Eldar, by Graeme Patrick

3 Apr

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Caution: May Contain Mild Peril – Graeme Patrick, Sunderland

Hello I’m Graeme.

I’m returning to 40k from 4th after a break and a very small dabble with 5th. I’ve finally decided to rebuild my Eldar. I’ve be using Eldar since 2nd edition and they are my very favourist army ever. They are a broken race that is a forewarning to the what is slowly happening to the Imperium with the emergence of the Tau to take their place but will anyone listen to them! no…

So i’m bringing them back, rumours of a new codex is a pure happenstance… So we are building with the old 4th dex but keeping the rumours in mind I will be speculating on new units and heavy conversions so the update if it happens sooner rather than later will be as painless as possible.

The list

will be built about Eldar with IG allies as Exodite conversions/proxy- the new allies rules breathes alot of life into fluff. The idea of including guard is too cover some of the lackluster anti flyer as well as gaining access to Weaken Resolve. Which is the main idea of the list. As i want to abuse it with Mind War and Dire swords.

On a fluffier note the whole Exodite feel to eldar brings back the feeling of how splintered and ruined their systems are as they try to defend what little remains. I’ll be theming all bases into this overgrown eldar world look. The IG also mimic the exodites nicely with a lesser profile and more rustic feel to weapons and options as they slip further from the technology of the fallen empire to more traditional almost stone age technologies compared to the Craftworld Eldar.

Month 1 units.

Well i only cottoned on to Age Of Armies lately so i’m lagging behind some and i’m only submitting £42.50 of models carrying over £7.50 to next month. So I’ve started with going back to basics and i’m opening with 10 guardian with a star cannon and 5 Pathfinders.

10 Guardian + star cannon 105pts

new gaurd2

new gaurd1


I love this guardian set up, For 105 it’s one of eldars cheapest troops choice.While also more of a threat, you may think. You may feel you want extra str 6 shots and range offer with a scatter but it’s offers no real threat to bikes/high toughest/ AP heavy elites. A starcannon does. Which is a consideration for your opponent, the gun only needs to snipe 1 elite to usually make it’s cost back. This unit will also outperform a Dire Avenger squad of 10 with exarch when both are under the conditions of guide and doom if they step up to take out a threat.

5 Pathfinders. 120pts

pathfinder close back

Pathfinders close

Pathfinders grp

These guys are just money. A little pricey with the upgrade but they will pick out and leave a unit anemic. Again in the 36” threat bubble where eldar play best they offer a lot of support to the star cannon if they focus a unit together. They also have the added bonus of being able to be a forward scoring unit that is difficult to move without assaulting. This makes them very flexible within the nature of 6th that you just can’t ignore.

Painting Up.

One of the real shames about returning to the game after such a long time is the broken and old and different paint schemes that litter my old carry cases. I feel that it’s such a waste and the lack of care i had for the models. So this will hopefully be an army i’ll keep and expand.



A friend once challenged me to paint up my Eldar without using black. Now 12 years later – challenge accepted! I’ve gone for an expansive colour scheme that employs 5 colours. Green with a red accent is the main body of the ground troops with vehicles and weapons done in a more neutral blue and bone which will harmonise to the other 2, adding a contrasting orange for visors and sights makes the helmets ‘pop’ a little more against the blue face plate. As this is a reboot of my old Eldar i’m going to keep my old craftworld logo of a Star/part eclipsed and the name Tril-Misha

You tend to see mono colour Eldar which i find really uninspired too so hopefully this will keep me away from falling into the same trap.

Group Month 1

Next Month

I’ll be adding to the Core with a second unit of guardian with the same setup £22, a farseer £8 and 2 support platforms £31. Over spending a little at £61.  This will round out my force to something in the ballpark of 600 pts and be the Core holding force of my armies back field.


One Response to “Eldar, by Graeme Patrick”

  1. Franco April 4, 2013 at 13:33 #

    You’ve done the impossible sir and managed to actually get me excited about painting 🙂


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