8, 2012 at 23:12 #

      Hi Andy, I’m far from an expert I’m afraid, I haven’t got the competitve experience and/or enough games under my belt since returning to the hobby to claim that.

      If you’re going for a Sliscus based force you need to take into account his army boosting rules. To take advantage of his contraband you need a decent amount of Wyches and/or Hellions, for his poison a solid Kabalite unit with enough splintery weaponry; Vertical Assault is something I’ve seen rarely done but by having Duke the option is there. If you’re not taking good advantage of the first two rules then you’d be better off with a standard Archon.

      At the moment I don’t want to spoil the topic of my next blog so I’ll leave your main query unanswered, hopefully I can answer that next week for you.

      For tactical advice in the meantime why not check out

      • Andy Ovel February 9, 2012 at 10:19 #

        Cheers Paulie that’s some good advice, I chatted with Gary “The Voice” when I was in Nottingham for the Warpath launch party, and his advice was to go for a large unit of Hellions if I didn’t want to do Venom spam; a quick internet search shows them to be a very popular and effective choice for DE.

        So I think some Hellions and Wyches will have to be my next purchases.

        Have you used Incubi, I love the models but no one seems to use them which is shame because they are really nice?

        I look forward to the next article



      • Paulie Wallis February 9, 2012 at 20:20 #

        I like Hellions a lot and they can form the solid centre of your army. Best piece of advice to give you regarding them is to take the Baron with them, for only 105pts he adds so much to them. Rerolling terrain tests means no worry about where you move, free grenades and making them Troops are just a few of the great abilities he gives them.

        However although I am using them at the moment I plan to drop them the next time I change my list; I use them far too conservatively.

        The ‘problem’ with Incubi is that they contest the Elites section with Trueborn, have no grenades and are almost too good – they’ll go through most units like a knife through butter. The problem there lies in that next turn they’ll be sat in the open. I have to agree that the models are fantastic; I’m yet to use them myself.

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