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Pure Imperial Guard Army – by Duncan Blagrove

3 Apr

Pure Imperial Guard Army

Tanith 1st and Only with Kreig and Cadian support –By Duncan Blagrove

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Re-Inspired to play!

When BJ told me about AOA (age of armies) I got really excited! I have been playing 40K for about 20 years and even worked at my local store GW Oxford as my 1st part time job! But have not played very much in 5th edition due to family commitments and so after dusting off my Space Wolves and playing a few games of 6th my enthusiasm for the hobby has been re-ignited. I have always wanted a Guard army and this was the perfect excuse to start one.

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Age of Armies Campaign

6 Mar

Age of Armies!  (AOA)

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What is AOA?

AOA is a 2013 Warhammer 40,000 (40k) campaign that see’s 40kuk community take up the challenge to collect a new army from scratch with the aim of attending their first tournament with it towards the end of the year.

Who can join?

BJ the Brave 40kuk presenter will run the campaign and be starting a Tau Empire army. Anyone who listens to the podcast and can meet the ‘Commitment Criteria’ is able to join in the campaign. EMAIL YOUR NAME WITH FIRST MONTHS ENTRY – WHAT ARMY YOU ARE COLLECTING to ageofarmies@gmail.com

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Episode 21: The Ribble Rumble

11 Sep

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Tayne’s Dark Angels: Knowledge is Power by Graeme Nicholls

3 Aug

Ok, that dang thing called real life interrupted me this week so I’m yet to test last week’s initial list, so this week won’t be the review I had planned but a theory-based musing instead. I’ve done a lot of reading about this hobby, and fantasy, and I’ve generally found a major piece of advice missing from guides. It’s basic, very basic, but if we’re building on the fundamentals to improve our gaming then we have to establish a solid foundation to build on. This advice is:

Know your army, know your list.

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An Assessment of the Lemun Russ Battle Tank by Nathan Oldacres

29 Jul

The Leman Russ is a veritable cornerstone in many an Imperial Guard army. Its large profile, thick armour and (most importantly) large guns make it an impressive, and useful, unit on the table. When assessing the Leman Russ’ potential impact on a game it is first necessary to determine whether or not a Leman Russ would synergize effectively with the units you have already selected to comprise your army.
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