We will rise again …. Evolution of the Necrons by Matt Kirk: Blog 6 – “Riding the Lightning!”

2 Mar

Ok, its been a while since my last confession blog but I have been putting in many games and have been trying out lots of different sorts of lists. I know the popular lists at the moment seem to be all about command barges but although these are awesome I have been quite enjoying trying to bash out some different options. I also don’t really have a strong desire to try out the scarab farm just at the moment… it just doesn’t seem fun. I like my 3 spiders with 10 scarabs that I try and fit in where I can (it’s nice to have the psychic defence too) as they can be disgusting but I really do like having a variety of toys on the table now I have a slightly fuller codex than I did this time last year.

After getting games in with the death-star lord unit (see previous blogs) I decided to try some other more shooty Imotek related lists. I know he is a lot of points but I am still sold on him for my sins. I can’t help it … and it’s not even cause I like the model (which I really do!) as I am still using a plastic lord from the barge kit as a proxy.


Imotek’s night-fight + chronomotron + pulse really has been working pretty well because of the magic number 7. 7 is the number most frequently rolled on 2D6” and because of the distribution of results (Dave could probably tell me the standard deviation here but I can’t be bothered to work it out) the further you get from the 7 the less likely it is to occur. So 8 is more likely than 9 etc… This means that on 2D6 6-8 are the most likely results. This is important because of Night-fight where the average distance seen then is between 18” and 24”. Now, hands up if anyone knows the average range of a Necron weapon?


A lot of the strategy I try and use (like most people I am sure) is based on the idea that if I can manoeuvre it so lots and lots of my guys are shooting a small amount of yours, but only a small amount of yours can shoot back – then I am usually gonna do pretty well. With Imotek’s Night-fight, rerolls and a pulse I can use the firepower I provide in the rest of the list to pick off the units in 24” knowing full well that the long range firepower is not going to see me back and the stuff within 24” is so shaken, stunned or dead that it can’t hurt me too much either. Mitigation of damage is part of the charm of Necrons to me, so this sort of idea really appeals.


I love to ride the lightning. Sometimes “The Guv’nor” goes bonkers (my record was hitting 6 razorbacks in a GK razorspam in one turn) and sometimes he does nothing (one turn of night-fight, no 6s… dam!) but by increasing turns using the chronomotron it does increase the chances and don’t forget you have a reroll for that phase each time… which can be really handy for vehicle damage tables. Any I pick off are a bonus but if I have managed to play it right then  either way they won’t shoot me back so it is just a nice little bonus.


I am sure everyone will have their lightning horror stories already if they have played with or against Imotek. People often say I am lucky with it, but if you roll a dice for every unit on the opponents side of the board my opinions is that you are pretty UNLUCKY if you don’t hit anything. I keep reading Imotek rarely pays for himself but in experience so far he pays for himself twice over in the games where he goes bananas (“I can’t beleieve you hit ALL of my 3 dreadnaughts!!”) and pays for himself in mitigation (“I can’t believe that my long-fangs can’t see you …. AGAIN!”) when he doesn’t. Maybe I have just been lucky (it’s a possibility) but I’m sticking with him for now.


The trouble that comes with Imotek in my opinions is that a list based around this idea needs two things to really be effective. Lots of reliable shooting (including anti-tank) at 24” and fast moving troop units for scoring and/or contesting. Ideally then I am looking at Triarch Stalkers, Ani-Barges and Night-Scythes. Sadly though I have a slight deficiency when it comes to making my own models (and an awe of those that can) so I have been a bit stuck for alternatives. In terms of anti tank at the moment I have gone with the Destructeks in a Ghost Arc and a unit of destroyers. It’s good enough to pretty reliably bust a one or two tanks a turn and then ani-barges come and pour loads of shots into whatever pops out.


The trouble has now become the troop choices really and it is still causing me some major disgruntlement. The problem is that Imotek is a lot of points so I don’t really want to take a second HQ at 1750 and below. This gives me 5 crypteks … and I need one of those to have a chronomotron so I can reroll night-fight. If I then take a cryptek with a veil to teleport a unit of immortals say I am reducing the effectiveness of my fire base that I need. If I don’t do that then I have no way of moving my troops around the board effectively with the models I have as my one Ghost Arc is used to ferry the crypteks around.


In short, I really want those Night-Scythes. The games I have played running 3 or 4 scythes (side plates), behind 3 ani barges and mixes in with some stalkers have gone pretty well for me. Now my troops are adding short range firepower to the mix, getting cover saves from the barges and leaping about as quickly as Eldar come the end of the game. However, I don’t want to play with side plates as night-scythes too often as they’re clunky, chunky and they break anything they land on (on a side note beer-as-drop-pods night works pretty well though!) so it’s a case of “love-model-you-have” for me at the moment.


Anyway, that’s it on the subject of Imotek at the today. I am sure I will jabber on about him again at some point but for the moment my focus is going to have to turn to making my troop choices work harder for me. I know I haven’t got that bit quite right in any list I run at the moment … but I am working on it!!


We’ll be back!




4 Responses to “We will rise again …. Evolution of the Necrons by Matt Kirk: Blog 6 – “Riding the Lightning!””

  1. Lane S March 3, 2012 at 10:05 #

    The Storm Lord is cool and most certainly scary, but I think it is exactly as the guys on the podcast said, he is best in larger point battles… and a warscythe wouldn’t go amiss.

    • 40KUK March 3, 2012 at 10:11 #

      I played against David Wiggley our official photographer for the GT in mid-week and he took the storm lord. It was my first time encountering him and the lightning ability really surprised me. In the first trun alone he destroyed a chimera, 5 psychers and a manticore. I wonder whether, against certain armies his ability could win you the game without doing anything, especially considering how defensive the necrons can be and how hard kill points are to take from them.

      • Matt Kirk March 4, 2012 at 21:46 #

        Against a heavy mech build he’s a lot of fun … last week I got a lucky strike on Straken’s squad, rolled 6 strikes, and double tapped him out. You can’t rely on it but it’s a lot of fun. I think to play it you have to be able to capitalise on what it does do and evolve your strategy in game quickly as he does or doesn’t do his thing. It’s become routine for me now though .. I can see myself becoming Arsenal again. Hide, defend, hide, defend, teleport, turbo, contest, win….. simples!

    • Matt Kirk March 4, 2012 at 21:43 #

      IMO he’s fine in lower point games, it’s just that the rest of the list needs to synergise with him to make the most points back from all his abilities. I have had games where he has payed for himself twice with lightning but more so I have had games with 4 or 5 turns of night fight and he has payed for himself with mitigation. On one thing we agree though … I wish to god he had a warscythe!!

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