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Episode 72: Adepticon Tournament Part I

28 Apr




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This week the show focuses on the recent Adepticon tournament which took place in the Chicago. Josh ‘The Master Debater’ Roberts who traveled from the UK to take part in the 256 person 40K singles event reports on his games and experiences at the tournament.


Episode 71: Tau Empire Special Characters

21 Apr

Tau 2

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This week the boys dedicate the show to the Tau Empire Special Characters in a Big Fight special. Nathan ‘The Fat Angry Geek’, Dave ‘The Brave’ and Franko ‘The Speedy’ Marrufo pick three Tau special characters as well as a Daemon character to pitch into a mini Big Fight tournament discussing each as they go. We also re-visit the main Big Fight tournament as Azrael pits himself against a new Daemon special character that has been added to the codex since the new Daemon codex came out. Lastly we bring you War Stories where the boys look at their recent games that they have had this week.

Episode 70: 40KUK Goes 40KGlobal

15 Apr

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Flags 2

40KUK Goes 40KGlobal

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On this weeks show 40KUK goes 40kGlobal; announcing that the podcast has now become apart of the 40KGlobal website which aims to build the 40K Community Dave and BJ explain some of the plans that they have for the show and new website and announce that they are looking for 40K Global Champions; regular bloggers for the new website. Additionally they are also looking for IT Champions and launch the new logo competition. Next Leon ‘Boomstick Smith’ is back looking at some of the Forgeworld options that Eldar have at their disposal. Based on listeners votes BJ and Franco ‘The Speedy’ Marrufo look at the Daemon Khorne choices before Bob Wolstencraft stops by for another week to give his thoughts about the new Tau Empire Codex a week after its release.

Tyranids, by Alex Hall

14 Apr

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Back in the game for 6th

After a long break from 40k in general 6th I somehow found myself in a random conversation with some friends about table top gaming in general and found myself browsing the Games Workshop website. Upon seeing some of the new models and units I quickly realised I wouldn’t be able to resist getting pulled back in.

Why the Nids?

Not knowing anything about the new rules or meta from personal experience I wasn’t really left with any idea which army to collect, the Age of Armies campaign gave me the boot in the backside I needed to start playing again…But what? When I used to play about 6 years ago I played Dark Eldar, being a fat sweaty teenager full of hate towards the world they were a good fit but the aesthetic style really doesn’t appeal to me any more  I began to work out more of what I didn’t want in an army than what I did in an attempt to create a shortlist, the main two things I realised is that I really didn’t want allies or conventional tanks. From there on in, the decision was an extremely easy one.

Month 1: A Swarm is Born


The main focus of my list will Big Nasties, but when collects Nids you can’t escape having a lot of Gaunts, so common sense dictates this is what was needed as a start. 50 Termagants seemed like a good starting point, in most games I would only have 20-30 starting on the board but then I need to take into consideration those being spawned by Tervigons. I’ll just have to keep buying them until I have enough game experience to work out the average amount I spawn, but 50 seems like a good start. Speaking of which, after the £50 boost we received I decided to cap it of with the afore mentioned Tervigon. Being able to be used as a HQ in small games for now and then will be switched over to a troops choice later down the line it’s a solid choice for an early purchase.


£35×1=£35 Total: £95


Painting and Modeling

Opting for the cheaper £6 boxes of 5 Termagants my modelling opportunities are somewhat limited as far as this months purchases go, however it does leave me with a chance to experiment with paint schemes. Obviously I want a simple scheme, I thoroughly enjoy painting but even I have my limits when it comes to painting the same thing over and over. I started off trying out the Hive Fleet Behemoth colour scheme but I just wasn’t happy with it. So I started playing around with high contrast colours, quickly realising I wanted purple as the skin colour I was stuck for a carapace colour. In somewhat of a happy accident where I completely messed up with some base coating I decided on black for the carapace. I also experimented with a hot glue gun to try and replicate an ooze or goo effect on the Termagants that would be used on the models spawned from the Tervigon but decided against it as I felt it looked tacky.



Next Months Goodies and Work to be Done

Next month I shall continue to flesh out the army with some more Monstrous Creatures, I’m still undecided as to what by I should imagine a Flyrant will be on the agenda along with some more cheap boxes of Termagants. I also still have a Tervigon to assemble and paint from this month.

Flesh Tearers, by Alex Rae

13 Apr

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Hey, my name’s Alex Rae. I’m 31 from Essex. Started playing 40k when I was like 11/12 after seeing some kid’s White Dwarf magazine in school and loving the models. I’m another one of these 80s kids who got into Games Workshop stuff as a young teen and the love of the 40k universe stayed with me into adulthood. I’ve always had a love for Power Armour. It’s the iconic symbol of 40k. So I’ve always had Power Armoured armies. Started just buying random models I liked the look of, then progressed to a Space Wolf army in 3rd. Then Black Legion. Then 13th Co. Space Wolves from the Eye of Terror crusade codex. I started buying models towards the tail end of RT and the 2nd edition boxed set was my entry into playing the game. I actually went to the first ever 40k tournament at Leicester university waaaay back. Then I took some time out from playing and modelling, but continued to buy WD out of habit and would read the novels from a love of the imagery and 40k background.

When 5th came around I had another look and I liked the idea of the Flesh Tearers chapter as a dark mirror of the Blood Angels. And they were in your face close quarters orientated like all my other forces. I bought a ton of razorbacks and 5 man squads and Predators. Assembled everything. Never painted any of it. Played hardly at all. Kind of drifted off again. But I still kept up with the background and the novels. Would pop into my local store maybe 4 times a year, pick up stuff to build and maybe play a handful of games, but nothing even approaching competent levels of understanding.

When 6th came out I was aware of the ‘tournament’ circuit and the whole competitive side of 40k. Some of the bigger online sites pushed me towards podcasts. Alongside a new friend I made through my work who used to be a serious tournament player called Max we both agreed to get back into 40k and try hit up a few events.

flesh tearer

I wasn’t familiar with the UK tournament scene so my first point of call was Throne Of Skulls in November, or the old Grand Tournament as we knew it. Obviously it has changed drastically but it was a good introduction back to the game playing people in a friendly setting. However the rules of GW events are fully painted armies, so I put together a force in the space of 2 weeks. 4 colours plus bases. It looks passable but I have always wanted an impressive looking force to take to events.


The thing is I have always been into the modelling side of the hobby. Always followed it, and loved looking at people who put together really beautifully painted forces. So this rambling intro brings me to my Age Of Armies goal. I don’t want to start a new army. I don’t want to start a new race. I’m still very much learning what I am meant to do with the list I have been using on and off since November.

What Age Of Armies represents to me is an opportunity to put together an army that looks the part. Something that has actually taken more than a week to paint! Something that I can possibly enter in for a best army award. One of the guys I met at that November Throne Of Skulls and had a brief chat with was John Jasinski and his Necron force really stuck in my mind. It looked awesome but it was clearly put together with the view of being used in games. It has been part of the inspiration behind me taking part in this.


Meeting John Jasinski at Throne of Skulls and seeing his really nicely painted Necron force clearly made to be used, not displayed, really inspired me. We had a really close game too which encouraged me. So when BJ announced Age of Armies I saw it as motivation to get a ‘proper’ force together.  As a new convert to the 40kuk podcast it was also really cool to meet Franco (who I recognised by voice alone). So overall ToS was a really positive experience for me. Really encouraged me to get involved in the game more.
I’m coming at this from a different angle to others. I want to put together a properly painted army that will be the mirror of the force I already use. But as I have literally JUST got into 6th edition after years out the game, I will still be as green as anyone else to their army.
So more about my force… I’ve always liked up close armies and I had bought a bunch of models when the new Blood Angels were released. A bad habit of mine, I buy everything. It usually stays in boxes/blisters. At most it gets assembled and left on a shelf. I have a serial problem with not finishing projects. Another reason to take part in AoA! Flesh Tearers had this awesome imagery of Space Marines on the edge. So they grabbed my interest. I raided all my White Dwarf issues and Index Astartes books and read up on them. I put together an idea of a vanguard force of Flesh Tearers that would Drop Pod right into the enemy lines and try and end the fight as quickly as possible. That sounded like a great fit with the current fluff of Gabriel Seth’s direction for the dying chapter.
So to construct this list I have used a mixture using Blood Angels and Space Wolves. I like the Grey Hunters as they have great flexibility and operate brilliantly up close. Close Combat Weapons and Bolt Pistols as well as Bolters, Counter Charge… They are perfect for dropping right into the enemy’s face. Superior to Blood Angels Assault Marines and Tactical Marines who are quite limited in their uses.
The Flesh Tearers have a high rate of brothers falling to the Black Rage, so a unit of Death Company is a must. These guys have much improved in 6th with Rage not being a complete dead weight round their neck. I use them as a disruptive force, not a ‘hammer’ unit. They drop into a point on the board I want to erupt into chaos. They may survive the game, they may not. Doesn’t matter either way. They are there to screw with the opponents’ plans.
These are the two fixtures in my list and I will be starting with them. As I only signed up 2 weeks ago I’ve not had enough time to get to work but I have ordered my first models.
So for the first month I have started on 2 units of Grey Hunters. 2 boxes of Tactical Marines are £46 which is a good starting point for any Marine force. I ordered 10 Flesh Tearers shoulder pads for £6. I have an extensive bits box so I will be utilising them for parts to personalise my force.
That brings me to £52 for this month. You will see the finished next month.
My aim for Age Of Armies is to put together a themed force that I can take the time to make look really special. I hope to learn my way around the list as well. If I can pull off a few victories along the way I will be pleased.

Chaos Space Marines, by Paul Wall

12 Apr

AOA logoThe lost


When I decided to start my chaos space marines I knew I didn’t want a 1st founding chapter. I wanted to create own background and fluff this is primarily still in the planning stage but i have decided on the basics. I wanted to really capture the idea that spacemarines even in the 40k era can still fall for what ever reason, and i found myself thinking what happens to these groups/ individuals. Thus ‘The Lost’ were born.


my first allotted amount was spent on a maulerfiend an a squad of assault marines.

Paint scheme: I have really never been a big painter and haven’t really mastered any techniques as such so i really wanted to go for a basic scheme that would be easy to paint however look impressive. I was inspired by the undead/wraith like warriors from lord of the rings and with this in mind proceeded:

For the most part i sprayed my models with a bone colour primer from army painter and then put two coats of corilieon green. Then proceeded with dry brushing the edges of the marine power armour with a watered down nurgle green/lahmian medium. And that’s progress so far.







so my basic battle plan is to smash face. I hate all the helldrake spam atm there are defiantly more ways to use this dex competitively. maurlerfiends are great’ move 12′ 5up save. I reckon ther’re guna be great at holding up blobs and will smash tanks. The assault marines are there to over support they’re quick enough to keep up and once there’re up to full strength will be able to deal with any counter punch or tank killing unit brought to the foray at least that’s the plan. My hq will be a nurgle daemon prince and will be next months purchase with another squad of raptors. Thanks guys, Paul

Space Marines, by Nick McCallum

11 Apr

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Space Marines: Irons Hearts

Nick McCallum – Bedford

Why Space Marines

I have been into the hobby since 1996 and early on was a big space marine fan (like a lot of teenagers are), first collecting space wolves in 2ed and then vanilla marines in 3ed. Since then i found my evil side and have almost exclusively played orks, chaos marines and daemons since mid 3rd – now.

Maybe my age is getting the better of me but I got the urge recently to play the good guys again for a while (or as good guys as you get in 40k) so decided to base a marine force from the old black reach box set i’v had in a box for like 5 years!


The rough idea of the army is the chapter has been almost annihilated by a chaos invasion on their homeworld triggered by an ancient warp gate portal discovered in the heart of the planet during a ‘mysterious’ earthquake. Trying to rebuild and find a new homeworld they operate at fewer than 300 marines from the remnants of their ships and a few forts dotted about. They respond to calls from aid as they go while trying to track down the chaos sorcerer lord responsible for their near extinction.

The Army

So with the fluff in mind I want to:

  • Include lots of scouts to represent the focus on rebuilding the chapter +  I love the scout models
  • Include a number of terminators to represent the grizzled veterans of the chaos war
  • They really don’t like chaos so i’ll be using the Dark Angels codex
  • I want the army to be pretty balanced so I want something of everything in there, psychic powers, fast stuff, shooty stuff, choppy stuff etc
  • I am going to aim to get about two units painted a month
  • The army will use all the models from the last edition’s black reach box except the commander.
  • The colour scheme will be a variation of the flesh tearers scheme with silver instead of black, its a pretty easy scheme to do so hopefully i’ll stay on track as i’m terrible at finishing armies!
  • I’m aiming for a 2000pt army but if I finish that before the AoA event i’ll maybe add some allies or experiment with other units.


Month 1 – March

Always a good idea with armies to a get some troops on the go as well as the more juicy stuff so the first of my two units for this month will be a squad of 10 scouts with sniper rifles + heavy bolter. I will be trying to keep the two units I paint pretty different from each other so with this in mind the other unit will be a squad of 10 Devastator marines with 4 missile launchers.

Roughly (i’v raided the bits box for models/bits):

5 Marines (£15.50), Devi squad (£20.50) 2x Scout Snipers (£31) = £67 (a bit over)

It took longer to do these guys, and by guys i mean the scouts! lovely models = detailed models = a million more hours painting!

I’m a bit worried about the colour as i’v used the old GW mechrite red which GW no longer makes! i’v heard Khorne red is the same though so i think i’ll be ok when the pot runs out.




Month 2 – April

As a break from painting quite a lot of bodies I am going to go for some heavy hitters with a squad of normal terminators with cyclone (mmm split fire) and a dreadnought in drop pod. These will make up the bulk the black reach stuff and add both more shooty stuff, close combat punch and a way to get in the enemies face early on (deathwing can DS first turn along with the pod).