Chaos Space Marines, by Paul Wall

12 Apr

AOA logoThe lost


When I decided to start my chaos space marines I knew I didn’t want a 1st founding chapter. I wanted to create own background and fluff this is primarily still in the planning stage but i have decided on the basics. I wanted to really capture the idea that spacemarines even in the 40k era can still fall for what ever reason, and i found myself thinking what happens to these groups/ individuals. Thus ‘The Lost’ were born.


my first allotted amount was spent on a maulerfiend an a squad of assault marines.

Paint scheme: I have really never been a big painter and haven’t really mastered any techniques as such so i really wanted to go for a basic scheme that would be easy to paint however look impressive. I was inspired by the undead/wraith like warriors from lord of the rings and with this in mind proceeded:

For the most part i sprayed my models with a bone colour primer from army painter and then put two coats of corilieon green. Then proceeded with dry brushing the edges of the marine power armour with a watered down nurgle green/lahmian medium. And that’s progress so far.







so my basic battle plan is to smash face. I hate all the helldrake spam atm there are defiantly more ways to use this dex competitively. maurlerfiends are great’ move 12′ 5up save. I reckon ther’re guna be great at holding up blobs and will smash tanks. The assault marines are there to over support they’re quick enough to keep up and once there’re up to full strength will be able to deal with any counter punch or tank killing unit brought to the foray at least that’s the plan. My hq will be a nurgle daemon prince and will be next months purchase with another squad of raptors. Thanks guys, Paul


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