Episode 64: Battlefield Birmingham Tournament Part I

4 Mar



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Read on for show notes:

This week the cast looks at day 1 of the recent Battlefield Birmingham Tournament covering their games on day 1, interviews with their opponents and thoughts going into day 2.




One Response to “Episode 64: Battlefield Birmingham Tournament Part I”

  1. PAPA DICKINSON March 9, 2013 at 12:55 #

    Thanks for the apology but I honestly think that it would have been game on if you had only killed one unit. I charged my general in after you had shot the crap out of all my army and you only just killed my last trygon with your last squad even though you took off seven wounds from coteaz. They are hard to kill sooooo I am not sure how it would have gone lol.
    As I said at the time I was sorry for my reaction but losing half my army on my turn I think might faze anybody. So are you taking your army to the gt final Dave cos the challenge is on if you are?

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