Tyranids, by Will Appleton

8 Apr

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Tyranids of Hive fleet leviathon

by Will Appleton

Why Tyranids?

Well Since restarting 40K I have concentrated heavily on mid range shooty armies (Black Templars and infantry heavy Necrons). Having played many games so far with both armies against Tyranids, choas, daemons and Orks, I have found that my armies struggle hugely against any army that has even mild close combat ability. As soon as I heard about age of armies my 1st thought was immediately go for a CC army. Not being the best painter in the world, especially when there are lots of models, I thought Nids would be perfect. I love the fluff that goes with them and as I decided to try and go for a Nizilla list, it gave an opportunity to spend lots of time to paint each model.

Swarmlord close up

Month 1 – March 2013

At the heart of every Nidzilla list I came up with there was always a hive tyrant. But after relistening to the early 40KUK episodes and re hearing The Big Fight, I decided that The Swarmlord was a good place to start as he seems to be the best CC character killer in the whole of 40K. Whilst deciding on which models to go for next, I thought that sticking with 1 list wouldnt be the best idea. Other than a balanced list, the only other list that seems to be popular with Tyranid players is a genestealer spam list. With this my choice of genestealers seemed logical. With this choice, I decided that I wont go for a full Nidzilla list but make it a monsterous creature heavy list with lots of genestealers in it, combining both lists but also allowing either popular lists to be made with minimal effort.


As I said before Im not the best painter in the world, but If I spend a lot of time on each model then I feel I can be reasonably good. With this in mind I decided that I would go for a Hive Fleet Leviathon as the pictures on the GW website, on the box and a few online tutroials seem to be for this paint scheme. Due to working rubbish hours for the last few weeks Ive only had the chance to paint up The Swarmlord and Im reasonably happy. In the next few weeks If I dont get the chance to use my mates Nids (who Ive been using for playtesting), then Im going into my local GW store to update it and get a few more ideas.


Next purchases

My purchases for March came as £51 for the 2 boxes. But Im going on holiday for 2 months with some mates to the USA so I thought that as I wont have the opportunity to do anything for  the whole of May, I thought If I spent £75 in April and then £75 in June then that would even itself out nicely. With this I plan to buy a a battleforce as I plan to use all 4 troops choices.


One Response to “Tyranids, by Will Appleton”

  1. Neil Kerr April 8, 2013 at 21:32 #

    Dude! Stop rubbing it in that you, Ash and Johnny are going roadtripping across America! It is bad enough hearing about it on facebook. No need to make me even more jealous here 😉

    Swarmlord is looking good dude. I would suggest though looking to give the cream chitin a very light wash of something like a sepia. If it is watered down it won’t be too strong, but will be enough just to define the shapes and detail of the chitin and help bring the model more to life.

    Gimme a shout on FB if you want me to explain more about what I mean.


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