Chaos Space Marines, Daemon allies by Tom Leighton

5 Apr

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Why a new army?

Around this time last year, I started my Space Wolves, an army that has since grown to over 4,000pts including allies. This was designed to be my first tournament army, and I’m still loving them. However, since then I’ve felt that I’d like to create a second army, so that I can swap between the two at the drop of a hat and don’t suffer from burnout with either.

I wanted this army to contrast with my Space Wolves, all of my lists seem to turn out the same anyway as I know how I like to play but I wanted an army that looked different, and was also new in how it went about achieving the play style that I enjoy (generally, throw so many targets at my opponent that they can’t deal with them all). I’ve always liked the aesthetic for Chaos Space Marines, and have been bashing a list idea around my brain since the Codex drop. This was really the perfect time to put my money where my mouth is and actually build the list.

March’s Growth:

This month I’ve really just tried to make a legal force. I’ve got my hands on a Chaos Terminator Lord, a squad of Chaos Space Marines and 10 Cultists (£50.50). I’ve struggled a little painting wise this month, having spent most of it painting a Guard Blob for the GT. But I’ve got most of it done, and it should all be finished within the next week, so here’s what’s happened so far.


Lord 2

I decided to go for Word Bearers. I wanted something Red and a little off the wall so they were a natural choice really, also I didn’t want to be tied into one particular Mark like Khorne. I also decided that I wanted to do something a little different to snow, with my Guard, Space Wolves and Necrons all being based with the stuff, I decided to sculpt my own bases, opting for a beach either to imply an anti-heroic last stand or an initial landing party. Naturally the Cultists are the furthest up the beach, with the Chaos Lord command the forces from his Chaotic rock in the ocean. I’ve also been trying out some transfers for the first time after 10 years in the hobby and I’m quite liking the results.

Cultists 1

CSM Squad 1

Individual 2

Individual 1

List Development:

This month has really been about list development for the most part. I like to have a plan of what to buy first so that I don’t go out and waste my money on units that I’m never going to use. The plan was initially to create a tri-Land Raider build for Chaos Marines. With 3 squads of Marines, 2 of 8 and 1 of 10, I can churn out over 100 attacks on the charge, plus if I play my movement right I can use the Dirge Casters on my Land Raiders to prevent overwatch so they’re all getting in. Add to that the 2 Lords with Daemon weapons and suddenly I’m smashing through units. I can also hurl my Spawn up field to tie up units at the same time, so that when I come out of the combat my opponent can’t shoot me apart.

After bashing a few ideas around on the train back from Nottingham however, the list has changed quite a bit. I’m not going to give the full breakdown now, I’ll wait until I’ve got some proper playtesting in, but some Daemon allies have been added in. Now the list has a little bit more shooting, my Cultists are a little safer and I have even more targets to throw down my opponent’s throat.

Next month’s plans:

Next month I plan to expand quite a bit, getting my infantry count done. I’m looking to finish off my first Chaos Marine squad first and foremost, whilst purchasing an Aegis Defence line, some Spawn (which I plan to convert from Dire Wolves) and a squad of Bloodletters to get to grips with.


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