Orks and Tau Empire, by Peter Sidaway

9 Apr

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Month 1

So, collect an army slowly over six to seven months with the aim of going to a specific tournament at the end of the year, sounds fun. I’ve been playing my Tyranids for a while now (with a slight break when I tried some Space Marine variants). I wanted to choose an army which I would enjoy playing with but also something which plays differently to the Tyranids. There are a couple of armies I’ve had my eye on, more because I like the aesthetics of the models. The first is Orks. I’ve loved the look of the Dakkajet and have been waiting for an excuse to get one.  Plus I like the ramshackle look that Ork weapons and vehicles have. The second option is Tau. I do already own part of a Tau army, but it’s quite old now and I think I can paint them better if I started again. They’re codex is due out in a couple of days and with it a whole new set of models. Looking at the leaked pictures from White Dwarf (although by the time you read this I’ll have my copy for real) what’s not to love with the Riptide (well except maybe the price)? Very Manga! I also love the new Broadside poses they look a lot more dynamic that the old rigid model.

So two choices, which to go with? Then a quick look at the allies matrix in the rule book gave me the answer, BOTH! So the plan is an Ork / Tau army. I don’t know yet which will be primary and which will be the ally, though I’m leaning toward Tau primary purely because there are more models in that force I really want to collect. In the current meta Orks are a strong ally for many armies as they provide a cheap source of average troops and can bring some firepower with Dakkajets and Lootas. Here’s hoping it still holds true for Tau once I get my hands on a codex.

Each month you get to spend £50 on models. There’s a one off joker which can be played in one month for a bonus £50. I entered into this in the middle of March and with two busy weekends at the end of the month I’ve not gotten far on the painting side, I’ve still managed to pick up and assemble my first £50 of goodies. Two boxes of Orks boyz (£18 + £18) and a box of Lootas (£15.50), that’s a total of £51.50, close enough? I’ve also cheated a little and used a Warboss model I have from the old 40K starter set.

With probably at least 50+ Ork boyz to paint over the course of the project I need to find a relatively quick way to paint them. I’ve been told one approach is spray black, then dry brush white after which you apply green ink to shade the flesh. This sounds promising and I’m going to use a few of my old starter set Orks to try this out. I love the idea of speed freaks, now if this will materialise in this army I don’t know, but I’ll probably paint them as Evil Sunz for future use. Now my previous Tau army was a more jungle green theme, but I’m thinking to keep them the standard desert appearance this time. The one issue is how to tie the two parts of the army together? Painting their bases similar help the look but I really should try to cross mix the colour schemes or something, however that then limits me to using the models in a combo army, especially if I use some Tau bits on the Orks.

So in April I’ve got to find the time to paint 25 Orks, buy and paint £50 of Tau and all this with a week in the US for Adepticon, this is going be tough but we’ll see how it goes. Once I get some models painted I’ll post a few pictures up.


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