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2 Apr

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TAU EMPIRE: The Cadre of Mount Kita…

New Army for 6th edition

When the idea for Age of Armies hit, I decided there was no better time to start a brand new army. This would spur the motivation to collect some new miniatures, but there are other goals this allows me to meet. Firstly, for those who know me, I have playing on the UK tournament scene now for the last 2 years with my Space Wolves. The benefits of sticking to one army has really allowed me to understand the strengths and weakness of the armies playing style and during that time I tried a whole host of variant army lists from Logan led wolf guard armies, to grey hunter hordes, the rhino rush and even a shooty counter attacking force with tons of missile launchers.

Why Tau?

With sixth edition now well underway I have really been itching to try my hand with the Tau. Why the Tau you ask? Well firstly I really like the background of the Tau Empire and the fire warriors and tanks are some of my very favourite miniatures in the 40k range. Then there is the fact that once upon a time I had a Tau army that I actually did pretty well with in tournaments, it’s funny how I always find myself returning to those armies I felt strongly for in the past… something I’m sure you as hobbyists can all associate with! Finally I was heavily involved with the external play-testing of the new ‘Tau Empire’ codex and with its imminent release what better time to start!

Month 1 – March 2013

tau FW     tau FW

£22 x2 = £44     (£56 to spend next month)

With £50 to spend each month I plan to build my force into a collection of miniatures that will allow me flexibility and choice so as to adapt to tournaments as the Meta changes. As I do not yet know what my preferred playing style will be with the Tau, I want my collection to be able to employ tactics of the Mont’ka or the Kauyon… THE WHAT??? Well basically I want to be able to deploy a highly mobile force that can strike at the heart of the enemy army with deadly effect or, deploy a huge castle of firepower that patiently eliminates one enemy unit at a time as I assess the greatest oncoming threat. This month I have gone for something simple: two boxes of fire warriors! This gets me off on the right foot with a solid core of troops that I can deploy in 2 kitted out full units or break into 4 objective claimers. I always liked what Fire Warriors bring to the table. St5 Pulse rifles that have a range of 30” means they easily outrange space marines and just about any infantry troop choice in the game. With the changes in sixth edition they can also now move and fire 2 shots each at 21 inch threat range which is just nice, nice, chicken n’ rice, and all that is before you consider disembarking them from a transport

Painting & Modelling

Focussing on the troops has also given me the opportunity to play around with getting my colour scheme right. Usually I am applying a few colours last minute to make my army acceptable for tournament play but if I am honest, I have always been slightly envious of the awesome looking armies that attend. The thing is I’m not the best painter in the world but I can paint fairly well when I take the time to do so.

DSC_0379 DSC_0368

DSC_0369 DSC_0370 DSC_0366

I figure if I could get nominated for best painted army at just one tournament in the future then that would be an awesome result but mainly I know I will enjoy using the force even more if it is well painted. After a few test runs I have decided to go with a turquoise armour over a skavenblight tunic that is highlighted up to grey. Edge high lighting all the armour with a mix of skull white and sotek green was pretty time-consuming but it does make a huge difference I think, besides it was done whilst listening to the podcast and various audio books so I found it quite enjoyable. The guns themselves were done with sycorax bronze highlighted with silver. For the bases I went for grey dry brushed texture with a scattering of dead grass and bristles from a milk brush to create a long grass effect. Finally I gloss varnished the rims to finish.

DSC_0378 DSC_0376

Aprils Purchases

With £56 to spend I decided to pick up two sets of the finecast stealth suits (£24), probably my favourite models from the original collection, and a Shas’ui (£12) which imp thinking of converting with a fusion blaster. These guys now pump out an impressive 4 shots each with their improved burst cannons and some manoeuvrability to the army. Speaking of which I figured a Devilfish (£22.50) for my troops adds some good options and presents me with the challenge of painting my first tank.  Ooops that’s £58.50… go on let me off, I’m excited 😉 Once during the campaign we can play our booster card which basically allows me to spend an additional army-boosting £50 on top of the usual amount. After looking at GW’s release schedule, I may well be exercising this option sooner rather than later 😉

stealth devilfishstealth boss


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