Daemons, by Andy Lane

10 Apr

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Khorne: Let’s Paint the Town Red!

by Andy Lane, Nottingham.

A Foot Firmly in the MEQ Camp.

Throughout the vast majority of 5th Edition I played Codex Space Marines in a variety of guises; Kantor led Sternguard, Vulkan led Melta Bikes, Librarian led Min-Maxed list but mostly it was Lysander with Sternguard, Assault Terminators and Thunderfire Cannons. As an intermittent tournament player (probably attending 5 or 6 a year) I had mixed success with these lists but thoroughly enjoyed playing Marines as they were what drew me to the game way back in the late 80s under the Rogue Trader rule-set.

But as 5th began to get old I found that the Marine Codex was showing its age and most of what I was going up against was pretty well equipped to take me down and so I began to dabble in the other armies that I had a long-standing love of, i.e. the Orks and the Tyranids. I found that the Orks suited my play-style well and were my most frequently used army in the last 6-12 months of 6th Edition.

So why Chaos Marines?

With the release of 6th edition my Vanilla Marines and Tyranids have definitely come to the fore of my preferences for Tournament play, I should note that I am in no way a successful tournament player – I just feel that these armies give me the best chance of being competitive, but I do miss the “straight-forward” simplicity of my Orks. As a result of this I have decided to put together a Khorne themed Chaos Space Marine list whose only goal is to get across the board as quickly as possible and get stuck into my opponent. I think it will ally well with my existing Ork army but for the purposes of this challenge, I intending to collect a Khorne Daemon Allied Detachment to fully “Khorne-out” the army.

Month 1 – April 2013

I’m a month late to the party and I’ve not completely settled on the force I’m building however the choice of model is made simpler by the fact that I cannot see myself doing a Chaos Space Marines Army without a Helldrake. So I’m now £45 into the challenge and I’ll be attempting to emulate the paint scheme demonstrated on BuyPainted’s YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tzsoJJddTk
It’s a big challenge as I’m not particularly experienced with an air brush but he makes it look so easy that it can’t be that hard, right?

Here’s the state of the model so far, sub-assembly done and ready for priming:


May’s Purchases

As I said before I’m not sure of the specifics of the list I’m going to build and sorting this out is likely going to be part of my work on the project during April. I’d speculate though that Khorne Bezerkers are going to be in my near future as an army without Troops is no army at all.


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