A Seal walks into a club- Baby Seals First Steps… Caledonnian Day 2 by David Walcot

9 Mar


This week: Cally day 2:How low can I go? (Hint-very low indeed)


So after my battering the day before, I came into day two with a belly full of bacon & incredibly low expectations. I was feeling pretty out classed at this point, but my list was doing the job it was created for. I was enjoying my games more, win or lose. And seeing as I was now lingering in the bottom ten, there was no pressure on me to do well at all! I still had to set myself some targets though, & seeing I now suffered the embarrassment of being on the second sheet of games (a lonely 5 tables or so) I decided I would aim to claw my way back to the lofty heights of sheet 1! I was also itching for Crowe to ‘heroic sacrifice’ something more expensive than him-so this was my bonus objective to myself-something to keep my games fun-even if I was losing badly.



4 Paul

Paul played a meched up eldar list, with some pathfinders and Eldrad with a seer council. I’d played eldar a few times, and knew that Eldrad could mess up my psychic powers, and eldar tanks can be a complete pain to take down-and could win him the game with their final turn turbo-boosting antics. So I knew that I needed to take his tanks out or lose the game. So I did. And I won. Thems tactics! Crowe managed to ‘heroic sacrifice’ Eldrad in the last turn too, so a good result for me! A great opponent, who was obviously at the tourney for the fun of it, a very easy going game!


Baby Seal Game 4, Lesson 4

I think I won this game because I worked out what not to do. I knew there wasn’t any point in shooting his pathfinders with their 2+ cover, they would be too hard to shift-and as long as I stayed out of line of sight they weren’t a threat. They were holding an objective, but with 4 others I was happy to ignore them for the most part. I also knew that Eldrad makes you perils on your psychic tests much more often (12+ on 3D6) so I didn’t even try to cast any-unless I could afford to fail. Its, again, one of those things that comes with experience I guess-the more you play-the more you know. But if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed with options on what to do in your turn, maybe start with what you don’t want to do, or don’t need to do. Hopefully, you’ll be left with fewer, and more efficient options!



5 Alex

Alex played Space Marines, the match up I was hoping for! Unfortunately he had a Land Raider, which I can always do without. He hadn’t played against Grey Knights much, and was surprised to see my army so low down the tables. I proceeded to show him exactly why I was doing so badly! Primary objective was whoever had the most troop units wholly within 12” of the centre, and secondary was capture and control. It was going OK for me until his landraider hit my lines, and his Termies got out. They just tore right through me. In the last turn of the game we were both almost out of troops. He had 2 scouts holding his C&C objective; I had a single purifier hiding in some woods. Unfortunately for him, my lone purifier was just within 12” of the centre at the end of the game, giving me the primary-and therefore the win! OK so he had the secondary, whooped me on VPs and with one more turn would have tabled me without breaking a sweat. But I was still happy-I’d kept my eye on the mission!

Baby Seal Game 5, Lesson 5

Don’t forget the objectives. The more you’re winning by, the harder this can be-you may get caught up in the joy of taking your opponent apart, or just be aiming to table him. I’m not saying Alex is guilty of this, not at all- its just that, when your being beaten as mercilessly as I was, your options for pulling out a win/draw get reduced to “hold on for dear life, and hope” its nail-biting, it takes luck, it probably shouldn’t be your overall strategy, but its not a tactic that takes much thought or experience,



6 Scott

Scott was running leaf-blower guard. Scott had no mercy. Scott destroyed me. This was barely a contest; I got 1 kill point in the entire game. It was another of those games that I tried to forget very quickly…. (Scott was a pleasure to play against though, and I’m not sure he should have been so low in the tables to be playing the likes of me!)

Baby Seal Game 6, Lesson 6

It is unpleasant to be on the wrong end of a leaf-blower guard spanking. It took every bit of will power to continue smiling throughout this ordeal, when all I wanted was to close my eyes, curl up into a ball and wait for the beating to stop…



Final thoughts:

I was a bit unsure of what to expect from my first “big” tournament, what I was surprised about was that it felt just as relaxed & fun as the smaller ones. I suppose I thought that with a lot of the top players there, that it would be a lot more serious. I’m glad I was so wrong! Honestly, if, like me, you’re just starting out at tournaments I highly recommend biting the bullet, throwing yourself in at the deep end and swallowing your pride to buy a ticket for a tourney like Caledonian and take your beatings with your head held high!


Saying that, I was in a crappy mood again travelling home. I seem to be making a habit of getting thrashed in my last games. It does leave a bitter taster in your mouth for a few days, but it goes away-I promise! And then you get to tinker with your list-which is always fun!


Moving on…

So next up I would be travelling up the road to Battlefield Birmingham. This was being run at 2 different points levels-1500 & 1750. (for 1750 you could only add new units to your 1500 list, no tinkering with the base 1500) So I’d need new lists, so after much wasted work-time, and much rob-bothering, I decided I had to drop the grand master, I just couldn’t fit him in without changing my list too much, or being seriously handicapped for the 1500 games. I also needed to do something about AV14. So…




Vindicare Assassin

3×5 purifiers (razorbacks)

5x interceptors (incinerator)

3x psybolt dreads


And at 1750 I add:

Techmarine (conversion beamer)

5xinterceptors (incinerator)


The techmarine only went in because I had limited points left over, and I thought he could back up the Vindicare in dealing with the AV14 problem.


Hopefully Ill get the Battlefield Birmingham report written up soon, followed by a roundup of my first year in the hobby-then on to the GT!  (Maybe with a new army?!?!)




6 Responses to “A Seal walks into a club- Baby Seals First Steps… Caledonnian Day 2 by David Walcot”

  1. Mark Perry March 9, 2012 at 11:58 #

    How much terrain did you have against IG? If the IG player gets nice shooting lanes then probably little you could do apart from go into reserve. Some matches just don’t work and the key is spotting these and then playing for what is possible rather than still thinking about the win. Do I do this myself? Not as often as I should, but occassionally I do outstand myself with insight …

  2. Arnie1 March 9, 2012 at 12:12 #

    IG with an open board = dead.

    I have heard through that your Maelstrom in England has dense terrain?

  3. Tattersky March 9, 2012 at 12:28 #

    Ta for another great post. I’m more interested in the social side of the hobby so it’s nice to see that no-one has opened a can of WAAC on you.

    How do these games compare to the games you have with friends across a kitchen table?

    Are you doing any Doubles events? It’d be nice if you could give some thoughts on that.

  4. DavidW March 9, 2012 at 13:45 #

    Arnie/Mark- the terrain was definitely in his favour- there were a few small buildings to hide behind on my side, but there’s not much hiding from vendettas!

    Tattersky-Thanks, I wasn’t too sure about this article. Its hard to know if anyone wants to here about the bottom part of the tourny tables!

    I’ve played more games at tournys than I have “friendly” games, but there is honestly little-to-no difference in how they play out. I guess the only difference is you shouldn’t expect for your opponent to let u go back and correct mistakes (like popping smoke first turn when opponent has reserved everything) but saying that, 95% of my opponents have always been great about that kind I thing. Honestly, as long as ur not playing on the top tables (it stinks of WAAC up there!) it really is like playing ur mates.

    I’d love to go to a doubles event soon, the guys I know are all pretty stuck on the solo thing though- and my fiancé only lets me do 1 tourny a month! Have u been to any?

    • Tattersky March 12, 2012 at 16:54 #

      I prefer the ‘Bottom of the Table’ reports more. There are lots of blogs from top players, your blogs about being a normal player are rarer and all the more interesting.

      I haven’t played any tournys, but I have half an eye on the Warhammer World doubles later in the year. I should be able to rustle a 875 point army by then.

      I’ve just returned after a very long absence (about 23 years) and everything seems so different (and overly complicated!).

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