Tyranids, by Alex Hall

14 Apr

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Back in the game for 6th

After a long break from 40k in general 6th I somehow found myself in a random conversation with some friends about table top gaming in general and found myself browsing the Games Workshop website. Upon seeing some of the new models and units I quickly realised I wouldn’t be able to resist getting pulled back in.

Why the Nids?

Not knowing anything about the new rules or meta from personal experience I wasn’t really left with any idea which army to collect, the Age of Armies campaign gave me the boot in the backside I needed to start playing again…But what? When I used to play about 6 years ago I played Dark Eldar, being a fat sweaty teenager full of hate towards the world they were a good fit but the aesthetic style really doesn’t appeal to me any more  I began to work out more of what I didn’t want in an army than what I did in an attempt to create a shortlist, the main two things I realised is that I really didn’t want allies or conventional tanks. From there on in, the decision was an extremely easy one.

Month 1: A Swarm is Born


The main focus of my list will Big Nasties, but when collects Nids you can’t escape having a lot of Gaunts, so common sense dictates this is what was needed as a start. 50 Termagants seemed like a good starting point, in most games I would only have 20-30 starting on the board but then I need to take into consideration those being spawned by Tervigons. I’ll just have to keep buying them until I have enough game experience to work out the average amount I spawn, but 50 seems like a good start. Speaking of which, after the £50 boost we received I decided to cap it of with the afore mentioned Tervigon. Being able to be used as a HQ in small games for now and then will be switched over to a troops choice later down the line it’s a solid choice for an early purchase.


£35×1=£35 Total: £95


Painting and Modeling

Opting for the cheaper £6 boxes of 5 Termagants my modelling opportunities are somewhat limited as far as this months purchases go, however it does leave me with a chance to experiment with paint schemes. Obviously I want a simple scheme, I thoroughly enjoy painting but even I have my limits when it comes to painting the same thing over and over. I started off trying out the Hive Fleet Behemoth colour scheme but I just wasn’t happy with it. So I started playing around with high contrast colours, quickly realising I wanted purple as the skin colour I was stuck for a carapace colour. In somewhat of a happy accident where I completely messed up with some base coating I decided on black for the carapace. I also experimented with a hot glue gun to try and replicate an ooze or goo effect on the Termagants that would be used on the models spawned from the Tervigon but decided against it as I felt it looked tacky.



Next Months Goodies and Work to be Done

Next month I shall continue to flesh out the army with some more Monstrous Creatures, I’m still undecided as to what by I should imagine a Flyrant will be on the agenda along with some more cheap boxes of Termagants. I also still have a Tervigon to assemble and paint from this month.


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