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No Podcast This Week!

26 Mar



We have had the 40KUK Grand Tournament this week, so have been beavering away hard at that, but the show will be back next Monday reporting on the tournament.



Episode 48: How are Necrons against Wolves?

19 Mar

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The Armchair General 2012 Tournament 2: Jolly Toys Outing

18 Mar

Failure is the foundation of success, and the means by which it is achieved (Lao Tzu)

So, you heard the hype, listened to the podcast special, know the results and you are still planning to read about my tale of mid table mediocrity at the Jolly Boys Rogering?  Well I shall try not to dissapoint!


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Razorbacks by Andrew Ovel

14 Mar


These trusty Space Marine tanks can be found in army lists everywhere. In fact, the Razorspam list is a highly popular choice amongst the power-armoured masses, and I’ve been thinking about exactly why I, and many others, like them so much. Continue reading

Episode 47 – A Bit of Imperial Guard Evolution

12 Mar

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A Seal walks into a club- Baby Seals First Steps… Caledonnian Day 2 by David Walcot

9 Mar


This week: Cally day 2:How low can I go? (Hint-very low indeed)


So after my battering the day before, I came into day two with a belly full of bacon & incredibly low expectations. I was feeling pretty out classed at this point, but my list was doing the job it was created for. I was enjoying my games more, win or lose. And seeing as I was now lingering in the bottom ten, there was no pressure on me to do well at all! I still had to set myself some targets though, & seeing I now suffered the embarrassment of being on the second sheet of games (a lonely 5 tables or so) I decided I would aim to claw my way back to the lofty heights of sheet 1! I was also itching for Crowe to ‘heroic sacrifice’ something more expensive than him-so this was my bonus objective to myself-something to keep my games fun-even if I was losing badly.


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Tayne’s Musings: Bemused, Bewildered and Befuddled, by Graeme Nicholls

7 Mar

Now, I try and stay positive about this hobby of ours. It’s something we do for the fun of playing, the enjoyment of painting/whatever part you enjoy, yadda yadda, but there gets to a certain point when you look at something and just think… what? My apparent nemesis, Digital Unicorn, recently pointed out how Marines, the elite of the universe, have somehow forgotten to bring their combat knives.

That’s right. Marines get into a fight and.. throw a single punch each. What badasses.

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