A Space Marine Battle Report by Digital Unicorn

22 Feb


Hello all, another battle report this time, still deep in practice mode for this upcoming local event. This week I took a jaunt a few miles (40) and minutes (50 :-S) north to the fair town of Seaham. A charming little place that boasts its very own Independant hobby store, Games of War, a little bit on the nose for a war gaming store but, who am I to judge? With room enough and Terrain enough for 24 tables it is the venue hosting the Tournament and probably the largest space north of Nottingham, at least that I’ve heard of. Anyway, after some friendly chit chat on DakkaDakka with a few of the regulars and tournament attendees I arranged 2 games in advance and decided to make a day of it. In the end I played both at 2250 as that’s the level I’ve been struggling to find practice at.


I’m going to discuss both games in seperate articles as, to be honest, I don’t often get to play, I might as well milk it for all its worth.

I’m going to write about the second game first, as its the one that stands out most when it came to list, opponent, tactics and down right Dice Rape. That’s right Dice Rape, I’m allowed to say it, as long as I don’t say it on the podcast.


My opponent was an incredibly friendly chap by the name of Connor who made me feel thoroughly welcome in this new evironment. Also known as Ratwolf on DakkaDakka it will surprise no one that he was bringing his Space Wolves. Let the games commence!




My List :



Terminator Librarian w/SS w/Nullzone/G.O.I


5 Scouts w/Snipers/Cloaks

5 Tactical Marines + TL Las Razorback


10 Assault Terminators (8 TH/SS 2 LC) + LR Redeemer + MM + ExA

6 Sternguard Veterans + Sgt PF + Plasmagun + Meltagun + 2 Combi Plas + Combi Melta + Las/Plas Razorback

6 Sternguard Veterans + 2 Meltaguns + Combi Melta + Las/Plas Razorback


Vindicator + Dozerblade

Thunderfire Cannon

Landraider + MM + ExA


List Notes :

I’ve kept everything from the 1750 list and expanded on that. The 10 man Termie squad splits into two 5’s and both go into Landraiders, 5 TH in the Redeemer with the Libby and a Mixed squad with Kantor in the Godhammer. I used the last 25pts to buy another Veteran for the 5 man squad who no longer need to reserve a space for Kantor in the Razorback.


Opponents list :


Rune Priest w/Chooser + LL + JotWW

Wolf Lord w/Runic Armour/Thunderwolf mount + Saga of the Bear + Frost Blade + SS + Wolftooth Necklace + 2 Fen Wolves + Meltabombs

Wolf Guard Battle Leader w/Power Armour/Wolf Claw/SS + Saga of the Warrior Born + Thunderwolf Mount + 2 Fen Wolves


9 Grey Hunters + Meltagun + Mark of the Wulfen + Power Fist + Rhino

3 x 5 Grey Hunters + Meltagun + PW + MotW + TL Las Razorback w/ExA


10 Fenrisian Wolves

Land Speeder + MM + HF

Land Speeder + MM + HF


2x 6 Long Fangs w/3 ML 2 LC

6 Long Fangs w/3 ML 2 LC + TL Las Razorback w/ExA



List Notes :

Rune Priest joins the 9 man Squad in the Rhino and both Wolf mounted HQ’s join the Fennies.


Initial list thoughts :

As usual when it comes to my local area, this is the most competitive Wolves list I’ve ever had to face, I just don’t see anything like this outside of events. This is not a bad thing, both battles on the day were challenging and that’s the only way anyone gets better. There is an awful lot of Lascannons in this list, Lascannons that are very good at killing my Razorbacks. There are also lots of Meltaguns, which terrify my normally aggressive Landraider. The Thunderwolf Lord really didn’t scare me that much, with the combination of Nullzone, my own 3++ save and no Instant death weapons to stop Kantor being a nice 175pt wound sink I felt confident I could beat or at least tie up the unit. My anti-infantry shooting is pretty short range which will make the Long Fangs a bit of a problem, the Flamestorm Cannons on the Redeemer look to be my get out of jail free card.


Terrain :

The field was a semi-dense urban set up. On Connors side were 3 smallish square buildings/ruins, set up in a loose line with a large L shaped ruin in the far right corner. In the middle another L shaped ruin in the mid left pointing towards the left edge and another small ruined building in the center, with a tall thin Impassable near the right board edge. My deployment had a largish ruin far left, one of the small buildings in the middle and a smaller ruin on the right.


Mission : Kill Points

Deployment : Dawn of War

Size : 6×4

First Turn : Space Wolves


Deployment :

Connor left everything to walk on turn 1, except the Speeders which go into Deepstrike. I placed the scouts in the far left ruin and left everything else to walk on too.


Deployment Thoughts :

As Kill Points is the only mission we’ll be playing at the 2250pts level at the event we chose this mission. The Deployment will still be random so, we rolled off for it, I knew when we got it that Dawn of War would be a crippling set-up for his list. With so much of his shooting tied up in those static Long Fangs he was guarunteed to lose 1 if not 2 turns of some of his best anti-tank. I think this is what motivated his decision to take first turn, he won the roll off and was obviously trying to limit how many turns of maximum shooting I could get against his tanks unmolested. My list however actually does very well with Dawn of War, most of my shooting is very mobile and is also quite reactionary so I had no problem going second.


Space Wolf Turn 1 :

From left to right, a Long Fang squad comes on and runs into the left most middle ruin. The Wolf mounts and the Fennies come on along side the building and the Long Fang Razor comes on and pops smoke along side. The second Long Fang pack runs into the right middle ruin, the 3 Grey Hunter Razorbacks and the rhino all come in on the right side of that ruin, inbetween it and the L shaped one. The rhino on the left and a Razor on the right move on 12 and pop smoke, while the other 2 Razors come in behind them. The last Long Fang pack runs on into the L shaped building on the far right. He didn’t attempt to shoot my scouts as he couldn’t really see them.


My Turn 1 :

My Redeemer moved on 12 and snuck behind the middle L shaped building, blocking LOS to it completely. The Landraider moved on 12 just to the right of the small building on the middle of my board edge and popped smoke. The Vindicator did the same to the right of the Landraider, the rest of the Razorbacks came on behind them making a staggered 2/3 formation giving them LOS. The Thunderfire Cannon walked on into position on the edge of the right ruin. The 2 Sternguard Razorbacks on the right wrecked the front right Grey Hunter Razorback and the Left one missed its target.


Turn 1 Thoughts :

Not too much to mention here, his deployment was basically what I expected, the Long Fangs were almost in position but still didn’t have anything near clear LOS on anything at all. The Wolf Hammer unit was clearly looking to make a charge throught the middle channel and the Razor carpark was looking to exploit the large open space on that right hand side. As for the damage I caused, I was pretty pleased, wrecking is always better than exploding when vehicles are so tightly packed and would cause him problems in the long run. I was sending the Redeemer the long way round to avoid all the heavy weapon shooting and then strafe the Long Fangs with its Ap3 flamers.


Space Wolf Turn 2 :

So, turn 2, its on right? Its on like the proverbial copyrighted video game charcter. Well, not quite, the Left most Long Fang pack was the only one with line of site to anything and even then it was the Landraider which shook off the 2 Lascannons. The Wolves moved forward and the Razorback next to them moved forward 6 and stunned the Landraider. The middle LF pack moved into position at the edge of their ruin, thhe Rhino moved out 6 inches and moved off towards the middle channel the wolves were heading for, it still had LOS to the Thunderfire Cannon and the Rune Priest inside shot Living Lightning at it and destroyed the Cannon but, perils took a wound. The back left Razor moved into the space left by the rhino and the back right moved into position behind it, both took pot shots at the vindicator but, did nothing. The squad that fell out of the wreck move right into the L shaped building. The far right Long Fangs ran into the most forward part of the L Shaped ruin.


My Turn 2 :

The Redeemer continues its advance and pokes its nose round the corner of the ruin, it puts 4 wounds on the left Long Fangs and takes out a ML and the Squad Leader. The Landraider in the middle moves up 12 and more or less blocks the advance of the Wolves, its MM immobilises the Razorback. The Tac Squad Razor then stuns that same Razorback. The vindicator moves up and drops a Template on the front left Razor and explodes it, taking a Grey Hunter from inside and a Long Fang in the building with it. The 2 Sternguard Razors give the other now visible Razor a go but, its cover save let’s it avoid damage. The Techmarine in the corner runs through the ruin to the front edge.


Turn 2 Thoughts :

A pretty favourable turn for me, Connors dice were already starting to screw him over which, coupled with me rolling hot, was making it very hard for him. Losing the Thunderfire Cannon was a little annoying as I was hoping to use it to put the hurt on the Long Fangs, but 3 Razorbacks shut down already was more than I could have hoped for. I was in charge range of the Wolf squad but, the rest of my army wasn’t quite ready to support them yet so I stayed in box and just made myself a road block.


Space Wolf Turn 3 :

The left LF pack shoots at the Redeemer but, doesn’t hurt it. The Wolf Lord pack moves up and assaults the Landraider, but with only rending attacks and a single meltabomb he doesn’t cause any damage. The Rhino charges forward into the channel snuggly along side the right ruin, the Rune Priest along with both the other LF packs shoot at the Vindicator, they take off its gun and shake it. The last right Razorback shoots at a Sternguard Razorback and shakes it as well. One of the Land Speeders arrives from deepstrike and lands along side the same Razorback but, misses.


My Turn 3 :

The Redeemer charges 12 round the corner, dumps its occupants, then Flames the remains of the LF pack in the left middle building killing all but 1. The Librarian stays inside and casts Nullzone. The Landraider in the middle backs away from the Wolf Lord and drops out Kantor and the Termies, then it uses its still in range MM on the Rhino but misses. The Tac squad Razor has a crack at the immobilised Razorback but fails to pen. The now gunless Vindicator decides to go on a rampage and rams the side of the Rhino through the ruin, it only manages S7 and doesn’t damage it. Both Sternguard Razorbacks shimmey forward and the right one dumps out its squad out of LOS of the wolf shooting next to the LandSpeeder and combined with the Techmarine who moves out of cover manage to wreck it. The other Sternback manages to explode the last Grey Hunter Razorback. After all that shooting Kantor has a quick pop with his Dorn’s Arrow at the Wolf Squad, killing the one Fennie that was in charge range of the Redeemers Terminators. So instead they have to charge the mauled LF pack. Kantor and his buddies charge the Lords and wolves but, only the Battle leader gets counter attack. They manage to take all 3 wounds off the Bear Lord with help from Nullzone along with 7 Fennies, a LC and 1 TH go down so he loses by 8. 4 more Fennies bite it and the Battle Leader takes a save and passes. The other Terminators obliterate the Long Fangs and consolidate towards the next squad.


Turn 3 Thoughts :

Fantastic turn for me really, lots of dice fail on Connors part, lots of dice win on mine. All of his Razorbacks have been shut down and he’s down to 2 Long Fang packs that can’t see an awful lot. And all this for, so far, only 1 KP loss for me. The Speeder missing was very fortunate but, my Techmarine not getting to charge was a bit annoying as he was now out in the open, free KP anyone? My Redeemer is getting itself in a nice position but, there’s an immoblised tank blocking my way to the rest of his infantry which is a bit annoying and will have to be sorted out. The Bear Lord proved to be not too much of a challenge, as I’ve always found in the past, focused attacks from most of the squad will down them very quickly, although it didn’t help that both sets of I5 attacks from the HQ’s did almost nothing to me, the Fennies did the most damage. My plan for next turn is to use the far TH squad to assault the next LF pack and stick one on the Immobilised Razor to clear a path for myRedeemer. After seeing how the Wolf Lord combat went I didn’t think I needed to add anymore reinforcements to it, they had basically won their points back already so anymore was a bonus.


Space Wolf Turn 4 :

Ill go from the right to left this time, as it’ll make more sense that way. The second Speeder came down and tried to pop the Techmarine but misses. The Long Fangs both shoot at the Vindicator but, just shake it and take the Storm Bolter off. One of the Grey Hunter Squads moves out of their crater and moves toward the Terminators, they shoot and assault them, killing 1, but losing 2 of 4 in process, they fail their test but, pass their fearless wounds. The large Grey Hunter squad and priest jump out of the Rhino and charge into the Wolf Lord combat. The LC termie cuts down 2 Grey Hunters and a TH takes a wound off the Battle Leader, Kantor can only hit the Fennies so he takes 2 more of those off. The Grey Hunters claim the LC and another TH, and they pass their morale test.


My Turn 4 :

Right to Left again, The Techmarine jumps into the empty Razorback, which takes some pot shots at the Long Fangs in the ruins but they live. The Sternguard move up and explode the other Speeder and the other 2 Razors move to take some shots at the Grey Hunetrs in the craters but, fail too. The Vindicator move 12 out of the ruin towards the Long Fangs on the right and the Landraider has another crack at the Rhino and Immobilises it. The Termies at the back continue to fight but, only kill one GH. The Middle combat continues, only the Battle Leader can hit Kantor and he takes a wound and the last TH dies before he can swing but, Kantor takes a wound and the last Fennie off the BL. The Redeemer continues round the corner and shoots the Razor with its MM and takes its turret off.


Turn 4 Thoughts :

Another fairly good turn, the middle combat and the far combat look like their going to end in Connors turn which is very handy, I decided to just use the Vindicator as a nusciance but, it wasn’t in range to tank shock anything. There’s blood in the water now and we both know it, I’m starting to close in on his infantry now that his vehicles are gone and I’m ahead by like, 6 KP which is a big deficit for him to overcome in his current condition. My Redeemer is now in position to pounce on the large GH squad when it gets out of the combat and my Termies are looking past their combat at the Long Fangs.


Space Wolf Turn 5 :

His small Grey Hunter squads move forward to melta the Vindicator and explode it, taking a few of their number with them, the Long Fangs shoot at the Razorback with the Techie in and stun it. The Terminator combat ends when the last GH dies and they consolidate towards the LF packs building. Kantor is a beast in the middle combat, he manages to last long enough to strike and gets the BL down to 1 wound, the Rune Priest gets a wound on him but, perils’ and dies on double 6 trying to Force Weapon him, but the last PF Grey Hunter gets through and kills him. The BL consolidates towards the Landraider and the GH go towards my Redeemer.


My Turn 5 :

The Terminators charge into the Long Fangs and one touches the Razor and wrecks it, the Long Fangs kill 1 Termie but, die to a man. The Redeemer moves forward 6 and twin flames the Grey Hunter squad, toasting all of them. The Landraider wrecks the Rhino with its MM and tries to Lascannon the Battle Leader but, he saves it on his Shield. The Razorbacks move forward and take a few more pot shots at the Grey Hunters in the open.


Turn 5 Thoughts :

A nice little KP mop up turn for me, I picked up 4 and lost 2, which just assured victory. Both combats came to an end as I thought they would, Kantor handily stuck around long enough to finish off the Fennies for 1 KP and the Rune Priest kindly took himself out for another.


Round up :

And that’s where it ended, we called it as I had to get going to beat the traffic, it finished 15KP’s to 4 and was a pretty resounding victory for me. As I expected from the beginning, Dawn of War ruined this game for the Wolves. Not only that, some key Dice rolls meant that my shooting lived and his died, even tho he had more and argueably better stuff. Now, time to be brutal, what were his mistakes??……

Oh, I don’t know! To my eye he did the best he could with an awful situation, you could make an arguement that he shouldn’t have brought all those GH Razors on in the same place but, there was really no other places they would have done better. He perhaps should have brought on his Long Fangs closer together and denied flank bunching in that righthand side. If he had my Redeemer would have had little choice but to charge across that open plain and get in range of his Meltaguns. Whereas with them spread out I had a clearly defined route to bypass all the Melta and only have to handle one unit at a time, not only that that far left LF pack had NOTHING to shoot at the entire game.


This sort of runs in to what I learned from the game, or rather had re-affirmed. Lascannons are not for killing Landraiders. Players often look at the Lascannon profile and think, ooo, I can penetrate AV14 with this, which is Technically true but, when you consider you have the same chance as a Guardsmen to wound Mephiston, it doesn’t sound that great does it? My Lascannons are Light Transport killers, while I have a chance to pen AV14, I am almost guarunteed to damage AV11. My Lascannons ravaged his Razorbacks, while all his fire got directed against my high AV vehicles. People of the Internet, Lascannons don’t kill Landraiders, Meltas do, an I’m melta spammer and I might kill you.


With that classic Goldie looking chain reference done its time for me to go, I hope you enjoyed the article and make sure to let me know what you think. Oh before I forget, question, as always, as this is tournament practice and Connor will be attending, are there any changes to his list or Space Wolf advice in general you could give him?


Thanks again guys, and remember, hold fast, hold the line and don’t stop reading until……


Digital Unicorn is GO!!!


9 Responses to “A Space Marine Battle Report by Digital Unicorn”

  1. Andy Ovel February 22, 2012 at 18:55 #

    Nice report 🙂

    So true about Melta, your lascannons should be saved for killing light armour.

    I have been told, and I have yet to test out the math, but a twin linked assault cannon with its 4 shots and its rending is actually more likely to penetrate a Land Raider than a Lascannon!

    Does anyone know if that’s true?

    So are you going to the GT, and if you are are will you be bringing your Marines?

    • the armchair general February 23, 2012 at 10:06 #

      The assault cannon doesn’t even need to be twin linked to make it the mathematical favourite.

      Of course the assault cannon shooter will probably be in the threat range of the TH/SS terminators in the land raider if it doesn’t get the job done so that is something to consider…

    • Digital Unicorn February 23, 2012 at 11:26 #

      I can attest to that too, slightly different but, I faced a Mortis pattern dread with the 2 six shot Assault Cannons. He targetted my LR and I thought, what a joker, he’s wasting all those shots. Needless to say he penned it 3 times and blew it up, lol.

      I’m not attending the GT I’m afraid, while I would have loved too, finances at the time of ticket sales dictated that I couldn’t come. I may however drop by and help out with the organising and play in the Apoc game, we’ll see, its a fair distance for me to go. I would take my marines if I was playing though, how could I not? Although I might get punched if I have to explain why I’m saying Kantor has BS6 and a 2+ save despite what it says in the Codex 😛

      • Andy Ovel February 23, 2012 at 13:25 #

        I do love Assault Cannons; I just wish they had a 48” range 

        Sorry to hear you won’t be in the GT, so I guess it’s up to me to uphold the honour of all those dashing Vanilla Marine players out there!

        So I’m looking forward to getting a proper mauling by all the Grey knights, Necrons, Dark Eldar, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, IG, Tau etc….

        I’ve challenged Percy to a game on the Friday, but if he is busy playing someone else and you are there then I hope to see you at the Apoc’ game; I will assume you will be the one with the Crimson Fist Marines and the astounding facial horn?  lol

      • Digital Unicorn February 23, 2012 at 15:00 #

        Yes defo mate, I will be the only pixelated mythical creature there, at least I hope, it’ll be awfully embarassing if Technicolour Pegasus turns up again……

      • 40KUK February 25, 2012 at 14:11 #

        Buddy, we are working our way through the waiting list… outside chance you could get in if ya want to???

  2. The Voice February 23, 2012 at 15:49 #

    challanged percy or gary?? important difference… you want me to bring the thunder or the lightning? 😛

  3. Andy Ovel February 23, 2012 at 18:51 #

    Bring it on Percy!!!

    The Book of Hosea 8:7 says: “They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind”.

    Well I haven’t got any whirlwinds so it will have to be: “They that sow the wind, shall reap the Attack Bikes” which is much scarier when they are within 12″ with their Multi Meltas.

    Are you ready to eat pain sandwiches, with a long cool serving of disappointment lemonade? 🙂

    • 40KUK February 25, 2012 at 14:18 #

      The Assault Cannon and the lascannon are a tricky one. Statistically the assault cannon is the kiddy and can also take out much more lightly armoured tanks. The issue with it is the range. Many people have an assault cannon on their landraiders which will then put them into touch with many of their opponents guns, but the landraider can take it.

      When Josh ‘The Master Debater’ Roberts was practising for the Masters he added assault cannon to his razorbacks. His thinking was that there would be a lot of landraiders knocking around that he would otherwise have trouble dealing with.

      The razorbacks definitely dealt with those landraiders, but the razorbacks got shredded in the reurn fire. So I suppose the balance is whether you can take the death dealing assault cannon and ‘get away with it’.

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