Pure Imperial Guard Army – by Duncan Blagrove

3 Apr

Pure Imperial Guard Army

Tanith 1st and Only with Kreig and Cadian support –By Duncan Blagrove

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Re-Inspired to play!

When BJ told me about AOA (age of armies) I got really excited! I have been playing 40K for about 20 years and even worked at my local store GW Oxford as my 1st part time job! But have not played very much in 5th edition due to family commitments and so after dusting off my Space Wolves and playing a few games of 6th my enthusiasm for the hobby has been re-ignited. I have always wanted a Guard army and this was the perfect excuse to start one.


First and Only

Although I have not been playing much I have been an avid reader of the Horus Heresy and especially the Gaunts Ghosts novels and even purchased the Ghosts  command squad back in the day! Bearing that in mind and having always loved the idea of the Guard this is the perfect time to start a new army build. I am going to use the Ghosts command squad as a platoon command and buy and convert some catachan jungle fighters to make up the core of the army troop choices. Along with these I have always loved the Forge World Death Corps models (Forge world stuff is a little pricey so there won’t be too much of this) so will make up my heavy weapons teams and Command HQ from these models. The rest of the army will come together once this core is sorted but I really like the idea of it being a very balanced force with a large infantry element supported by some specialist units. This will also fit with the Idea that the Tanith 1st and the Kreig are usually sent in where special infiltration, scouting and siege skills are required so with their combined skills and attributes they should make a really formidable force to contend with (and also look awesome!!)

Month 1 – March 2013

With a budget of £50 a month a big infantry army is going to be very difficult to bring up to tournament points values as quickly as some other armies and I enjoy a challenge but I have over spent a little this month to get a full troops choice so will not have so much to spend next month! As I have the Ghosts command squad as the start of my army the core troops will be the Ghosts themselves. I am going to build 20 Catatchan Jungle Fighters to represent them and so the first buys are these along with some green stuff!



Total this month £84.30 (£15.70 left for next month)

duncan 1

A close up of the already converted sergeants with power axes and bolt pistols waiting for their new cloaks!

duncan 1.2

Painting and Modelling

The main core of the force will be simply painted in a black scheme with camo cloaks in green with brown/black camo pattern. The additional units from the Krieg will be in more elaborate colours with their great coats and gas masks but i want to keep the Ghosts in a simple but effective scheme keeping close to Dan Abnetts description in the books. This however leads to the famous Ghosts of Tanith cloaks! I am going to individually make a green stuff cloak for each model that way it will suit the miniatures better and also give me a really individual core to my army that will be like no other force out there. So I will let you all know how the green stuff creation goes next month and include some pics.

To come in April

With so much to paint and not much to spend in April I am going to concentrate on getting the cloaks right and 40 models painted but will also be looking at buying a Death Corps Heavy weapons team to start the support for the Ghosts!

See you all next month



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