Taynes Tau Tactica: the Forgeworld Update, by Graeme Nicholls

19 Feb


Tucked away in last week’s newsletter was an update to the third Imperial Armour book, the Talos campaign, bringing the Tau units within up to date. (What this means in terms of the next army book… no idea, it’ll come when it does regardless of what I postulate.)

Now Forgeworld units have become a hot topic since the release of Imperial Armour Apocalypse Second Edition (IAA2 for short, and boy does that need shortening). For those unaware, IAA2 allowed some units to be used in normal 40k battles, and left the rest as Apocalypse only. The real contention on the issue has been whether to allow said units in tournaments, and more tournaments are indeed letting some people bring some Forgeworld along.

So what does this update bring us? Well, everything in the update is usable in regular 40k now, giving our dated codex more variety. Let’s have an initial looksie at each new option, eh?


Tetra Scout Speeder Team


Now these are getting very good vibes on the ‘net. The updated markerlight has become Heavy 4 rather than Heavy 1. At last, an efficient form of Markerlight support! Even better, the Marker Beacon rule makes it aid deep striking just like Pathfinder Devilfish does so we’ve not lost out there. The base Speeder even comes with a built in Disruption pod for a free 4+ cover save. There’s no doubt, these guys are good.


Remote Sensor Tower

Second up we have another exciting option, the Sensor Tower. It’s an immobile, AV10 tower with a marker light and positional relay. Ok, it has to start on the table then and can be killed by bolters, that’s all true, but it has the “Multi-phasic Sensor Suite”. This snappy l’il rule allows 1 unit in 6” to reroll all to hit rolls as well as acute senses for a shooting phase. Awesome! Free twinlinking on whatever you like? Hammerheads? Ta muchly! Firewarriors? Eh, that’ll drop a squad of GEQ down to size.


Tau Hammerhead Gunship/Commander Battlesuits

Ok, not new but new turret options. Mourn the Ion cannon, the Plasma Cannon is dancing on it’s grave. No, really. For the same points, the PC gets an extra shot and twin-linking. The other options.. yeah, nothing I’d see someone using. As for the Commander.. well, you get to use the funky looking resin suits which are neither amazing nor dire, use at your choice.


Drone Sentry Turrets

I’m not sure here. Some people are excited to see these turrets lobbing out twinlinked shots constantly in a defensive AV12 block, but I’m not sold. These don’t move, don’t contest and have a BS2, I’d rather have more kroot for utility.



Heavy Gun Drone

Twinlinked Burst Cannons or a single ‘cannon and a markerlight.. yeah, don’t take them. They’re a heavy option, and we don’t have the space. They are jetpacks, so mobile but we now have Tetra’s… Moving on.


Goaded Great Knarloc

Oh yeah, this has me grinning. A Monstrous Creature for us? Ha! I’ll take three! In all seriousness, I’m torn here. I’d love to have and paint some of these (or the ridden version below), but I’m debating how useful they are. Pro’s: Fleet, Stealth/Move Through Cover in woods, potential easy cover saves (assuming they work like the Hive tyrants/Bodyguards do for Tyranids). Con’s: Low Toughness for an MC, they might run away quite easily, eats its own goaders, expensive (assuming the base cost doesn’t include any goaders). I want to try, my first thoughts are that they can loiter behind Hammerheads for counter assault units… will have to test these out.


Mounted Great Knarloc Herd

Relentless Twinlinked Krootgun? Not bad. Fleet? Yum. S6? Not arguing here. I don’t see the base bolt thrower being used, but the explosive version or the Kroot Gun, sure, that could work. These guys won’t run from dead goaders, but share the same A3 value as the Goaded version above. Again, I want to try, they look such fun, but they might not be enough to hit back hard enough.



Knarloc Rider Herd

I’m definitely not sold here. Cavalry we don’t need, low attacks for a high point cost AND they cannot sweeping advance. Ok, they are S5 T4, which isn’t bad if you can get in cover, but until tested I’ll say a “no thank you” to these.


So that’s it. The Tetra’s are the shining winners here, but there’s options. Monstrous Creatures for the Kroot lovers, Turrets/towers for the Tau purists. It’s a shame there was nothing for Vespid, but this is a welcome addition to our range I think.



The Pledge.

Oh yeah, I’m rocking this now.

I finished my Daemons army ready for a local Tourney. What have I achieved? Well, 10 Fiends and 10 Horrors done, based and ready. 10 Seekers done, based and ready and the Blood Thirster done, all in three weeks! (Well, I had started a little bit last October, but mostly done in three weeks).

I got to the Tourney and unpacked them to a surprised audience, which was nice. I proceeded to win best painted, which was nice. I also won best Sportsman, which was nice. I took an absolute pounding, which was… expected. I’ve played the army twice before and it’s all so new and shiny. I did avoid the wooden spoon… thanks to my paintscore! Huzzah! How are you guys doing now?



4 Responses to “Taynes Tau Tactica: the Forgeworld Update, by Graeme Nicholls”

  1. Leon David Smith February 19, 2012 at 13:17 #

    HI there, nice to see these covered. I was preparing doing some recording to cover them but guess i can leave thar for now. I agree pretty much with every thing you have said except the Knaloc Riders who i really like. They will get 4 st5 attacks on the charge which is pretty good and can easily be kept back and held in a defensive postion and have the charge range to cover the weak spot in your army when an enemy unit hits. There also decent at dealing with non MEQ units or small non combat dedicated ones. They are even able to hunt down enemy vehicles as the have the strength to penetrate the rear. The only real weakness’ if them is their low save and leadership both of which can be negated by good use of cover and well timed charges.

    • Digital Unicorn February 19, 2012 at 18:10 #

      Not to mention Ethereal support, these guys having furious charge makes losing your HQ quite a tasty option 😀

    • Graeme Nicholls (@TheTayne) February 19, 2012 at 23:29 #

      It is 4 S5 attacks on the charge, but with the poor I3 and no grenades (not that they’d do much to help against MEQ), T4 and a 6+ armour save, I really don’t see these guys working well. I guess they could take out vehicles by hitting rear armour, but vehicles aren’t a worry for a Tau force in general.

  2. Andy Ovel February 20, 2012 at 15:30 #

    Another good article, I’m hoping to play some Tau when I come up for the GT 🙂

    As for painting, I’m in too much of a flap getting my army list sorted for this Friday (the last day you can enter your list with out losing points!) and I’ve been tweaking, practicing and honing my list and thin I have finally got it finished.

    I did have everything painted, but now I’ve get a few conversions to get done, and with the wife on a photography course this weekend I think I can get them sorted then.

    Fingers crossed



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