Space Marines, by Nick McCallum

11 Apr

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Space Marines: Irons Hearts

Nick McCallum – Bedford

Why Space Marines

I have been into the hobby since 1996 and early on was a big space marine fan (like a lot of teenagers are), first collecting space wolves in 2ed and then vanilla marines in 3ed. Since then i found my evil side and have almost exclusively played orks, chaos marines and daemons since mid 3rd – now.

Maybe my age is getting the better of me but I got the urge recently to play the good guys again for a while (or as good guys as you get in 40k) so decided to base a marine force from the old black reach box set i’v had in a box for like 5 years!


The rough idea of the army is the chapter has been almost annihilated by a chaos invasion on their homeworld triggered by an ancient warp gate portal discovered in the heart of the planet during a ‘mysterious’ earthquake. Trying to rebuild and find a new homeworld they operate at fewer than 300 marines from the remnants of their ships and a few forts dotted about. They respond to calls from aid as they go while trying to track down the chaos sorcerer lord responsible for their near extinction.

The Army

So with the fluff in mind I want to:

  • Include lots of scouts to represent the focus on rebuilding the chapter +  I love the scout models
  • Include a number of terminators to represent the grizzled veterans of the chaos war
  • They really don’t like chaos so i’ll be using the Dark Angels codex
  • I want the army to be pretty balanced so I want something of everything in there, psychic powers, fast stuff, shooty stuff, choppy stuff etc
  • I am going to aim to get about two units painted a month
  • The army will use all the models from the last edition’s black reach box except the commander.
  • The colour scheme will be a variation of the flesh tearers scheme with silver instead of black, its a pretty easy scheme to do so hopefully i’ll stay on track as i’m terrible at finishing armies!
  • I’m aiming for a 2000pt army but if I finish that before the AoA event i’ll maybe add some allies or experiment with other units.


Month 1 – March

Always a good idea with armies to a get some troops on the go as well as the more juicy stuff so the first of my two units for this month will be a squad of 10 scouts with sniper rifles + heavy bolter. I will be trying to keep the two units I paint pretty different from each other so with this in mind the other unit will be a squad of 10 Devastator marines with 4 missile launchers.

Roughly (i’v raided the bits box for models/bits):

5 Marines (£15.50), Devi squad (£20.50) 2x Scout Snipers (£31) = £67 (a bit over)

It took longer to do these guys, and by guys i mean the scouts! lovely models = detailed models = a million more hours painting!

I’m a bit worried about the colour as i’v used the old GW mechrite red which GW no longer makes! i’v heard Khorne red is the same though so i think i’ll be ok when the pot runs out.




Month 2 – April

As a break from painting quite a lot of bodies I am going to go for some heavy hitters with a squad of normal terminators with cyclone (mmm split fire) and a dreadnought in drop pod. These will make up the bulk the black reach stuff and add both more shooty stuff, close combat punch and a way to get in the enemies face early on (deathwing can DS first turn along with the pod).


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